Friday, 31 October 2014

Millenium Eighty-Six @ Paramount Garden

The last time I've been to this coffee shop was (probably) about 2 years ago to try a supposedly legendary "ngau lam meen" (beef brisket noodles) that was highly recommended by a reputable food writer of the Star papers which turned out just 'so-so' for me.

Recently, I made a return trip to Restoran Millenium Eighty-Six @ Paramount Garden for a late breakfast. Parking is a breeze here as the coffee shop is not as crowded as the more well known O & S.  When I walked in, I was thinking about what I was going to eat and, taking a look around, I noticed that almost all the tables were ordering from one stall (located towards the back of the coffee shop).

You know the saying, "when in Rome, do like the Romans do"....and so, if you don't know what's good to eat, just follow the masses...and most of them seem to order the Fried Noodles, be it Hokkien or Cantonese style, including "Sang Har Meen" (Freshwater Prawn Noodles), Fish Head Noodles and Steamed Fish.  In fact, I didn't notice anyone having the beef brisket noodles :(

We went with an order of Fried Pan Mee 'Hokkien Style' @ RM13 (2 pax portion).  It is a cross between "Pan Mee" (a type of flat flour noodle) and "Hokkien Mee" ie. they use pan mee (as the noodles) and fry it "Hokkien Style".  The handmade noodles (from kneaded flour) had just the right texture, not too mushy, after being fried with pork, prawns, fish cake, "choy sum" (Chinese flowering cabbage) and Chinese round cabbage.  The black gravy may seem a bit much in the pic but it wasn't.  As you know, pan mee is nothing but a flour-based noodle and, as such, needs a lot of help in the 'flavour department' so that it doesn't taste bland.  Just stir the noodles around and, before you know, it will soak up all the saucy goodness and there won't be a drop left after you've finished eating.

This was one good 2-in-1 combo of "Pan Mee" cooked "Hokkien Mee" style and we were pleasantly surprised at how good it was.  If you like Pan Mee and Hokkien Mee, you're going to love this to bits....and the only bit missing...needs a little bit more "chee yau char" (fried pork lard bits) if you ask me!

If you love ginger (like me), you'll hail this ginger, garlic and bird's eye chilli dip with open arms...perfect to go with your Fried Pan Mee and also Steamed Fish Head!

Next up, I just had to order the Steamed Fish Head @ RM14 (1 pax portion) because the smell of rice wine was intoxicating when I first entered the restaurant (at first, I thought someone was selling "kai chau" aka rice wine chicken).  The Steamed Fish Head version here is not the usual one that's done with a soya sauce base.  Instead, the fish head pieces are steamed with cubes of silken tofu, shredded ginger, rice wine, and topped with a sprinkling of chopped spring onions and "daun sup" (Chinese celery) and (sometimes) it comes with "yin sai" (Chinese coriander) and sliced red chillies.

The rice wine (which was just right, not too intense) and the finely julienned ginger brought out the really fresh flavours of the fish head pieces.  They use "sek pan yue" (garoupa) and I wished there were more fleshy parts (but I know that's impossible since it's a fish head after all).

Some of the garoupa fish head I've eaten in the past comes with a tinge of fishiness but the ones here were extremely fresh and the ginger infused rice wine broth was good to the last drop!

Realising that their fish head was so fresh, I knew that I had to come back and try their fish head noodles and I did....but how that turned out was quite another story altogether.  On my next visit, I ordered one Fried Pan Mee and one "Yue Tao Mai" (Fish Head Bihun) with fried fish (since their fish head bihun also comes in the fresh fish version).  What I got was Fried Pan Mee with fried fish (instead of the usual pork and prawns) coz they associated my request for fried fish for my fish head noodles with the fried pan mee as well.  I thought that was an honest mistake...a miscommunication which I accepted.

However, my fish head bihun turned out to be Fried Fish Head (with Pan Mee instead) @ RM7.  I only realised that it was pan mee at the bottom after we had paid for the noodles.  I then decided to check with the stall owner if I had indeed ordered it correctly.  I told them that I ordered Yue Tao Mai and wouldn't that mean it comes with "mai fun" (bihun) and they said yes.  They admitted their mistake but asked me profusely to accept it (try it, you'll like it, they say).  I didn't have the heart to ask them to replace it.

Although I do like pan mee, I only like the spaghetti-shaped or fettuccine-shaped ones and not those hand torn ones which I find too thick (though theirs were quite thin) and doughy.  On hindsight, I should have asked for a replacement coz, after taking a mouthful, I realised I really didn't like it at all.  On seeing this, my husband ordered another bowl and told them to get it right this time.

