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O & S Restaurant (Part 2) @ Paramount Garden

As promised, this is the 2nd part of my post on O & S Restaurant @ Paramount Garden (read my earlier post here) as there are just way too many good eats to do it in one post.

So, this time I'm back for some Penang curry mee and assam laksa, the chicken/roast meat rice and popiah.

The (Penang) Curry Mee @ RM5.50 was really good though it's a very simple curry with just shredded chicken, "tau fu pok" (bean curd puffs), "see hum" (cockles) and bean sprouts...only thing missing is the coagulated pig's blood (though I don't miss it that much).  I like to eat this with the "wat kai" (poached chicken) which was really smooth and tender.  The curry broth is aromatic and flavourful and not as watery as some Penang-type curry mee.  

What makes it even better is that it's served with half a kalamansi lime and a good sambal.  A squeeze of lime just lifts up the curry broth, in my opinion.  As good as it was....was it better than my favourite curry from Mei Sin?...not quite, but (then again), this is a Penang-style curry, so you can't quite compare as it's's not as spicy and oily as the KL ones but still very good nonetheless.

The (Penang) Assam Laksa @ RM5.50 from the same stall selling curry laksa was just as good.  It came with generous amounts of shredded "ikan kembong" (Indian mackerel), thinly sliced raw onions, cucumbers, pineapple, "daum kesum" (Vietnamese mint leaves), which I forgot to ask them to omit, and a spoonful of "Har Ko" (a thick shrimp paste). 

The soup had a combination of sour and spicy flavours and when it successfully makes me squint my eyes -_- (in a good way), then you'll know it had just the right balance of sourness and spiciness that is so crucial in an excellent bowl of assam laksa.  The "lai fun" (the noodle you'd normally associate assam laksa with) was smooth and slurpilicious.  This can surely give those assam laksa you'd find in Penang a good 'run for its money' (and certainly not like the crap I ate at Little Penang Kafe)!

I've come here many times but have not ordered the "popiah" (Fresh Spring Roll) until a regular reader of my blog mentioned that this was one of the things she usually orders here and (so) I decided to try.  The Popiah @ RM2 a roll was filled with shredded omelette, bean sprouts, thinly sliced cucumbers, chopped tofu, fried shallots and the 'ever important' key ingredient, cooked down shredded turnip (or sengkuang in Malay), on top a piece of lettuce and a smear of sweet/chilli sauce.

The filling was generous and moist with bits of shallot crisps.  Each mouthful of the plump popiah roll was a mouthful of delight!

The chicken/roast meat rice stall opens a bit later, usually by the time we finished our breakfast.  So, we would normally "tapau" (pack) it for lunch.  Their "char siew" (barbecued pork) and "siew yoke" (roast pork) is just ordinary stuff but the star of the show is their honey roasted chicken leg @ RM7.50/pc...just looking at the beautifully caramelised chicken leg is enough to make you drool!

This is my packed Honey Roasted Chicken Leg Rice @ RM8.50.  Its sweet, sticky, tender and charred chicken leg (drumstick + thigh) was quite delicious. 

Eating here the last time, I 'bumped' into 2 situations that I thought I'd highlight and share.

[#Story 1:  There was this guy (with a bowl of herbal noodles) shouting "Kuan sui, kuan sui" (translated, it means he's holding something hot) behind me as I was walking back to my table after ordering.  I told him "I'm going as fast as I can" but he kept shouting nevertheless.  For those who've been to this coffee shop, you'll know how narrow the walkway is between the tables and it's made worse by people standing around trying to secure seats.  I was pissed by the time I reached my table and related the story to my spouse.  When the guy saw this, he looked at me and shouted "What, what!"  He said I should let him pass first.  I said "Why must I? I'm in front first!" (I would have let him pass first if he had asked nicely though).  Anyway, there was no reason for him to rush as his is one of the 'quietest' stalls there...serve him right!  I love to eat herbal noodles but, after this debacle, I'm never ever going to try his (even if it's any good)...over my dead body!!]

[#Story 2:  The chicken rice seller got my "tapau" order wrong and gave me the normal roast chicken rice.  When I highlighted it to him, he just used his hands and grabbed the roast chicken (with rice sticking to it and all) out (it wasn't a pretty sight) and replaced it with the honey roasted chicken leg.  Is it that difficult to replace with a new packet of rice?  How much profit do you stand to lose over a packet of chicken rice?  These hawkers are so focused on every single cent of profit that they (unknowingly) earn the wrath of their customers.]

My Personal Opinion

Stories aside, practically all the stalls here are pretty good.  You'll be spoilt for choice...just go with what you like to eat.

Likes:  My preference is for the Hakka yong tau foo, chee cheong fun, wantan mee, Penang assam laksa and curry mee.

Dislikes (intensely):  Isn't it obvious!

O & S Restaurant
39 Jalan 20/14
Paramount Garden
46300 Petaling Jaya

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  1. Hah, I guess you won't be buying from the roast chicken stall anymore. Good to see you giving the popiah a try. I always ask for kosong for no sauce at all.


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