Saturday, 20 September 2014

My First 10,000 Hits!

I'm truly jazzed up to have reached another first 10,000 hits yesterday (19 Sept 2014)!

I know the numbers are not anything fantastic but, you know what people say, "the first cut is the deepest", "the first kiss is the sweetest", and so I guess....."the first 10,000 hits is the best and most eagerly awaited"!
I'm sure 10,000 hits don't mean a thing to many well established and popular blogs out there but it's meaningful to me coz I'm continuously amazed that my blog would resonate with people or that anyone would ever want to read my posts.  I totally understand that my blog hits will be a slow process as I'm not 'engaged' on social media to generate traffic to my blog.

As I go from here slowly.......and surely, I hope my blog hits will continue to grow (hopefully at a pace that's a little bit faster than a tortoise) :D  I've had a blast writing up and sharing the posts with my readers.

A special note of thanks to all the restaurants who have featured my blog/shared my link on their Facebook Pages and Websites (which helped drive 'traffic' to my blog).

But, most of all, thank you to all who have visited my blog.....appreciate the support!  Do come back and visit...soon!!


  1. Congrats! Will visit regularly! Keep up the good work. :D

    1. Thanks for visiting...regularly! Will strive to keep up to the standards I've set for myself.


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