Wednesday, 31 May 2017

aLIVE d-tox Water @ Pavilion

This healthy and refreshing beverage first got my attention when I read about it on theyumlist's blog.  The beverage I'm talking about is aLIVE d-tox Water @ Pavilion.

They have since opened a second outlet (in March) in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, if you're from that area.

There are lots of bottled and cold pressed juices in the market but nothing like this.  What's aLIVE d-tox water, you ask?  Well, they're basically fruits steeped in fruit-infused water (aka detox water) of iced tea, wild honey, lemon infused water or natural yogurt.

The beverages are freshly made to order, so you're assured of optimum freshness each and every time...and ordering is simple :)

Step 1 - Pick Your Fruits: from 16 pre-selected fruit combos available (with each combo containing at least three types of fruit).

Step 2 - Pick Your Flavour: from iced tea, wild honey, lemon infused water or natural yogurt.  There's also a menu with pre-selected combos of what fruits go well with which flavours of drink for those who can't decide.

The first time I came to try this new drink, I was with a friend.....and we tried two.  They say it's not a blended juice although these ones I ordered looked like they've been blitzed up (note the bit of foam at the top + I heard the sound of blitzing) :P

We chose the Rapid Recovery in Wild Honey @ RM10.80 (with fruits of strawberry, mango & lemon) as our first pick.  This one will be a little on the sweet side coz there's wild honey in the mix.  I'm not sure if it'll rejuvenate and rehydrate your body (as but I certainly feel very refreshed after drinking it.....I must have been very thirsty.

We also shared a Flat Belly with Lemon Infused Water @ RM10.80.  This one contained fruits of kiwi, pineapple and orange.  Now who wouldn't want a drink with a name like flat's every lady's dream! ^_~

On a solo shopping trip recently (and I was obviously very thirsty after all that walking), I tried the Thirst Quencher with Iced Tea (strawberry, watermelon & lime) @ RM10.80 this time.

It's a convenient thirst quencher alright and offers an afternoon pick-me-up when your legs get weary from all that walking (and shopping!).

I also ordered one-to-go, Inner Shine with Lemon Infused Water (grape, strawberry & lemon) @ RM12.80 and was gently reminded that the shelf life is only 2 hours.

Into the fridge it went when I got home.  And I did drink it within the specified time frame (at least half of it) except I thought it didn't taste as good as when I drank it fresh on site.  Perhaps that's due to the fruits steeping too long in the fruit-infused water.

It comes in a cool and unique packaging with a straw for sipping and its own colourful spoon-fork-scooper (whatever you want to call it) to make sure you scoop up all those delicious fruits in the bag...and you get to keep the cute spoon/fork! ^.^

Although touted as a healthy option since it retains whole fruits natural fibre (usually lost in juicing), we have to keep in mind that it's not sugar-free (it does contain a minimal amount of sugar) but still nutritious enough.

Prices start from the cheapest one at RM6.80 (total d-tox) to the two most expensive ones (Inner Shine and Superfruits) at RM12.80.  The rest cost either RM8.80 or RM10.80.

It's said that you can custom make your own favourite healthy fruits detox water but I'm not so sure about that though.  There are just some combos which work better with certain flavours (of infused water) and some of the servers are quite adamant about letting you know if you've not selected the 'right' combos.  There were times when I selected lemon-infused water (my favourite flavour) with certain fruit combos only to be told they don't go well together.  I suppose you can put your foot down and insist you want that combo but they'd usually convince you not to!  Let me give you an example...I once wanted Superfruits in Lemon Infused Water but was 'refused' as they say that one is best with yoghurt (but I don't like :'(  Another time, I wanted Inner Shine with Lemon Infused Water but was told that would be better with wild honey and was asked to substitute with Vita C Reviver instead.  In the end (I'm not sure why) the server finally relented and let me have my 'selection'! :P

They actually have some already pre-selected fruit combos with different flavoured drinks to make your decision making easier as to which combos work best like:

1.  total d-tox with lemon infused water
2.  energiser with honey
3.  vita c reviver with lemon infused water
4.  summer delight with honey ginger tea
5.  groovy fresh with honey citron tea
6.  thirst quencher with iced tea
7.  energy booster with honey
8.  superfruits with yogurt

If there's one complaint, it'd be the fruits like lemon, lime and orange where the rinds are left intact in the beverage.  It's difficult to eat what's left of the fruit when it's still attached to the skin like that (unless we weren't supposed to eat them!).  And if we did eat them, there's no place to dispose the skins (other than dropping them back into the bag!) coz leaving the rinds on the table wouldn't look very nice.  I wish they would just remove the rinds.

My Personal Opinion

If you find yourself in Pavilion or IOI City Mall looking for a healthy alternative of whole fruits infused water to juice, then make a pit stop at aLive....where you get refreshed and feel alive! ^o^

Whichever combo you choose, whichever your favourite fruits, whichever flavoured water you like, you're bound to find one here that pleases you.

My favourite combo is the immensely refreshing Flat Belly with Lemon Infused Water and my least favourite, the iced tea.  Which one is yours? ^_~

aLIVE d-tox Water
C.04.00 Level 4
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6206 2505


  1. sounds refreshing and distinctive indeed - and a nice way to get your daily requirements of fibre and vitamins :D

    1. Yes, I'm one who would rather have my daily dose of fibre and vitamins in the form of a fruit juice than to eat a whole fruit. This gives me the best of both worlds :)

  2. Wow! I love that blue spoon-fork-scooper. It would attract me to get this juice for the blue fork! I have been paying attention to this growing trend of detox juices to stay healthy. Age is catching up as I lean closer to my grave each day. I want to live LONG & HEALTHY! I will check this place when I ever visit Pavilion again otherwise i have to keep drinking from Juice Booster.

    1. Actually, any form of fresh juices for our daily intake of vitamins will be great but, if you happen to be in Pavilion, you can try this one for a change =)

  3. Thanks for the mention. I was attracted to the Flat Belly too!

    1. No, I should thank you instead for hooking me up with this detox drink. Now, whenever I'm in Pavilion, I make it a point to stop by to have one on site (not to-go) if I still have belly space, that is. ;-)

  4. That's quite a novelty, pretty packaged water with fruits. I won't mind giving it a try if I come across this!

    1. There are only two outlets now (which is far away for you). Hope one opens up in Uptown one day and you can try =)

  5. Hello from a small town Idaho and stop in from "yum" I've never seen anything like this but it a great.
    If you have the time stop in for a cup of coffee

    1. Well, hello.....and thanks for dropping by my blog :-)

  6. I will buy this because of the cute fork LOL

    1. Hmmm, I guess that's a valid reason for trying the drink! ^_^

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