Tuesday, 2 August 2016

When I was a kid 4.....

When I was a kid 4, the latest in the "When I was a kid" series of graphic novels by Cheeming Boey hit the stores in July 2016.  

His fourth book in the series took longer to publish this time, about 1 1/2 years compared to the one year gap of his previous two books.  I won't write at length about this Malaysian author and his books, you can read my previous blog post if you wish to find out more.

I got my copy of his latest book about a week later (from MPH store @ RM36.90, a negligible increase of RM2 from his previous books) to join the growing big happy family....hehe! :D

Unlike the other three books, I didn't attend his book signing event this time...a combination of "not free" and "too shy".  The first was due to the fact that his book signing was held in significantly less places (only two bookstores) compared to last year's 'Very Danger Tour' (maybe, due to his growing popularity, he has to make more stops in other cities besides KL).  The second was I noticed that his fans were getting younger and younger! >.<  These young kids, tweens and teens are such loyal and dedicated fans that they would even go to great lengths to get him gifts and snacks (some even baked cupcakes and cookies for him).  I feel I've passed the age of waiting in line and getting all googly over him like all his young, sometimes screaming, fans...wakakakaka! XD  So, no signed copy for me this time.

Like Boey's the book of everything...except kissing (coz that's gross...but that's only because he was a kid then!).

Overall, the book is still a light and entertaining read and some of my favourite 'chapters' from his fourth book were these.....of course I had to highlight my special fondness of those chapters pertaining to food! :D

hot pot - you draw the cutest prawn

macaroni - you'll make a cute macaroni (and I can see myself eating that macaroni shape) ;D

otak - I love the 'zero dishes to do' concept too but I'm not so sure about it going well with nasi lemak though

oysters - yeah, kids usually don't know how to enjoy the good stuff though I've not come across oysters in a can nor put them into my soup other than dried oysters (ho si) ^_*

serving spoons - yup, my family does that too now at the dinner table

But there were other 'non-food' chapters that I enjoyed these ones......

double confirm - yay, just like what we see assassins do in movies
dad nose best - I see mothers doing this all the time...even now
common sense - I chose B too (great minds think alike, eh?)...until I read it again
ghost itch - I think it was just an excuse to touch yourself
idea diarrhea - yea, shit happens ^.^

...and some stories that pulled at my heartstrings.....

jiu jiu loves mui mui
like the grim reaper - let's just hope when our time comes, we won't need that chair
onions - awww T_T
braised duck :'(
spirit animal - now I know what that golden turtle is for and what it means to you

Like in all of Boey's previous three books, some of the stories he tells are the same stories of our childhood...and it's great to relive those memories again.

Finally, knowing Boey's mom (at least from what he writes about her), I'm surprised she didn't ask him to name his fourth book.....When I was a kid 3A!  Kekeke!! :D

In my previous blog post about his books, I ended by 'guessing' that the cover of his fourth book would be Grandma....and I was right, ta-da! ;)  I think I deserve a prize for 'guessing' correctly (Senpai, if you're reading this) ^_*

Now, what'll be the cover of his fifth book....hmmm...featuring another member of his family would be too obvious a choice + it'll be boring? >.<  He could feature his dog, River, but that wasn't the dog when he was a kid! :P  How about a pic of his house in JB growing up with all the bird cages? ;)

You've got a 'winning' formula, so keep doing what you're doing....I'm still a fan...but I'll just be a fan watching you from afar (wait, that sounded a bit creepy)...let me rephrase that....I'll just be a fan from a distance! ^o^


  1. He must be very happy after reading your this post. Perhaps he took your idea of drawing his grandma for his book 4 cover and will take your idea for his book 5 cover.

    1. I'm sure he already had his Grandma in mind for the fourth book ;)

  2. I loved all his 3 books and I am going to get this 4th one too!

    1. Go get it....once a fan, always a fan, huh? ^.^

  3. I suspect his mom did ask him to name the book When I Was a Kid 3A, but he probably told her she's crazy and ignored it.

    Like you, I will just be his silent fan from a distance. I cannot imagine myself standing in queue with all those young squealing fanboys and fangirls, all 6 ft 3 of me >.< ...

    1. Wah RG I didn't know that you are so tall. 6 ft 3? Wow!

    2. Yup, we're too old for that....we'll just enjoy his books 'silently' in the comfort of our homes...hehe! :D

  4. Thanks for the look inside. It's fun to get to know some Malaysian authors.

  5. pretty cool content - relatable and well thought-out! hmmmm, but it sounds like i wouldn't quite fit into his main fan club either! maybe we can form a separate, spin-off fan club ;)

    1. Spin-off fan club? For the oldies? Kekeke! :D

  6. I read a bit those books when I was in MPH the other day and I found them quite interesting but I didn't buy it though


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