Monday, 16 November 2015

La Bodega @ Pavilion

Whenever I drop by this mall for a little bit of shopping (on my own), I like to stop by La Bodega @ Pavilion for a late breakfast.  You can choose to dine inside but I prefer the al fresco seating.
La Bodega is a casual Spanish restaurant known for its delicious tapas, great cocktails and superb wines but it's also a place that serves hearty breakfasts and value-for-money lunch sets.  Their set lunch @ RM38 is a real bargain as it comes with a side, dessert, juice and coffee (all inclusive) and the menu changes every week.
The English Breakfast @ RM20 came with two farm fresh eggs (sunny side up, scrambled or omelette) and a slice of toast with a choice of any two of the following: beef bacon, smoked turkey ham, breakfast chicken sausage, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomato, baked beans or hash brown.  I chose smoked turkey ham and sautéed mushrooms with my eggs done omelette style. 
At first glance, it didn't seem all that cheap considering that there were only three items on the plate but, when the dish arrived, the portions were quite huge.  There were three slices of smoked turkey ham with a thick omelette and a generous amount of well sautéed mushrooms.  The turkey ham was slightly chewy but had a good flavour albeit a tad oily (which I told the gentleman serving me when he came by to check if everything was fine).
I was pleasantly surprised when the wait staff asked how I wanted my omelette done as I'd usually associate that question when it comes to how I want my meat done...but not eggs!  But, since they were nice enough to ask and I do hate my omelette runny....well done, it is!  The omelette was thick but still soft and fluffy, just the way I like it!
These were served with the creamiest French butter (Lescure, no less) and Australian preserves of strawberry and apricot jam.
The slice of toast was super crunchy and I enjoyed its simplicity with a spread of good butter and strawberry preserve (yes), apricot (no!). 
Now, the value deal here is that you can add on a juice and coffee for only great is that...but only if you're ordering Bodega's Big Breakfast (RM28), the Spanish Breakfast (RM30) and this English Breakfast (RM20).
I requested for Orange Juice and it was indeed freshly squeezed with all the refreshing orange flavour coming through in the juice.
For coffee, I asked for was an acceptable cup of illy coffee.  Again, the service was faultless as the server asked if I wanted my coffee now or later.  This little bit of 'extra' service was appreciated as it enabled me to enjoy my coffee later....while it's still hot! :)

On another occasion, I had the Spanish Breakfast @ RM30 that featured two farm fresh eggs, sautéed mushrooms, potato confit, grilled asparagus and turkey chorizo with a choice of chicken sausage or beef bacon.

This breakfast platter came with four slices of turkey chorizo and they were fragrant and punchy in flavour.  But what I enjoyed the most was the chicken sausage that tasted truly fresh, made in house (of course), savoury (but may be a tad salty for some taste buds) and really delicious...nothing like those processed sausages.

The sautéed mushrooms, potato confit and grilled asparagus were all nicely done as well.  I liked that the asparagus were thick and juicy.

Again, I appreciated the fact that I was asked how I would like my scrambled eggs done...runny or well done.  I certainly wouldn't like my scrambled eggs with a runny consistency, neither do I like them too overcooked, so I said I prefer it somewhere in the middle and it was executed to exactly how I wanted it...gracias! ;)

I got the same fruit preserves (of strawberry and apricot) but the butter was Elle & Vire this time round....still French, still as creamy...merci! ;-)

This time, I was served with a piece of multigrain loaf which was even better.  This slice of toast was absolutely crunchy and glorious.  As unlikely as it sounds, I'd be quite happy with just this for breakfast actually!

Once again, I added on a freshly squeezed juice and coffee for RM12 which is a steal (as ordering just the juice alone will cost RM17 already).

Watermelon Juice
Flat White
My Personal Opinion

For me, having this late breakfast was equivalent to having lunch because of the portion sizes coz both times, after having this, I was fully satiated and didn't need any lunch after that.

The servers here will always ask you how you want your eggs done and if you'd like your coffee served first or later.  They also never fail to ask you how you find the food and if everything's fine...and it's this little bit of attentive service that endears me (and their customers) to them.  Will definitely return for their value set lunches when I'm in the area.

If you need a hearty breakfast before starting on your shopping spree (they serve breakfasts from 8am), this place is a good option.  Though their breakfast platters are more pricey, they do come in very generous portions (which can be shared by two).  Don't miss the chicken sausages...they're totally delish!
La Bodega
Lot C3.06.00 Level 3
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2148 8018


  1. What's wrong with apricot jam? Or is it that particular brand that makes you say no? I have always liked apricot jam :/ ...

    Sigh... this is another place that I have seen and drooled over countless times in other people's blogs but have not made my way there... :(

    1. There was once I bought Heinz mini jams that come in a packet of 12 with 3 flavours....strawberry, apricot and marmalade....and I just didn't like the taste of the latter two and ended up just eating the strawberry ones and discarded the rest. Worst still, now I can't buy them (even though I really like the strawberry ones) coz they always come in a pack of 3 flavours.

  2. I want the Spanish Breakfast! I'll be sure to check this out if I happen to be in that area.

    1. Good choice......the best thing on that platter is the house-made savoury chicken sausages...yum! :)

  3. i've never had the breakfast platters at la bodega before ... honestly i didn't even realise they had brekkie platters. the price looks quite reasonable for pavilion ... and any place that offers french butter works for me ... i wonder if i could ask for a second helping of butter, complimentary, heh :D

    1. If you happen to be in the area really early, this is one place you can stop by for breakfast (I think they serve it from 8-11am). I'm sure they'd be more than happy to provide you with more butter coz their service is top-notch! ;)

  4. The food looks good. I have been to La Bodega at Pavilion with my friends in the evening but only for drinks.I will definitely need to share the food since the portion is large.

    1. Yes, for you, you'd definitely have to share. Oh, I didn't know you drink :)

    2. I don't. My friends do and I am only there to chit chat with them as I have not seen them for over 20 years.

  5. Oldie but a goodie! I like the breakfast here too.. plus their wine/champagne events! Delish!!

    1. Oldie but can say that again....but I've not been here for dinner though.

  6. This place sure has stood the test of time. There have been a few new chefs in the group recently. Some Spaniards and an Aussie. Things must be good ;-)

    1. Oh, there have been a change of chefs? Well, as long as they still churn out good food, that's all that matters! ;)

  7. I like how they justify the price that diners paid by offering the good ingredients for the food.


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