Monday, 15 August 2016

Revisit: BBQ Soon Hing @ SS2 PJ

In my previous post on BBQ Soon Hing @ SS2 PJ, I did say that I'll be coming back to try their curry mee and more dim sum items, so I've been back twice since my initial visit.

BBQ Soon Hing offers roasted meats that you can eat with rice or wantan mee and various noodle dishes but also has a small selection of dim sum on their menu (which they have expanded with a few new additions).

Actually, it was here that I found one of my favourite "lor mai kai" during my previous visit and vowed to return to have it again just to be sure that it's as good as I first thought.  So (of course) it was one of the first things I ordered again.  The Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken @ RM4.80 was still as good! :D  The glutinous rice is steamed till absolutely soft and I got a faint taste of the Chinese rice wine yet again...lovely!

A repeat order of the Fried Shrimp Roll ("Ha Kuin") @ RM5.80 that wasn't a "just prawns" filling but a mixture of minced prawns and pork.

We also tried the Steamed Pork Dumpling ("Siu Mai") @ RM4.80 that I won't be ordering again as these were dense in texture.

On our latest visit, they showed us 3 new dim sum items and we ordered two of them.  The first was a decent Stuffed Brinjal @ RM5.30 laced generously with a fermented black bean sauce.

The second was the Crispy Yam Dumpling @ RM4.50 and, looking at the frizzy exterior, they obviously nailed the crust.  The minced pork filling was also commendable though the yam paste could be a little smoother. Overall, still a good yam puff that we'd order again.

I packed a serving of "Char Siew Pau" (Steamed BBQ Pork Bun) @ RM4.20 for consumption later.  The char siew filling was alright, the pau not as fluffy but still a creditable pau.

But I was here for the Curry Noodles (with Roast Pork) @ RM7.40 which you can also have with your preferred choice of meat (poached chicken or char siew).  It came with its usual condiments of "fu chuk" (bean curd sheets), "tau fu pok" (bean curd puffs), long beans and beansprouts but one important ingredient was obviously missing...."see hum" (blood cockles)!

My mother-in-law 'contributed' some poached chicken from her noodles to me and, I must say, it was better paired with poached chicken than roast pork.  As for the curry, I found the curry too thin and the spice level too mild for my palate.  It was still mild after I added all the 'not too fantastic' sambal in.  It was just a passable curry me for me but great for those who like it less/almost non-existent spicy.

My mother-in-law had Ipoh "Sar Hor Fun" @ RM6.40 with its signature ultra-thin flat rice noodles, prawns, chives, bean sprouts and poached chicken pieces (instead of the usual chicken shreds).  I enjoyed the poached chicken she 'contributed' to my curry.  But judging from the fact that she finished her noodles and most of the soup, I guess it had to be decent.

So, I wanted to try the noodles (and I did) on another occasion.  The chicken was certainly smooth and tender but the soup didn't quite cut it for me...too murky and missing that key layer (and taste) of (orange) prawn oil! ;P

The Curry Chicken Wantan Mee @ RM6.90 was my husband's choice.  Since I was having curry myself, I also didn't taste his curry but, from the looks of it, the curry had a nice colour and seemed thick, so it shouldn't be too bad.

My niece went with a simple Minced Pork Mee @ RM6.40 which she seemed to enjoy.  I had a taste of the minced pork, cooked with garlic, and found it to be nicely flavoured.  And if you like lard, the sauce for their wantan mee here is flavoured with lard oil + (if you're lucky) you can find some crispy lard bits in your noodles too.

My son liked his wantan mee with roast pork on a previous trip, so he opted to have Roast Pork Rice @ RM6.40 this time round.

The Roast Sausage Rice @ RM6.40 was another dish we tried on one of our visits.  The roast sausage is similar to those you'd get with your "sam kan chong" (pork ball) noodles.  This one looked the part but didn't quite hit the mark as I've had better tasting roasted sausages from some sam kan chong noodle stalls.

My Personal Opinion

Most ofthe items here are decent in taste.  For barbequed meats, I'd probably go with the roast duck and pork with wantan mee over rice.

For a non-full fledged dim sum restaurant, I'd say their small selection of dim sum is respectable.  It's here that I found a very good and one of my favourite lor mai kai which I'm sure I'll have again (repeatedly) in future.

If you're in the area looking for a a quick and affordably priced meal of rice or wantan mee, with a side dish of dim sum, this is a place you can certainly consider.

Restoran BBQ Soon Hing
18 Jalan SS2/24
47300 Petaling Jaya


  1. I was almost fooled by your picture of the curry mee. But the roasted pork should be decent right? It looks absolutely perfect, if only just the looks.

    1. The roasted pork rice was decent, just that the pieces I got in the curry were a bit on the fatty side. Curry mee usually looks good until you taste the broth...haha! ;d

  2. Good to know that the lor ma kai is still as good. The roast sausage is so dark. Is it made from internal organ meat?

    1. Yeah, it's made with a mixture of liver....rather similar to those Chinese preserved sausages we call "yun cheong".

  3. The Loh Mai Gai looks like something I'll love, moist and soft~

    1. For me, I like my lor mai kai really soft...and the one here is among my top favourites =)

  4. Ah, I did say I wanted to try the lor mai kai here though you said last time it is a bit oily for me. Hopefully I get to try it soon.

  5. i'm amazed they didn't have stuffed eggplant and yam puffs before this ... cos those are two of my faves! :D but i still haven't tried bbq soon wing (the food looks generally yummy enough for me!), and i'd be surprised to learn it does serve dim sum - i'd have guessed just roast pork, roast duck, roast chicken, based on the name ;)

    1. Yeah, their main focus is roasted their selection of dim sum is pretty limited but they seem to be adding on a few more options lately ;)

  6. Oh the glutinous rice... I know it's not so healthy but I'm a sucker for it every time I see it on a menu.

    1. Yes, I'm aware that you have a weakness for mango sticky rice :)

  7. I live nearby there. So I will head there this weekend!!


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