Friday, 14 February 2014

Rojak & Cendol Truck @ Pandan Indah

There's this roadside Rojak & Cendol Stall @ Pandan Indah, opposite the mosque and next to the playground in Pandan Indah, that serves a pretty 'mean' "rojak" and "cendol".

This mobile vendor operates from a mini truck to peddle their "rojak" and "cendol" (and the truck makes its appearance around 12 noon).

"Rojak" is usually sold by the Indians and "mamaks" (Tamil Muslim) vendors and is sometimes referred to as "pasembor".  A rojak usually contains fried dough fritters, bean curd, hard boiled eggs, bean sprouts, cucumber, "sengkuang" (turnip) and cuttlefish mixed in a sweet, sour, thick and spicy peanut sauce.

"Cendol" is a popular dessert originating from South-east Asia and its basic ingredients are jelly noodles made from rice flour and green food colouring (probably from the pandan leaf juice), "santan" (coconut milk), shaved ice and "gula Melaka" (palm sugar).  Sometimes, other ingredients such as creamed corn, red beans and glutinous rice might also be added.

On a hot day, this icy cold cendol @ RM1.70 is a real thirst quencher that leaves you wanting more.  The mildly sweet thin coconut milk has to be sweetened with palm sugar where you are in control of how sweet you want it...normal or "kurang manis" (less sweet).

This cendol has creamed corn and red beans included and it's the "kurang manis" version (that's why the colour looks slightly brown only) after mixing in the palm sugar.

But, without a doubt, the rojak @ RM3.50 is what everyone is after when they come here.  Just look at all that crispy goodness....holy moly!!  The fried dough fritters are, of course, the 'main star' with the 'supporting cast' of shredded turnip, bean sprouts, cucumber and hard-boiled egg.

Here's a closer look at the 'main star'....there are 2 types of fritters, though, one which has a much crispier texture while the other (on the upper left corner of pic) is more dense in texture.  I like the crispier one, hands down!

This is the rojak with the vegetables added....which adds some freshness to all the fried stuff.  You can also add "sotong" (cuttlefish) which is optional.

.....and this is what it looks like with the sweet spicy peanut sauce, waiting to be devoured and, at only RM3.50, it's a very cheap lunch indeed.

Besides "rojak biasa" (normal rojak), they also have "rojak sotong" (with added cuttlefish) and "rojak mee" (with added noodles).  You can choose to eat there (just take a stool and sit under the tent) or you can "bungkus" (pack) and eat from the comfort of your home.

My Personal Opinion

This is indeed a good rojak and cendol stall with very affordable prices!  It makes for a quick, cheap and satisfying lunch.

Rojak & Cendol Truck
(Opposite the Pandan Indah mosque or
next to the Pandan Indah Town Park)
Jalan Pandan Mewah
Pandan Indah
Kuala Lumpur

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