Friday, 8 September 2017

Ra.Ft Cafe @ Lorong Binjai

The cafe was just a little over a month when I visited for the first time...and I'm back, not as often as I would have liked to, but I'm back (though my friends have been visiting more regularly).

Since I enjoyed myself tremendously here the last time out, I wanted to introduce this gem of a place, Ra.Ft Cafe @ Lorong Binjai, to another friend and her family.

We started with an 'old favourite', the Ra-Ft Breakfast @ RM32, which we had the last time we were here for breakfast.  As usual, the platter is filled with two strips of streaky pork bacon, a choice of a pork or chicken sausage, eggs done to your liking (scrambled or sunny side up), smashed potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, baked beans and a slice of house-made bread with herbed butter.

We chose the pork sausage (again) coz it was soooooooo deliciously fragrant and savoury the last time we had it...and (again) it didn't disappoint.  The dish was picture-perfect in terms of looks and taste.  It's a big breakfast that's difficult to find fault with as it's consistently cooked well.

Since this was our first visit at dinner time, we had the opportunity to choose something other than breakfast items like the Pan-Seared Salmon Fillet @ RM42 which was served with roasted vegetables of sweet potatoes, broccoli, yellow zucchini, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.

The Norwegian salmon fillet was very fresh and tasty.  Cooked to perfection, with super crispy skin and a drizzle of pesto sauce and balsamic, it was a dish you'd want to dive right in immediately.

Next up was the Ra-Ft Burger @ RM35 featuring a signature mix of pork-beef burger stuffed with mozzarella cheese and mushrooms (the patty was juicy), in between a soft sesame-crusted bun with onions and lettuce, and crowned with a pickled gherkin (or cornichon).

It was served with a side of chips and coleslaw and I have to say that Ra.Ft's fries are really good.  Freshly fried to awesomeness to achieve that lovely crisp on the outside with a soft texture on the inside.

What made me choose the Carbonara Spaghetti @ RM26 was the description of an Italian style pasta with eggs but no cream. cream means no cloying possibility...I like the sound of that!  Yet it didn't lack the texture of creaminess because of the eggs and cheese.

We also tried their Fish & Chips @ RM35 served with fries, coleslaw, mashed peas and garlic mayonnaise.

The plate was filled with generous slices of seabass fillet with a crispy crumbed batter (not of breadcrumbs but one that has a somewhat similar texture to cornflakes) which the kids adored.  The flesh was fresh, flaky and moist....nothing like those...ffff (fishy frozen fish fillets)! ;P

After a few savoury dishes, we went with a couple of sweet choices that also doubled up as our desserts. First up was the French Toast with Bacon & Maple Syrup @ RM21.  Four strips of long French brioche bread arrived with four equally long strips of crispy bacon on top of more bacon bits and maple syrup.  This French toast was super light, extra fluffy and ultra, so, so desirable! ^o^

I thought their Pancakes with Stuffed Bacon & Maple Syrup I had previously was to-die-for...this was a piece of heaven (or four pieces to be exact)! :P  Other choices include French Toast with Caramelised Apples (RM17) or Banana with Chocolate Sauce (RM17).

Since my friends' kids enjoyed the French Croissant (with Nutella & Almonds) @ RM9 so much on a previous visit, we ordered the same one again for them this time.  Only this time it was 'raining' powdered sugar! O_o The little ones had no complaints of the sugar rush though.

We also added the French Croissant (with Butter and Jam) @ RM7 since there were more kids.  And a good croissant needs nothing more than a simple spread of plain butter and strawberry jam (I actually liked this one more).

Our meal came to a rousing end with an extremely irresistible Ra-Ft's Tiramisu (Italian recipe) @ RM15.  An authentic Italian tiramisu is made with raw eggs as opposed to using tempered egg yolks and substituting egg whites with heavy cream.  Tiramisu is one of my favourite sweet things to eat coz it's coffee-flavoured and uber delicious...and every bite is worth the calories! ^_~

Oh-em-gee...this one was extremely luscious and light with a melt-in-your-mouth softness that made me absolutely delirious! ;P  This definitely goes down as the best tiramisu I've had so far.  This is a dessert that's best not you'd want it all to yourself....I certainly time! ^_^

What better way to wash down all the good food....with equally good coffees of Iced Latte, Iced Cappuccino & Hot Chai Latte @ RM10.  We also had a Liver Cleanser @ RM16 which is a healthy mixed juice of orange, beetroot and carrot.

Families with young children would be pleased to know that there's a play area where you can dump (err, I mean park) your kids while you enjoy a cuppa.  But then again, if your children are anything like my friends' children, the play area probably isn't such a good idea as they'll end up making more of a ruckus while playing.

We.....Ate. Drank. Sat. Stayed.

From dawn to dusk light to dark ;P

My Personal Opinion

I was surprised to find the cafe a little quiet on a weekend dinner night as they have such a bustling crowd in the day.  So, if you're looking for a place with a relaxing ambience and a chic setting for dinner (I dare say even romantic to some degree), this will fit the bill.

Of all the food I've tried so far, there weren't any I didn't like but their French Toasts and Tiramisu are must-haves!

This is a feel-good, taste-great kind of place...and rightfully cements its place among my most favourite cafes.

Ra.Ft Cafe
G1, GF & N.2 Ground Floor
Binjai 8 Lorong Binjai
Off Persiaran KLCC
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2181 1091


  1. I haven't tried the salmon but it looks like something I would enjoy.

    1. The salmon was gorgeous. I was there again yesterday and Filippo mentioned that they'll be opening a new outlet soon! ;)

  2. The food is really so delicious looking right from the big breakfast plate till the burger and pancake with bacons. I must confess that my mouth was flooded with saliva under my tongue when I saw the huge burger! It is nothing like those flattened burgers at the fast food outlets.

    You often amazed me for eating everywhere in Klang Valley from Cheras to Pudu to Ampang and then Bangsar & now Binjai. I must travel like you and become a foodie blogger too otherwise my blog will become stagnant and boring.

    Happy Weekend!

    1. I love food mah, so I'll travel everywhere for food just like you travel everywhere for vacation from China to Japan to UK and then US, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan & more coz you love to travel.

  3. Everything looked so so good! Yes, tiramisu made with raw eggs is gorgeous! I've made these using pasteurized eggs and it was so good. I must make it a point to visit Ra.Ft. Hmmm...I can't decide between the Raft Breakfast, the Raft Burger or the Fish and Chips. The tiramisu, definitely will order!

    1. No need to decide...order all three and share with your brother (although the French Toast was my favourite). For someone who has made tiramisu before...and love tiramisu (like me), then this tiramisu is a must-order! ^_~ You must, must visit this cafe, my dear. I've never been more sure than to recommend this as all the people I recommended this place to...loved, loved it! ^o^

  4. ooo, yes, this would be a good dinner place, especially if you're working in the klcc area and want to duck somewhere nice to wait and eat until the rush-hour jam is over :)

    1. Yes, yes, I implore more people to come here for dinner as they've some good dishes for lunch and dinner to be enjoyed since they seem to be more busy/well-known/popular for breakfast and brunch :)

  5. This place already in my list since your 1st visit. haiz must go there before your 3rd sharing >_<
    I wonder the big breakfast you ordered can be finished by one or you guys shared it?

    1. Ya, I think it can be finished by one but if you're not too hungry, two can share that. For your family of three, I think two dishes for sharing will be quite enough :) Haha, let's see if you manage to go before my third sharing. ^_*


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