Monday, 11 February 2019

Love Mee Soybean Noodle @ Pandan Indah

A few months ago (in last quarter of 2018), I discovered a new place by chance, Love Mee Soybean Noodle @ Pandan Indah while driving through the street enroute to somewhere else.

It's situated in one of the quietest areas in Pandan Indah.  That road is especially deserted at night.  Well, if you do intend to eat here, know that you won't have a problem with parking as there's plenty (I could even find parking right in front of the restaurant).

When I came here the first time, I wasn't sure what they offer as their signboard was not up then but I could see pictures of pork noodles as I walked closer.  The place was empty (except for one occupied table) as we took our seats.

Glancing at the menu, their main specialities include soybean pork noodles, Nanyang curry sets, soybean steamboat and some Hakka dishes like lei cha and yong tau foo.

I thought I'd start with one of their specialities, the Soybean Pork Noodles @ RM6.90 (S) with your choice of noodles.  Actually, when I first ordered this, I wasn't sure if it was the noodles or the broth that was made from soybean.  When it arrived, I realised it was the broth.

You can choose to have your pork noodles with either sliced meat (lean pork slices), minced meat, homemade pork balls, pig's liver or intestines, or a combo of two types of meat or one with a bit of everything like this one.  The porky ingredients tasted fine but the broth was something else.

This was the first time I've had a broth made from soybeans and it tasted very different from the usual meat-based broth.  I found the broth to be on the salty side.

Because I couldn't quite pinpoint the taste as it was something new to my palate, I decided to return to try it again.  This time I went with the dry version with kuey teow but the noodles were too starchy and the sauce the noodles were tossed in wasn't very good either.  The few pork lard crisps that accompanied the noodles were at least fresher this time round as they were rancid previously (which I made known to their staff).

I chose a combo of pig's liver and intestines, also @ RM6.90, for the soup.  This time, I noticed a distinct difference in the colour of the broth.  This one, which I had at dinner time, was a lot more cloudy (and whitish) compared to the previous one which I had at breakfast time.  I wonder if it's the result of continuous boiling from the whole day.

With this second taste test, the soybean-based soup tasted even worse as the broth was more intense...and I was able to confirm without a doubt that same lingering powdery aftertaste in my mouth that I first detected.   This soybean-based broth is certainly an acquired taste (one that I didn't acquire as I don't like this powdery aftertaste in my mouth one bit).

They offer a couple of snacks that you can order to complement your meal like this Deep Fried Preserved Dumpling @ RM7.90.  Not sure why it's called preserved dumpling as it tasted like any other dumpling (maybe there were some preserved vegetables in the filling?).

We also tried a couple of their Hakka yong tau foo (eggplant & yuba skin roll that's similar to bean curd skin) @ RM1.70 a piece (they offer 8 types).  These bites were ordinary in taste.

The drinks of Iced Black Coffee @ RM2.40 and Sour Plum Calamondin @ RM3.90 were rather pathetic too.

My Personal Opinion

I mean I do love to eat stuff made from soybeans like soybean drink, tau fu fah, tofu, beancurd sheets, etc....but no, not a broth made with soybeans.  Sorry, the taste is just too peculiar for me! >_<

Seeing that this soybean-based broth is an acquired taste and that would mean their steamboat would be a no for me too since it uses the same soup base.  And with their location on a deserted street, I just can't see how they can survive unless you're someone who is on a soybean diet or eats it for specific health reasons as, on both my visits, the place was empty with only one other table occupied.  It's a shame really coz if they had stayed as a pork noodles specialist with the usual broth, I think they may be more successful.

They do offer something else besides soybean pork noodles, like their nanyang curry sets (which I'm tempted to try) but after these two visits, I doubt I'll be back.  I'm sorry but I Don't Love You Soybean Noodle! >_<

Love Mee Soybean Noodle
No M3-A-1 Jalan Pandan Indah 4/3A
Pandan Indah
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4288 6131


  1. That would be.. .. miso, kan?

    1. No, it doesn't taste like miso at all. Miso I can take.

  2. I am trying to imagine the taste of this soya bean broth and from your description, it sounds unpleasant. A pity since the porky ingredients look pretty decent. I also love soya bean products except one - soya bean yogurt. Although it was berry flavor, ugh! it tasted really awful. Just one spoon and I threw the rest away. That happened many years ago.

    1. I dislike yogurt...period. And yes, this soybean broth was really unpleasant.

  3. Frm their Chinese name, it's soya milk pork noodles but it didn't really justified from your 1st photo of the noodle coz the soup didn't look so "milky". But the 2nd photo, yes, very milky but the powdery taste that you mentioned, I guess most probably they use some sort of soya bean powder, do you think so? o.O"

    1. I don't know if it's soybean powder they used but the second one that looked the part tasted even more awful than the first. >_<

  4. ooo, i guess this could be marketable as a slightly healthier version of pork noodles, though it sounds like that powdery texture would be a turn-off to many customers. i like the punny name though, it's the kind of corniness that appeals to me, heheh ;D

    1. Yup, their name is gonna open up to a lot of puns...hehe! ;) Well, if a healthy version of pork noodles tastes like that, then I'll have none of it, thank you. :P

  5. I understand that soybean paste, soup and broths are very popular in Taiwan. Recently I had bad experience with using soybean milk in my overnight oats. The gypsum powder in the soybean milk must have fermented inside my stomach's heat that made me feel so uncomfortable like a 12th month pregnant lady. I suffered like hell. Lolol Now I will remember to use real milk again.


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