Friday, 8 February 2019

Eatomo @ Bangsar

Oh no!  It's Chinese New Year already and I've still not posted what we ate over Christmas...kekeke! :D  Well, we were back to Eatomo @ Bangsar again!  That's a clever calculated option to choose Japanese over steakhouses during Christmas season if you want find a table easily without having to book in advance.

Gee, the tree looked rather pathetic with scant decorations and no lights.  We tried a couple of new dishes on this visit which I thought I'd share with you.

First, let's get our usual order out of the way, shall we? ;)  What else but the Wok-Fired Spicy Gyutandon @ RM21.90 of tender sliced beef tongue spiced with fresh cut red and green chillies and those tiny heat missiles of green bird's eye chillies.  This time, though, they seemed to have dial it down just a little with less of the fiery missiles which I preferred (otherwise we'd be busy picking out some of those little suckers).

I remember having the California Poke Bowl (and loving it) during my very first visit to Eatomo.  So, this time I thought I'd give another poke bowl a try, a northern-inspired Pokelantan Bowl @ RM21.90 with yellowfin tuna and butterfish tossed in zesty cili padi and fresh lime marinade topped with crispy salmon skin and kerisik gula melaka.

Unfortunately, I wasn't loving this poke bowl as much.  I felt there was just too much going on in the bowl. Plus there was way too much sauce until it became a bit too overpowering.  There was a creamy green sauce (which I believe is avocado guacamole) and also a spicy mayo sauce.  And what made it worse was that all these were mixed with an overly big bowl of mushy sushi rice that day (I think the chef or his little chefs were having an off day...bungled the cooking of the sushi rice and a bit too heavy-handed with the sauce).

So far, I've tried two (out of four flavours) of their Seafood Pots, Clams in Lemon Butter Garlic and Mixed Seafood in Thai Coconut Chilli, so this is the third, Clams in Spicy Cajun Pan Roast @ RM33.90 in a Louisiana-inspired blend of spicy cajun, garlic, pomodoro (or basic tomato) cream sauce.

The clams, this time round, weren't as fresh as I'd like them to be compared to the previous two times I've had it.  They also seemed a little overcooked to me judging by how the sauce was drying up around the edge of the pan.

The sauce consistency was fairly thick (as a pomodoro sauce should be), brought about by lots of onions, tomatoes, garlic and cream.

It had that slightly tangy tomato-ey flavour to it and was nicely flavoured with cajun seasoning of probably paprika, cayenne, bay leaves and coriander.  It was pleasant enough but not my top choice.  The fourth and final flavour is the Belgian Cream Curry which I don't think I'll be trying as I'm not that interested in (or convinced of) a western-style curry. :P

Sides for this dish are either Calrose Rice, Gourmet Fries or slices of toasted French Bread which we picked as they would be great for soaking up the plentiful sauce.  Now that I've had the chance to try three, my pick is the lemon, butter and garlic sauce by a country mile.

Luckily, the Mentaiko Mozza Fries @ RM16.90 saved the day.  These were their gourmet fries with mozzarella cheese topped with seared spicy mentaiko.

They were highly addictive....and so good! ^o^  I was pleasantly surprised that the taste of smoky, charred, creamy mentaiko was more prevalent than the cheese which is a definite plus for me...hee..hee! ^_~

My Personal Opinion

This was probably my least favourite experience at Eatomo amongst my many good experiences...and since the good outweighs the bad, it'll still remain as our go-to place for Japanese and Japanese fusion food.

It's not that the food I ate this round wasn't good, let's just say they aren't my preferred choices.  As I go through more and more dishes in the menu, I can now eliminate some dishes that don't rock my world...and that would be the pokelantan bowl, uni udon and seafood pots in spicy cajun and Thai coconut chilli sauce...for now! ^_~

Eatomo Food Co
No 21 Jalan Telawi 2
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2202 3280


  1. Ok, Ok, your are reminding me to go to Eatomo hee..hee... Yes, Yes, will make my way there soon because the Wok-Fired Spicy Gyutandon is on my mind. Now there is another thing I want which I believe my brother will love as well which is the Mentaiko Mozza Fries. Now, that Pokelantan Bowl flavor combo is rather weird. Kerisik gula melaka+guacamole+spicy mayo sauce does not sound appetizing at all. Maybe a seasoning ala nasi ulam would work better.

    1. I think you'll enjoy the spicy gyutandon though lately they seem to have dialled down on the spiciness, so don't be shy to tell the server you like it real spicy. I believe both you and your brother will get hooked on the mentaiko fries just like me and Sean. ^o^

  2. the first time i tried those mentaiko fries, i was hooked! such a brilliant combination, and quite well-executed. a mentaiko potato salad would also be great ... as well as mentaiko risotto. i heard that burger king singapore has a mentaiko burger for chinese new year this year, but i guess that probably won't work for a nationwide malaysian promo ...

    1. Why not? The mentaiko burger will have fans in me and you...hihihi! ;) Hmmm, a mentaiko potato salad will be great too :)

  3. Not your fault. CNY just came around too fast this year.

    1. Well, that's another way to look at it...or blame my laziness at writing.

  4. Been to their publika branch a couple times, food was pretty decent I thought, but then again my experience is limited.

    Gong xi fa cai!

    1. I've not been to the Publika branch...but I'm sure all 3 branches will have the same good taste :)

  5. Oh, Mentaiko + cheese, so guilty but who cares!

    1. You're so's a guilty pleasure! ^_~


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