Monday, 28 December 2015

KGB Soul Food @ Jalan Tun Razak

So, did you all enjoy the long Christmas holidays?  I'm sure you did......and welcome back!

After our dinner at Steaks & Lobsters, we already had prior plans to proceed to KGB Soul Food @ Jalan Tun Razak for more food and drinks.  KGB occupies the ground floor of Live House @ TREC KL, which is a newly opened lifestyle and entertainment hub (with construction still ongoing) in Jalan Tun Razak.

Since the opening of its flagship burger joint in Bangsar (they now have other outposts in TTDI and Mid Valley), I had always wanted to try their gourmet burgers and when one opened in TREC KL closer to home, there was no reason not to.

But the dining experience was not meant to be as I came off it totally disappointed.  Let me tell you the story.....

My friends and I wanted a place where we could exchange our Xmas gifts, have a few drinks along with some nice finger food and snacks.  With my friends' children in tow, I knew we wouldn't be allowed into pubs or bars and so I chose this place (beforehand) after seeing (from blogs) the kind of food they serve (which looked very much like any family-type restaurant serving burgers, sliders, fried chicken, sandwiches, steamed bao buns, nachos, quesadillas, speciality fries, milkshakes and all that) how would we have known that they do not allow children in such a place!!! @_@

We left Steaks & Lobsters in separate cars and one of my friends was the first to arrive.  She asked the staff at KGB Soul Food if they allow children and they said...yes....but only until 10.30pm.  She called me and I said...well, that's perfect!  My friend (with children) and I then reached the place at about 8+.  We proceeded to enter the place (which was cooling and comfortable) but was stopped by some staff (at the entrance) who told us that children weren't allowed in (obviously not all the staff were on the same page since we were told something different earlier) but we'd be more than welcome to sit outside (at the alfresco area).  I said this is a place that serves food but don't allow children??  The reason they gave us was that it's a smoking area (inside where it's air-conditioned??...well, so is outside!!) plus the live band comes on at 9pm (the live band turned out to be just 3 singers singing soft tunes while seated).  I didn't want to come off as difficult and so we sat outside.  Although it was evening, it was still hot and humid...and because it was dark, we had mosquitoes to contend with as well! >:(

Based on the not-so-comfortable seating arrangements, we weren't all that excited about having to eat food in such conditions and so ordered just two snacks (that were easy to eat) and a drink each (plus a milkshake for the kids to share) given the circumstance.

Fry Lab @ RM16 with a choice of 3 frys (Cajun or herbed fries, spicy wedges, onion rings & sweet potato fries) served with 3 house dips

Our choice of herbed fries, spicy wedges & onion rings

Mamacita Grilled Corn @ RM10

3 pieces of Mexican street-style chargrilled corn cobs with queso (cheese) & smoked chipotle, served with lime

Cinderella @ RM18.87

Mojito @ RM24.01

Long Island @ RM27.44

Heineken @ RM24.01
and a Nutella Smores Milkshake @ RM15 (for the kids)

I'll refrain from making any comments on the food or drinks coz 1) there weren't much to comment on and 2) taste gets screwed when you're not in a 'happy mood'! >_<

Worst still was the server brought us the bill right after our food and drinks were served.  I don't remember ever having to pay first other than in a coffee shop.  Were they afraid we would run off without paying the bill since we were seated outside?  Or is this the norm at bar-type places, in case customers get too intoxicated to pay?  I don't know...whatever it left a bad taste in my mouth!  

Luckily, our gift exchange lifted our mood...and brought a smile to our faces :)  We had to eat and drink (the little we had) and exchange our presents quickly as the hot and humid weather (plus mosquitoes) was getting to us...and we left soon after.  In the end, we adjourned to Starbucks (also at TREC KL) and felt relieved and comforted by the coolness of the air-conditioning inside.

Taking a stroll around the place (before we left), we could see that this place is clearly meant for those into drinking and clubbing.....and not suitable for families.