Finally, my correct bowl of Fish Head Noodles @ RM7 arrived with thick rice vermicelli and fried fish head pieces.  The fish head noodles here is also different from the norm in that it doesn't come in a milky broth filled with salted vegetables, tomatoes and ginger.  Instead, it comes in a clear broth with "bayam" (spinach), yin sai and daun sup.  You also get the same fresh ginger, garlic and chillies dip with this.

If you like a broth that's ever so delicate and subtle in flavour, you'll definitely enjoy this version because the broth is so clear that many will find it too bland (but not me).  I really like the fact that the clear broth showcases the super fresh fish even more.  Of course, I ate up all the fish from the other discarded bowl as well (there were just 4 pcs after all...the more, the merrier)!

Although I was hoping that they would extend me a gesture (of a discount for my second bowl of noodles) since they screwed up my order in the first place but.....fat hopes!!  Hawkers these days are so focussed on making a profit that they forget all about courtesy and service....and that's really sad.

Among the many stalls here, there's also a chicken and a duck rice stall (2 separate stalls) which opens much later in the morning.  I decided to "tapau" (pack) this Roast Chicken Rice @ RM5 but it was just ordinary.

And so was the packed Braised Duck Rice ("lou ngap farn") @ RM6.  The duck was ok but the chilli dip didn't cut it for me.  This stall also sells other braised stuff like pig parts (like the head, ears and mouth, if you're into that kind of stuff...eww), tofu and eggs in a dark sauce.

On my last visit here, I noticed a Penang Lobak stall manned by an old lady (she's probably in her 80's).  You could see an old, discoloured and tattered newspaper cutting hanging proudly at her stall.  I assume she's famous for something (as I don't read Chinese) based on the newspaper article.  The yam cake looked nice and so I packed some home.  [#Note: She told me that neither her children nor her grandchildren want to carry on her 'trade' and, once she 'retires', that would be the end of the stall...which is a shame (but we see that happening so often now).  She actually retired some time ago but her customers kept asking her to come back.]

This was the Steamed Yam Cake @ RM3 (RM1.50 for a fairly large pc) that I packed.  This turned out to be one of the best yam cake I've had.  It was loaded with yam (and not flour) and was really soft.  Also, it came sprinkled with lots of dried shrimps and fried shallots...yum!

What took it over the edge for me was the chilli sauce though her "teem cheong" (sweet black sauce) was not too bad either.  The chilli sauce was very tangy (I think I tasted a hint of orange juice in the mix) and packed a punch!

My Personal Opinion

If you like things "ching" (very subtle in flavour) and fresh "sek pan yue" is on your list of favourite things to eat, then you should head here to either have it steamed in a rice wine broth or have them in a bowl of fish head noodles (fresh or fried version).

I absolutely loved the steamed fish and I may have just found a new fish head noodles that I really like!

The various fried noodles (by the same stall) are also very decent.  So, just come and order everything from this one stall, run by 3 guys (brothers?), and you won't be disappointed but they're not open for dinner though.

Also, don't forget the yam cake from the nice old it while you can before she 'retires'...for good!!

Restoran Millenium Eighty-Six
13 Jalan 20/22
Paramount Garden
46300 Petaling Jaya


  1. Looks good. Paramount, I've been to O&S twice:
    There's a famous duck place, everyone tells me about it - yet to try that one.

    1. Yes, O & S is one of my favourite places to makan...I've blogged about it here twice already.
      Ahh, I see that you had the prawn mee, popiah and yong tau foo (my current favourite YTF) in your last visit. If you're ever back there, try their Assam Laksa (in the Top Ten List of the Star's People Food Awards for Oct 2014).
      The duck rice you're referring to is probably Loong Foong. I've not had it either coz they're only open for dinner (and I don't frequent that area in the evenings).

    2. There is another one that opens in the afternoon called Sunrise Roast Duck but nearby at SeaPark, not Paramount.

    3. I've heard of this Sunrise place too. Passed by it many times but always in the late mornings and they're also not open, so have not tried it either.

  2. ooo, i've driven past this outlet several times but never actually ate here. i'll remember to refer to this post if i'm ever there .. fish head for me too! :D

    1. Yeah, go try this fresh fish head (with its gelatinous bits) if you're ever in the area!

  3. Oh I must try all the fish meals you ate here. Looks good. I love my pan mee to be thick and doughy. Just love the taste of the just cooked dough.

    1. This should appeal to you as I know you like really "ching" stuff. The fish is super fresh and the broth is bordering on bland (to some people but not us lah)!

  4. Everything looks good :) I like koay teow so I should like pan mee.

    1. I'm afraid the texture of kuey teow and pan mee is very different leh!


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