Wednesday, 31 August 2016

#ewew cooks Stir-Fry Bean Sprouts with Salted Eggs

I'm sure most of us would have eaten this common dish of fried "taugeh" (bean sprouts) with salted fish when dining out or made a simple stir-fry bean sprouts dish at home.

I came across this dish while watching an old episode of Discover Perak (with host Xandria Ooi and chef Julie Song) some time back when chef Julie cooked up this dish (at the end of one of the episodes) in her (now defunct) Missing Marbles kitchen! *sobsss*

The dish I'm talking about is my take on her Stir-Fry Bean Sprouts with Salted Eggs which I realised was pretty easy to whip up at home with just four ingredients.


300g bean sprouts
2 salted duck eggs (separate the egg yolks from the whites)
6 strips of store-bought pre-fried tofu
4 stalks of chives
Black pepper & sesame oil


Cut the pre-fried tofu into two lengthwise and the chives into 2-inch strips.  Roughly chop the salted egg yolk into smaller pieces and whisk the egg whites after they've been seasoned with black pepper and a few drops of sesame oil.


First, pan-fry your cut pieces of tofu in a little oil just to get a bit of colour on them.  As these are already pre-cooked and fried, it won't take long.

Next, lightly fry the chopped salted egg pieces for just a few seconds.  Break them up into smaller chunks with your spatula if the pieces are too large.  Dish up onto a plate.

Now make sure you have all your ingredients ready next to you near at the stove as the dish takes literally seconds to cook.  Brown some garlic in a little oil and throw in the bean sprouts, tofu and salted egg yolks (but reserve some for sprinkling on top later).  Stir-fry for just a couple of seconds.

Then add in the chives and the seasoned egg whites.  You have to be quick as you won't want to overcook the bean sprouts (they should stay crunchy).  Toss for a couple more seconds and as soon as the egg whites turn opaque, dish up immediately.  No need to season with salt as the salted egg whites will bring saltiness to the dish.

Sprinkle with the balance cooked egg yolks which was reserved earlier.

And there you have it...a fast, simple and delicious Stir-Fry Bean Sprouts with Salted Eggs that's great as one of the dishes to go with rice.

Or it can also be eaten as a meal on its some kind of 'Chinese-style cooked' salad....haha! :D

A pretty healthy 'cooked' salad, I might add :)

Chef Julie used bean curd puffs which I substituted with fried tofu as I felt tofu would give the dish a bit more substance.

She also added sliced onions and fresh red chillies which I chose to omit but you can certainly add those (if you like), especially the red chillies, which will add a bit of heat and make the dish more appealing visually.

The next time you're thinking of a vegetable dish for your dinner table, you may want to give this one a try...better still if you can get your hands on those fat, juicy and crunchy Ipoh taugeh! ^_*

Serves 3 - 4 (as one of the dishes in a Chinese meal with rice) or 2 small-eaters (as a main meal of 'cooked' salad)


  1. Oh that looks good! I have had bittergourd with salted eggs but not taugeh. Yes, yes, I want to try this! I love those salted egg yolks :)

    1. Oh, bitter gourd with salted eggs is good too. Salted egg yolks in anything is always great...hehe! ;D

  2. It looks very colourful and delicious! :)

  3. ooo, an interesting way to jazz up taugeh ... to be honest, bean sprouts are not my favourite ... i'll tolerate them in char kuey teow, but i'm happy to usually skip them in other dishes like chicken rice, etc. i'm curious about the taugeh + salted egg combination ... though i think i'd love bayam + salted egg more! :D

    1. Bayam + salted egg....must add century eggs too...hehe! :D I actually dislike bean sprouts in soup noodles or curry laksa but stir-fried and blanched...I like :) You don't like them? Not even those extra fat, crunchy taugeh from Ipoh?

  4. Actually... I have eaten taugeh with salted egg, but I don't think I have taugeh with salted fish. I think salted egg would go better with taugeh, like how you do it.

    Anyway taugeh is not my most favorite veggie. I mean, I eat it, but don't particularly like it. Neither does my mom. My mom said taugeh is the most useless veggie in the world, with absolutely no nutritious value in them. Not sure how true is that.

    1. Funny that you've eaten taugeh with salted eggs as, more often than not, it's usually only taugeh with salted fish at "tai chow" places.

      The older generation actually thinks veggies that are not green are not veggies. When they say eat veggies (literarily translated as "cheng choy"), they only mean veggies that are green! >.<

  5. The bean sprouts always tend to have this "raw taste", even after cooked. Do you have any tips how to get rid of that?

    1. It's that "raw taste" that we want....that means the bean sprouts are crunchy and not overcooked! You get rid of that raw taste by simply overcooking your bean sprouts until they're limp (haha!) but I can't vouch if they'll be any good after that! :D

  6. I love beansprouts and you're photo lifting up a forkful of your recipe makes me want to take the whole bite.

    1. I'm glad the photo tempted you to want to take a bite :)


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