Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas Dinner with a Budget!

For those of you who have the budget or cash to splash on a restaurant meal this year, know that Christmas and New Year dinners won't be cheap with most costing an average of RM150 per person and some even as high as RM300! >_<

Of course, whenever we have thoughts of a Christmas dinner, a western meal (usually steaks) is what comes to mind.  So, I've picked out a list of some favourites (from my blog) that I hope is still within a reasonable and affordable price range (I tried my darndest but failed in some) of say between RM100 - RM150 per person (depending on what you order) which you may want to consider this ho-ho-ho season...some new, some old and some really age-old institutions that have remained a firm favourite for many.  A walk down memory lane (you could say) for some as these places evoke nostalgic memories of their youth.

Coliseum Cafe @ Plaza 33, Jalan Tar, Mid Valley & Sunway Pyramid

None can invoke sentimentality more than Coliseum can as the place goes back as far as 1921.  But most would probably remember them as THE steakhouse in KL from the 80s or 90s.   I guess you just can't beat 95 years of good old taste of heritage colonial Hainanese cuisine.  I can still remember coming out of their very first restaurant in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman smelling of their signature sizzling steaks in my hair and clothes....haha! :D  Smoky fumes are all part of its nostalgic charm but, luckily now, your hair and clothes can be smell-free since all the sizzling is well confined in one place (at least in the branch I went to)! ;D

Victoria Station @ Ampang, Medan Damansara & USJ

This 'house of fine steaks' (since 1989), with its beloved iconic train dining compartments, has indeed been serving up fine steaks for a good 3 generations.  I've been to both the Ampang and Medan Damansara stations and their garlic toast (a must-order for me) and escargots (in a mouth watering garlic sauce) remain one of my favourite appetisers to this day.

This old-school favourite, with its cowboy-style ambience, has been dishing up good quality steaks for a long time.  Prices here are higher than Coliseum and Victoria Station.  I've been to both branches and I have to say the food tastes a little bit better at their Damansara branch.  Their popular starter of crispy potato skin is my spouse's favourite.

Angus House @ Starhill (closed) & Publika

If you're looking for Japanese charcoal steaks with a twist of Japanese flavours, then Angus House could be a choice.  Ok, maybe this one you may have to blow your budget a fair bit but the good thing is you just need to choose your steak and it's a complete meal by itself as the set comes with everything (appetiser, soup, salad & dessert) least that was how it was when I had it.

Maria's SteakCafe @ Bangsar & Damansara Perdana

Nothing quite satisfies the tummy like a juicy well-prepared steak of Wagyu or Black Angus and at Maria's SteakCafe, you'll certainly be assured of that (stick to the Bangsar branch).  And oh, the oxtail soup is not to be missed too.

Steaks & Lobsters @ Desa Sri Hartamas

A  newer entry into the scene, Steaks & Lobsters is currently my top favourite when it comes to steaks....look at that gorgeous hunk of wagyu ribeye and they have other more affordable wagyu cuts as well.  Nothing is more enticing than sexy hunks of meat cooked to perfection.  And if meat doesn't tickle your fancy, maybe lobsters will! ;)

The Press Room Bistro @ Pavilion

Now if you're one of those who like to be in crowded places like shopping malls during the festive season, make that shopping mall Pavilion coz The Press Room Bistro serves succulent steaks (from their Josper Oven) and absolutely tender beef cheeks.

Fisherman's Cove @ Starhill Gallery

After all those carnivorous places, I thought I'd include one that's more focussed on seafood for a change though I'm afraid this one you'll have to dig a little deeper into your pockets.  Even though the menu may not be the same since it's been a while I last dined at Fisherman's Cove, just go with any seafood option (especially fish) and you can't go wrong.

Botanica + Co @ Bangsar South

This much talked about few months old restaurant/cafe offers a more diversed fare than steakhouses for your consideration (maybe a pizza for sharing).  Come visit Botanica for its dining ambience amidst lush green surroundings if not for anything else....and stay for dessert :)

BreadFruits @ Desa Sri Hartamas

This last possibility are for those who need some porcine (instead of bovine) pleasure, like their Wild Honey Apple Pear Pork Chop, although their Seafood Platter (with a bit of everything) is a great choice too.

La Mexicana @ Bangsar

And, if the night is still young, perhaps a few margaritas will bring your awesome evening to a pleasurable end! ;)

The above list may not showcase the best steaks in town but it'll probably have a more affordable price to quality ratio steaks.  Of course you can find better steaks out there...but they'll probably come with higher price tags too (which may or may not be all that affordable for some of us)! >.<

Whichever one you choose to dine in (even one of your own selection), I'm sure you'll come off with a satisfying always tastes better with close friends and family.

Let me bid you...good 'hunting' and good nom nom nom!!  May your Christmas or New Year meal this festive season with family and friends be a juicy, tender and delicious one!! ^_*


  1. I'll join home party for both Christmas eve and Christmas day, potluck party to be precise :)

    1. Well, that's great...cheaper that way but just as enjoyable, I'm sure =)

  2. I like the choice of breadfruits (even though that's not where I'm headed this year) - it's definitely the sort of feel-good place for a wholesome celebratory meal :) my family isn't into steaks, so the Christmas meal tends to be more about chicken! A roast chicken will suit everyone fine ;)

    1. Can't go wrong with roast chicken as it appeals to everyone. Hope you have a lovely meal with your family :)

  3. Quite a good list of recommendations there! I like Jake's and Victoria Station but haven't been to the rest. I have a bit of phobia dining out on Christmas eve or Christmas day as I did not have a good experience.

    1. Those two you've been are great old-institutions loved by many. I also had an underwhelming dinner once at Victoria Station during the festive period. I think it'll probably be a better choice to order a la carte and stay away from the set meals! ^_*

  4. Great round up! I like Maria's for steaks too, Pressroom and Fisherman's Cove. Fisherman's Cove have recently changed management by the way, so while they're still not a budget restaurant, they are more affordable than before. :-)

    1. Oh, thanks for the update, Monica...that's great to hear. I remember my visits to Fisherman's Cove with fondness, their fish dishes are a standout :)

  5. I read through this post 2-3 times and just realised I forgot to leave comments. It is very interesting that you shared many dining places with us! I can see that all of them are good restaurants with very excellent dishes! I have only tried Breadfruits and Maria's.

    1. Forget to leave comments, never mind. I'm delighted that you've read through this post 2-3 times...hehe! ;) You must try Steak & Lobsters and Botanica for its lush green ambience (I think you'll enjoy it).

  6. 1,2 and 3, cannot lah, that 3 places if never reserve 2 months in advance, forget it on days like Christmas... >.<

    1. need 2 months advance booking lah! They're not as popular as you think....hehe ;)


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