Friday, 22 July 2016

The Good Batch @ Damansara Uptown

It was the Raya holidays when I met up with some friends for lunch.  I chose a place that has been around for almost 3 years already (after being reminded of it through a recent visit/post by ccfoodtravel)...that's still serving up good food, good coffee and good times (or so I heard).

The place is none other than The Good Batch @ Damansara Uptown.  Even a cousin (on my husband's side) has been asking if I've tried the food here....well, it's never too late to try!

Arriving at peak lunch time, there was already a queue (I guess a queue is a good sign for an eatery that has been around for almost 3 years).  We put our names down and waited for a table (which took about 15 - 20 minutes coz we needed a big table).  Not to worry as benches are provided for you to wait (photo was taken when I left, which was past 3 pm, and that's why you don't see anyone waiting).

They serve all day mains (mostly breakfast/brunch staples) plus a few extra options for dinner (after 6pm). Since it was morning, there's bound to be egg-based dishes, the first of which was the Portobella Road @ RM25 featuring two poached eggs sitting on top of a duo of juicy portobello mushrooms with two crispy hash browns underneath.

The poached eggs were slightly over but the egg yolk still managed to ooze out at the prick of the fork.  The dish was finished off with their housemade pesto hollandaise sauce which I felt was a tad heavy and thick.  I would have preferred a bit more pesto and lemon juice in the mix to thin out the sauce a bit.

Someone 'told' me that the Hangover Mess @ RM25 is a must-order even if I wasn't having a, I ordered it.  It's something like a dish of corned beef hash.  The corned beef was served with some pan-fried potatoes and diced capsicums topped with two sunny side-up eggs and a drizzle of sauce which I can't remember (spiced mayo?).

Although the eggs were slightly overdone (again), I loved the taste and texture of the corned beef and I'm always a sucker for some 'crisp on the edges' potatoes.

We also had the Chicken & Pancakes @ RM29 that showcased 4 pieces of fried chicken fillets on two buttermilk pancakes and again topped with a sunny side-up egg.  I was glad that the dish came with only a drizzle of maple syrup and the rest served separately for you to tinker with the sweetness to your liking.  It wasn't the best tasting maple syrup, so we didn't need to add more.

The chicken tenders were fairly moist with a good crunch (something children will adore).  For some reason (most probably because of the crowd), all the sunny side-up eggs that day were bordering on overcooked...but, at least, I'm happy that they were from happy hens (judging from their deep orange yolks).

We also ordered The Angmoh @ RM29, their version of an English big breakfast, judging from the name (Manglish or Singlish for white people).  It came with all the prerequisites of scrambled eggs, turkey ham, chicken sausage, sauteed mushrooms, pan-fried potatoes, baked beans, grilled tomato and (a barely) toasted garlic bread.  Other than the nicely cooked scrambled eggs, the rest of the plate tasted pretty generic, so it was a good decision that we ordered this for the kids to share (who are easier to please than the adults as they mopped up every last bit of it).

Our final dish for sharing was the Salted Egg Wings @ RM19 which was made up of 3 whole chicken wings (wingettes + drumettes).  Basted with salted egg yolk, curry leaves, bird's eye chillies, butter and probably evaporated milk, we could definitely taste the salted egg yolk in the sauce.

I love chewing on the crisp curry leaves for the fragrance while the bird's eye chillies contributed a bit of heat to the wings.  Finally, some crunchy bits of salted egg yolk rounded off the dish to bring it to a more than satisfactory conclusion.

The Good Batch serves good coffees and their blend ("Fei Hong") is specially roasted by the good folks at Papa Palheta.

Iced Cappuccino @ RM13

One of my friends had the Ramadan Special, the Double Iced Coffee with Ice Cream @ RM15 that tasted creamy and chocolaty when I had a sip.

Iced Caramel Latte @ RM13

Another had a Banana Latte @ RM12 served with some crisp plantain chips (let's just say the flavour of banana in a coffee needs some getting used to)! >.<

They also offer chilled juices like this Mango Juice @ RM8 and freshly squeezed juices, served chilled, with no added sugar.

My Personal Opinion

Overlooking some minor hiccups and the fact that their eggs weren't egg-cellent that day, I'm willing to cut them some slack since it was the very busy Raya period.

Overall, the breakfast and brunch options that I had were decent enough though some prices could be better (like the Chicken & Pancakes).  My favourites were the Hangover Mess, Salted Egg Wings...and portobello mushrooms and hash browns (just not the sauce).

So I heard right.  The Good Batch still continues to serve good food, good coffees and good times! ;)

The Good Batch (Cafe & Bar)
No 53 Jalan SS21/1A
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7733 2303


  1. Hmm... I don't like egg yolks done like that... in my vocab, that's "not 3 not 4" (Cantonese). You either leave the yolk runny as how most like it, or you cook it through (like how I like it). I always feel annoyed more than I probably should when I see these "middle of nowhere" yolks...

    1. I'm actually not that bothered with yolks done anyway....coz depending on the type of meal I'm having, I like them cooked different ways. As long as it's an egg, I'll be happy...and I'll still take "not 3 not 4" eggs! :D

  2. thank you for this review. No need for me to visit this place as my spouse wants to eat oink oink in big breakfast.

    1. I can do without an oink oink in my big breakfast...sometimes! ;)

    2. Not to say can't do without but don't want to pay so much for a big breakfast if it does not have the oink oink. Sometimes we go for days without eating oink oink. Same as what RG says, it is not bacon if it is not oink oink bacon.

    3. I thought bacon is not your cup of tea?...since you've mentioned that before in some of my oink oink posts, so I gather you'd go to an oink oink place because your spouse wants to eat it.

    4. You are right, bacon and big breakfast and runny eggs are not my cup of tea. Right too about oink oink and spouse. Since I don't even drink coffee and tea I don't see anything that I would like to eat or drink at this place. Would visit it for the big breakfast for my spouse if it has oink bacon but since takrak nothing for us there lah.

  3. three years go by in the blink of an eye ... i still remember coming in here on a saturday morning and having some wine and mojito just before noon ;)

    1. Yup, in the blink of an eye, my blog is approaching 3 years too :)

  4. So the Good Batch is good eh? Funny that I pass by here often and have never once stepped in. I guess it is time I paid them a visit :)

  5. My favourite here is the vegetarian breakfast, the portobello road.

    1. Oh, those portobello mushrooms were delicious :)

  6. This cafe opened quite some time and there is still waiting queue, not bad eh...
    My previous experience at The Good Batch was pretty good overall and I don't mind a revisit :)

    1. Yeah, longevity tells us that they've kept up with their standards :)


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