Monday, 13 October 2014

Kim Gary @ Jusco Maluri

Who haven't been to Kim Gary, right?  Practically, everyone has at one point or another.  It was, after all, one of the first (if not the first) Hong Kong type "char chan teng" (teahouses) to open in Malaysia which led to the opening (and closing) of many other "char chan teng" type eateries here.

I remembered when Kim Gary first opened in Sungei Wang Plaza (in 1992), it was the talk of the town with long queues during peak hours.  Kim Gary's taste has practically remained the same through the years (with the Sungei Wang Plaza outlet offering the best taste, I think).  And, for me, all the other "char chan teng" (especially Wong Kok) pale in comparison to Kim Gary.

It's been a long while since I've eaten at Sungei Wang Plaza as I now usually eat at Kim Gary @ Jusco Maluri whenever I'm there shopping for groceries.  I know, I know...why blog about this place which everyone is already so familiar with.  Why not?  It's still my favourite "char chan teng" offering wholesome, comfort food that we are all so familiar with....and, better still, it comes with a very affordable price tag.

Their food needs no description and here are some of their signature dishes (and my all-time favourites).

Fried Pork Chop with Shanghai Style Vegetable Rice @ RM10.90 or
Roasted Honey Spare Ribs with Shanghai Style Vegetable Rice @ RM10.90 (no pic)

Wrapped Fish in Egg with Shanghai Vegetable Rice @ RM11.50

Fried Spaghetti with Pork (or Beef) Fillet in 'Hong Kong' Style @ RM12.50

Of course, they are also well known for their Cheese Baked Rice (with a choice of pork chop/chicken chop/fish fillet/beef slice) but, you know me, I don't like cheese!

If you want a bowl of steaming hot noodles, what's more comforting than a bowl of Nissin (or instant) noodles, perked up with some extra ingredients, especially those from a can ;)

Nissin Noodles in Herbal Chicken Soup @ RM12.90
(good herbal flavour in the soup)

Nissin Soup Noodles with Hot & Spicy Pork Dices @ RM9.50
(what can I say, I like meat that comes out from a can)

Nissin Soup Noodles with Fried Egg & Luncheon Meat @ RM8.90
(who doesn't like luncheon meat and an oozy especially and adults too :D)

One of the best comfort foods that we all grew up eating is none other than fried rice and the ones here are pretty decent.

Fried Rice with Ginger & Egg @ RM10.90
(order this only if you truly adore ginger, like never fails to lift up my appetite)

Fried Rice with Hot & Spicy Pork Dices @ RM11.90
(watch out, this one can be quite spicy)

I guess just about any Fried Rice will do =)
(can't even remember what fried rice this is)

And who can forget the Borsch Soup @ RM4.50, a simple soup that resembles a western tomato soup but tweaked to local taste buds.  I've managed to replicate this soup at home...quite successfully, I might add (will post recipe later).

Coffee in Hong Kong Style @ RM3.50
(my all-time favourite drink)

Fresh Orange & Celery Juice @ RM5.90
(love the subtle taste of celery in this juice)

Fresh Orange & Carrot Juice @ RM5.90
(very refreshing and you know it's good for you)

Not to mention, a number of these dishes are available as a set (that comes with a drink and a soup) at a real value-for-money promotional price.

What's more, you get a 10% discount and a monthly free meal item with the yearly membership card (which cost just RM5, if it's a renewal, and RM10, the first time round)...and that's a real bargain!  You don't have to eat all the 12 free items (which translates to you having to go every month), just choose the ones you like and discard the rest (that's what I do).  And, let me just say, the free items are not crappy stuff, they're quite decent (notable ones this year include Vietnamese Style Lemongrass Skewers, Mini Spring Rolls & Stuffed Capsicums).

My Personal Opinion

This is comfort food that's really easy on the pocket...simple but good for a quickie lunch or dinner fix. 

If you're not cooking, this is a good's everything you'd want in a bowl...rice, protein, vegetables and gravy all-in-one!  Plus, it's also easy to get your kids on board with the type of food served here....which kid doesn't like Fried Rice and Instant Noodles, right?

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant
Ground Floor Jusco Taman Maluri
Jalan Jejaka
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9282 9208


  1. Kim Gary at Midvalley Megamall is always packed with people. I went when they just opened in Sungai Wang and not anymore since I don't like crowded restaurant but many of my friends have their membership cards. Are you a member as well?

  2. There are so many outlets need to queue already. Yeah, this is my 2nd year as a member (truly worth the RM5 I paid).

    1. None near my place. I always just eat around my place all the time unless I had to do errands, then it will be somewhere near the errand place. I always go to Midvalley but the Kim Gary outlet there always have a long queue.

    2. That can only mean one thing...the food must be good (since there are so many choices at a place like Mid Valley).....and cheap too!


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