Monday, 19 May 2014

Oiso @ Cheras Leisure Mall

I was in Cheras Leisure Mall to look for a previous issue of a magazine that I read on a monthly basis.  After successfully getting the back-dated issue, I decided to have our dinner there before heading home.

Our dinner place ended up to be Oiso @ Cheras Leisure Mall, a restaurant serving Korean set meals.

I chose the Saba BBQ Fish Set @ RM18.90 which was grilled Saba (mackerel) served with rice and some Korean condiments like soup, kimchi, fried anchovies and sautéed spinach.  The condiments were rather disappointing as the soup was not hot, the kimchi I don't like, the anchovies were not even crispy and the sautéed spinach was just too little.

Although the accompaniments were a letdown, I was more than happy with the portion size of the saba as it was a pretty big piece and the fish was nicely grilled.  To get a piece of saba that size for just RM18.90 was indeed value-for-money.
Our other order was the Chicken BBQ Set also @ RM18.90 which was made up of grilled chicken meat marinated in gochujang (Korean red chilli paste) sauce.  

Do not be fooled by the description of grilled chicken and expecting it to be dry as it's not.  It comes in a reddish sauce which tastes somewhat similar to eating bibimbap.  I did not like this as I don't fancy bibimbap.  It came with the same unfulfilling accompaniments.

I ordered the Iced Korean No. 1 Coffee @ RM3.90 which looked more like tea and didn't taste like coffee.  I have not drank Korean coffee before so I don't know how it should taste like but it tasted diluted without a strong coffee taste.  But, then again, can't expect too much from a glass of coffee that costs so little.

The other drink we ordered was the Grape Juice @ RM6.90 which tasted just like any bottled grape juice we can buy off the shelves.

My Personal Opinion

If you're looking for a very affordable Korean set meal, then you can give this a go.  But, just know that the food here is only passable.  The plus point here is the cheap price and not so much the can even get a beef bulgogi set for RM19.90!

The grilled saba is definitely worth the price for such a sizeable portion.

If you're on a budget, this Korean set meal makes a complete meal for under RM20 and it's a bargain if you don't set your expectations too high!

Lot 57A Level 2
Cheras Leisure Mall
56000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9134 5029


  1. hahaha, I see you don't like the food there. Yes, now they added fresh fruits to the lunch set and increased the price by RM1. I should have ordered the saba fish set like you did but then I thought eating saba would be like eating at Japanese restaurants so I chose the beef bulgogi.

    1. I ordered the saba fish set as I'm not particularly fond of braised meat in a pool of Korean-type sauce.


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