Monday, 2 November 2015

Rendezvous Steak Garden @ Kampung Pandan

Rendezvous Steak Garden @ Kampung Pandan offers western and local favourites at very affordable prices.  I've been here once but that was many, many years ago and was quite surprised to find the restaurant almost full for dinner one evening (incidentally, they only open for dinner).
The place is basically an open-air restaurant, with some parts having a roofed top, so you can choose to sit in the totally open area or the more sheltered area. 
There are lots of greenery (maybe mosquitoes too) in a garden-like atmosphere and a fountain in the centre of the garden.  You don't have to worry about parking here as there's ample parking in the compound (and it's free, of course).
Keep your expectations low and remember two keywords, very affordable...and localised western food....and you'll do just fine.
So, with that in mind, let's begin with a very common starter of Shrimp Cocktail @ RM9.80 which are basically boiled shrimps coated in cocktail sauce served on top of some lettuce and a wedge of lemon.
The shrimps were way too crunchy for my liking.  [#Tip: Some say marinating the shelled  prawns with baking soda (and then rinse with running water thoroughly) will give them that extra crunchy texture.]  Worse still, there wasn't any sweetness in the prawns (I suspect they're of the frozen kind).  If not for the squeeze of lemon and cocktail sauce, it would have been mighty bland.
Our next starter was the Escargots (1/2 dozen) @ RM15.80, a French delicacy of edible snails, baked in a buttery and garlicky sauce.  It's one of their most popular starters here.
I was pleased that the escargots were quite big in size but wished that the sauce was more garlicky.  At this reasonable price, there's no cause for complaint.  In fact, this turned out to be my favourite for the night.
Another starter for sharing we ordered was the Cross Cut Fries @ RM8.80.  This, at least, tasted like they were freshly made.
For mains, we went with the Beef Mixed Grill @ RM32.80.  I was asked (by a Chinese elderly man, who took our orders, not sure if he's the boss) how I wanted my beef done....medium well or well done?  Remember me saying that this is a localised western joint?  Since he asked, I said medium rare....not that it would make any difference as I found out later.
The mixed grill platter came in generous portions indeed, enough to feed two if you're not a big eater.  I found two pieces of steak, a chicken chop and two grilled prawns with sides of French fries, corn on the cob and vegetables.  Looking at how thin the steaks were, I realised it would be impossible to get the doneness right...and I was right, one piece was medium well and the other was well done!  I guess that's the only doneness they know...the piece that was well done (the one in the middle) even had two slits in the meat (as if they were trying to see how done the meat was during cooking). 
The piece of chicken chop was the best thing on the plate...well seared, tender and respectable with the black pepper sauce.  The grilled prawns were alright, at least they weren't of the frozen kind.  The corn on the cob was fresh but the fries and cubed vegetables were frozen ones (though they added a few cuts of fresh boiled carrots).
Also, if you're expecting flavour in your steaks, you'll be sadly disappointed, coz there'll be just can't expect it with a price like that.  But, not all is lost, as the black pepper sauce (the highly recommended sauce here) was pretty decent to provide you with at least some flavour. 
The other main was this Fish & Chips @ RM14.80 which was breaded (frozen) dory fish served with (frozen) fries and (frozen) vegetables tossed in some mayo.  Looking at the price, what can you expect if not frozen, right? >.<
The drinks of Thai Coconut @ RM7.80 was rather reasonable seeing that the coconut was bigger than the norm but the Soursop Juice @ RM8.80 was expensive, in my opinion.
My Personal Opinion
The fact that the restaurant (it's quite a large place) was doing a roaring business is testimony that there is a market for cheap western fare.  But for those of us who have eaten (and are used to eating) a better cut of steak (which, goes without saying, will be more expensive, of course), it'd be difficult to embrace the steaks here with 'open arms'.
That said, sticking to their grilled chicken (with black pepper sauce) would be a wiser option...and the 'value for money' escargots aren't too bad either.
It's a place one can 'rendezvous' for cheap western food....and, if you keep your expectations low, you can still have a decent meal.  Think price.....not flavour here! :p

Rendezvous Steak Garden
14 Jalan Kampung Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 014-602 6051


  1. Open air and some greenery already ticks a number of boxes for me. And... with this new found blue skies, it's about time we did some dining outdoors again.

    1. You can say that again.....yay to clear skies!

  2. Incidentally, I also had a mixed grill yesterday at Windmill. I was also asked how I wanted the steak done and after getting my platter, I realized that there is no point in asking because the meat was thin and there is no way they could get it done medium rare :(

    1. I'm surprised that Windmill can't get their steak doneness right coz they're in (more or less) the same category as The Ship and should get it right....but,then again, when the steak is thin, it's very difficult.

  3. At least they "tried" to ask you how you like your steak. The times I went there, they never asked. Good thing I don't eat beef in Malaysia hahaha!

    If you ask me, I think this shows that many Malaysians don't really know or care about the quality/freshness/origin of the food. A decent piece of meat with black pepper sauce will do the trick. Top that up with nice environment and free parking and you've got a winner.

    And you set the right expectations. This is a cheap, and localized western food joint. So we should set the correct expectations. If I see many blogs saying this place serves food that beat authentic steakhouse steaks, I will bash them like what I did with that S***i M****i post...

    I have been their customer way back, before they even moved to Kg Pandan. They used to operate out of a roadside shack side by side with Cowboy Delight in Cheras before that row of shacks were demolished and they both moved.

    1. Oh, you've been a longer customer than I have.

      It's not that many Malaysians don't care about the quality/freshness/origin of the steaks, it's more of the affordability factor, in my opinion. So, there's still a big market for cheap steaks.....just hide them with some good sauces! :D

      Aiyah, don't bash them lah! It's not their fault as some may not be as fortunate or have the budget to have tasted and eaten good steaks, so these steaks will be authentic to them.

  4. I think I have seen this place before when I was on a bus. Well, you will never find me here as I don't eat full meals for dinner. Did you eat at this place just to see how the food is like now knowing that they serve localised Western fare?

    1. I already knew how the food would be (going in) but wanted to put a cheap western fare option in my blog coz not everyone have the budget to eat expensive steaks. Even I would look for some cheaper options sometimes as we all have a household budget to keep to :(

  5. I went to this place with hubby when we were still dating N years ago and we went back with our daughter a few months back and nothing much changes, still stand strong with good business :P

    1. Ah, I see you've brought the next generation of customers to this place....and that's how they remained strong throughout the years.

  6. i see the classic steakhouse staples here ... from the shrimp cocktail to the escargots ... it definitely feels like a menu that has firmly stayed the same for decades. i wonder how old the restaurant is :)

    1. Not only has the menu stayed the same for has the place! ;D


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