Friday, 24 November 2017

Burger & Sushi @ G Village, Desa Pandan

We're back!!  Yes, back to one of our favourite restaurants conveniently located near where we stay for scrumptious Japanese food at decent prices.

Yes, we've been back for a couple more visits to Burger & Sushi @ G Village, Desa Pandan after numerous visits here, here and here.  We never get tired of the food here since their menu is pretty extensive, so for this visit we focussed on those items that we haven't tried.

Starting with the Ebi Kakiage @ RM19.80, a tempura of shrimps with the sweetness of mixed vegetables (carrot, eggplant, onions and bell peppers), deep fried into small round fritters (served with grated daikon and a tempura dipping sauce), which tasted absolutely amazing! ^o^

When the dish first arrived, my first impression wasn't great as it wasn't much to look at plus the portion size was also small for the price.  But when I took my first bite, the shrimps had such an intense prawn flavour that I can even smell the prawny flavour as soon as the dish hit the table...and that could only mean one thing....there were more shrimps than vegetables.  This was one of those surprise orders that turned out brilliant as I wasn't expecting it to taste so good.

I've always loved the Japanese version of Potato Salad @ RM8.80 but this one looked a little different from the norm.  Not mashed like the rest that came before it but chopped finely with carrots and Japanese cucumber.  Well, what do you know, I actually loved this texture even more.  When you bite into these very tiny cubes of potato, there's a bit of bite and crunch that I relish and not mushed up like mashed potatoes. This needs some mad knife skills and takes a bit more work to put up.

The Unagi Don @ RM35 is possibly one of the cheapest I've come across.  Sliced diagonally (instead of straight down), the donburi was served with tamago, lettuce and pickled ginger.

It always amazes me just how see-through and paper thin they manage to slice the pickled ginger (look at the one against the plate)! O_o

Despite this unagi not being among my favourites as it lacked a bit of that sticky, smoky caramelisation on the outside, it was still a very decent version for the portion and price.  Delighted that the rice came sprinkled with our best-loved condiment of furikake.

Our other main was the Salmon Don @ RM28 which came with large and generous slices of salmon blanketing the rice and fanned out beautifully for a gorgeous presentation.  Finished with a bit of ikura, the dish tasted as fresh as it looked.

As much as we wanted to try all things new, we couldn't resist ordering 'something old' coz it's our must-have sushi roll when we're here...and that's the Aburi Salmon Roll @ RM26.

On yet another visit, we had to have the Aburi Salmon Roll again (even better presented this time).  The deliciousness of the seared salmon, crunchiness from the tempura flakes, rolled in our favourite umami furikake, and the slightly spicy sauce at the bottom makes this a truly downright excellent roll.

If you prefer complete set meals, they have a good selection of those this Beef & Tempura Set @ RM52 with teriyaki beef, tempura prawns, chawanmushi, miso soup, salad, rice and fruit (watermelon).

However, I didn't enjoy the teriyaki beef as much as I enjoyed the beef teppanyaki I had here previously. This one was less tender.

Another value-for-money meal is the Seafood Combo Set @ RM58 which comes with prawns, squid, scallops, chawanmushi, salad, miso soup and fresh fruits.  Only thing it doesn't come with is rice, so you'll need to order that separately @ RM4.

All the seafood items were nicely seared and delicious except this time it wasn't served with a Japanese ginger sauce.  When we asked for the sauce, we were given another type of sauce which we didn't like as much as the previous ginger sauce.

Hot Green Tea @ RM5

While my Hot Lemon Honey Tea @ RM9.50 did its job pleasantly with its lemony flavours, it brought back memories of the awesome lemon tea I had at Yuzu once... made with just pure lemon and honey while this one was infused with tea.

My Personal Opinion

What can I say except....bring your appetite.....they're going to feed you well here!

Burger & Sushi
Lot 06 Ground Floor G Village
No 35 Jalan 1/76
Desa Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9226 9788


  1. I always salute you for being a detailed and very observant person who could see all the meticulous items on the plate. I am really amazed to see that see-through and paper thin sliced pickled ginger! Thanks for pointing out.

    I really like that presentation of the Aburi Salmon Roll. The chef must be a native Japanese or Nihon trained expert with knives. I must adhere to your opinion to bring my appetite there cos they will feed me well. LOL

    1. This is quite an understated Japanese eatery that deserves more attention than it actually gets (coz of the location, I guess). Very decent quality for the prices paid. Hope you get to try this some day :)

  2. Pretty affordable prices for Japanese dishes for sure, that unagi is really the cheapest, prices has gone up so much lately.

    1. I detest the rising prices for my favourite food! >.< The unagi here may not be top quality but certainly good enough for the price charged.

  3. I really couldn't see the rice in your Don, the portion of fish are too generous :P
    Japanese potato salad, I just cook some for my today's gathering cum staycation with friends, but I cut the potatoes into cubes, hopefully they will like it :P

    1. Ooo, if it's a fine dice like the version served here, I'm sure I'd love it...and so will your friends. ^_~

  4. I do wonder how they came up with that combo of serving burgers and sushi in the same restaurant - maybe they were just two of their favourite things ;-)

    1. I also found it quite strange initially for a Japanese place to offer both burger and sushi in one place. I think the burgers offer diners a quick and casual meal if they're not up for sushi or Japanese food...and their burgers have quite a following I was told :)

  5. So have you covered the whole menu now? hee..hee...

    1. No, I have their menu is very extensive. Maybe I've covered a fair bit on the sushi section but have not really delved into their burger section.

  6. with a menu that's so extensive with sushi and other japanese dishes, you don't even need to dive into the 'burger' section for a complete meal! :D

    1. You're right, I've not 'tire' of their sushi and Japanese section yet...but they've added a few more options into their burger section as well =)


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