Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My 1st's my 100th post!

Wow...I can't believe I've reached my 100th just 9 months!  Bring out the roses, pop open the's time to celebrate :-D

A hundred posts may seem trivial to the established food bloggers out there but for an amateur blogger (like me), it's a milestone of sorts.

Initially, I was hesitant to start a food blog as I felt my blog would just be a tiny little fish fry in a sea of beautiful fishes (thanks to friends who 'pursued' and 'pushed' me to start one and wouldn't take no for an answer).  My blog (today) still is.....a tiny fish fry....trying (desperately) to grow into a beautiful fish one day :)  My advice to those who intend to start any type of blog....just say you can...and don't let anyone or anything intimidate you and don't bother with how good your blog will be.....just do it if it makes you happy and be proud that you've put in your best effort.
When I first started this blog in Dec 2013, I was (just like any other blogger)...obsessed with blog statistics, fixated with the no. of clicks and views I was getting, worried if my blog would be any good, wonder if people would want to read my humble blog, and so on.  But now, I don't let the stats bother me as much because if you don't use any media social tools (like me) to help create/spread awareness of the existence of your blog, don't expect your stats to grow at an exponential pace.  My friends have been bugging me to start a Facebook Page and, at this 1st milestone, I finally did.  [#Update (1.11.2014): I did try out the Facebook thingy (for less than 2 months) and found it not worth the time and effort (to update it) for the puny likes that I was getting and it has since been unpublished.]
It has truly been an interesting journey getting here, from where I started 9 months ago to where it is now.  For someone who started this as a means of passing time, the journey has both been fulfilling.....and frustrating.  Fulfilling...when I'm happily eating and blogging and sharing the food from these places I visit.  Frustrating...when I've come to realise that food blogging has its limitations having a big (and regular) eating party or a good (and encouraging) support group who shares the same passion.
Frustrations aside, writing has been an uplifting and wonderful experience that has ignited my passion for writing (even though a tad time consuming).  I'm humbled that people (even if it's a few) want to read my amateur little blog with its amateur photographs and writing.
A word of thanks to those who visited my blog (even if it was by accident), those who visit but do not leave comments, those who continue to visit regularly and those who included me into their blogroll.....thanks so much for your support!  Just wished that more of the silent readers would leave comments coz I do enjoy 'engaging' in 'conversations' with my readers.  At the end of the day, I may not know who stopped by (exactly) but I appreciate all those who did.

As much as I would like to say "See you at my 200th post", I can't because I'm not sure if I'll get there or have the inspiration and encouragement I need to get there....but I really do hope I can get there!  So, wish me luck ;)

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