Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Cookie Lost Again!

Those who have been following my blog and the stories of Cookie will know that he was once badly injured in a fight with another male cat (read story here).

Well, guess what?  He was involved in another fight...and lost again.....not once....but twice (don't know who were the culprits)! >:(

The first injury was more was his hind legs and it was bleeding (this was taken 2 days after the injury, so it wasn't as bad).

It was as if a chunk of his flesh was missing...

.....all I could see was his claw sticking out! >.<

Not only did he return injured, he returned totally filthy.  I suspect he fell into the drain while taking flight (aka running away).  I had no choice but to hose him down with water.

Later, all he wanted to do was to be left alone in a corner just like any injured animal licking his wounds (he did that for a few days).  He would crawl into a makeshift bed we made for him and sleep most of the day.

This was taken 4 days later and the injury has healed somewhat but you can still see the claw sticking out.

As he was healing from his first injury, this happened...he came back with another injury! O_o

You can clearly see the puncture wound made by a cat's claw.

Well, it's been 2 weeks already...and he's obviously feeling a lot better how comfortably he's sleeping.

Couldn't resist taking this pic (while he was asleep)! :D
Cookie:  Stop taking these embarrassing photos of me and showing my 'small' manhood to the world, will ya!! >_<

His first injury is healing nicely.

And his second injury is finally healing too.

I don't know why he gets into these's probably just because he's male and other male cats would see him as a threat....for territory or for females!
Well, he doesn't need territory...he's already the 'king of our house' :D
And he doesn't need females...he's got his 'manhood' snipped already ;D

Gosh, sometimes I think it may even be a female who clawed him...having mistaken his advances as wanting to mate when he's just being friendly and wants to play.

I now try to limit his time outside (and he's not happy).  Either that or he'll cross paths with more unneutered males since he's pretty useless at fighting...he's got no 'kungfu', I tell you :P

But then, my Cookie is a lover.....not a fighter! ^_*


  1. Oh no! Poor Cookie! I think the other male cat was jealous because Cookie is so handsome :D Or a female cat got annoyed because Cookie wasn't responding to her advances. LOL! Anyway, glad he is recovering. I love the pics of him sleeping so soundly. And naughty you had to take a snap of his privates hah..hah...

    1. Cookie: Handsome? Thanks! *blush blush* Hmm, come to think of it, I am better looking than the other male cats in my area...haha! :D

  2. LOL cute cat! hope he's all healed now!

  3. awww, cookie looks so calm ... it's hard to imagine this cuddly creature being in a fearsome fight. but i guess he can't help it, it's in his nature. just like aggression is also part of human nature, when we look at our history of wars and violence ...

    1. Big cats, small cats, they're still, it's their natural instinct to defend their territory, I guess.

  4. Oh dear! Poor Cookie but good to hear that he is healing well.

  5. The great lengths he been through just to get some coverage in the blog. Poor thing... Or maybe the other male cats jealous that he gets special blog coverage in the interweb. XD

    1. Haha...I did give another cat (more like kitten) coverage on this blog before! :D

  6. Oh I'm sorry about poor Cookie. Hope he mends soon and learns some lessons too!

    1. He's all good now....till his next fight! ;D


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