My Personal Opinion

We obviously failed to meet our objective of having some good snacks....and a drink or two here (mothers need to drink too).  Who would have thought that an establishment specialising in gourmet burgers would end up to be a place that has a "no kids" policy.  We came wanting to try their burgers, sliders, steamed baos and fried chicken but, in the end, left without trying anything.

I'm aware that TREC houses a mix of casual to fine dining restaurants, indie cafes, wine bars, pubs and lounges....that's why I didn't choose a full-fledged bar-type outlet but it would seem even the eating places here aren't child-friendly.  I wonder how they can keep a full kitchen running without catering to families who might want to dine here.  A better option, in my opinion, would have been to open for dinner to all (up to a certain time) and turn it into a drinks and snacks bar (with a live band) at a later time (when drinkers come alive), say after 10pm.

If a place even like KGB doesn't welcome children, I wonder if there are any restaurants here that would.  So, unless you intend to leave your kids at home, I think it's best to choose some other venue! :(

KGB Soul Food @ Live House
E-G-07 Electric Boulevard
Lot 434 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-223 1937


  1. Gosh, that was very disappointing! I don't suppose you would want to go back to this particular outlet after the not so pleasant experience. I really don't see why they don't allow kids to dine there. After all, if places like Hard Rock Cafe is open to families, why can't KGB Soul Food do the same? The reasons they gave is quite lame.

    1. Even when we were there after 8pm (they open from 5pm), we were the only customers! So, I don't know why they don't want to open it to families earlier in the evening (with a full running kitchen and a quite extensive menu). Drinkers would usually come much later in the night and, even if they do come early, I think they'll probably only have light snacks and finger, I'm not sure who they're targetting with their food! >.<

  2. ooo, the no-kids policy does sound tricky ... i suspect it differs from outlet to outlet here, but it never crossed my mind and i never asked any of them about it. more eateries will be opening here in the next phase, and maybe those will be kid-appropriate :)

    1. It didn't cross your mind probably because of the type of food they're serving and that it wouldn't be kid-inappropriate. In fact, I saw a pizza place and even that one I wouldn't categorise as appropriate for families with kids as they had this small round (and high) tables with high chairs that looks more appropriate for drinking.

  3. I think this KGB Soul Food may cater for drinkers and is be different from those KGB outlets that just serve burgers and fries like the one in Midvalley. I have heard of TREC due to it being the new location for Zouk (a place that I have never been because I don't go clubbing) so I thought TREC is for drinkers and clubbers.

    Did you ask to speak to the manager or a higher level person in charged of KGB Soul Food to clarify whether or not children are allowed into the air cond seating area?

    1. No, I didn't bother to speak to someone else coz the lady who spoke to us seemed like someone of authority. I knew that TREC is predominantly for drinkers and clubbers but, when some eateries opened up there, I thought my choice of KGB would be a safe and appropriate one...but ended up to be not :(

      Yes, Zouk is occuping a larger space that's away from the rest of these places.

  4. Is this the outlet that is attached to the comedy club? I still haven't been over to TREC but am interested in exploring the area. We've had good burgers at the KGB outlet in Bangsar. Shame the seating was so uncomfortable and service not up to speed.

    1. Yeah, I've heard about their good burgers. And yes, the comedy club is on upper floor of KGB....and that is definitely kid-inappropriate.

  5. so much deep fried food.. eek! LOL

    1. We didn't have a choice since we were eating in not-so-comfortable a lot of finger food is usually deep fried.

  6. They're still mainly a food joint, right? If they only want to serve drinkers, they are just screwing themselves up. Let them play with mosquitoes for a while and hopefully the bosses will realize how wrongly they set their marketing directions.

    1. They serve both food and drinks but I'm not sure why they're not targetting families who might want to dine there! :'(

    2. Well, the whole area is actually child unfriendly, considering the amount of bars and smokers around. I wouldn't bring my children there at all...


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