Tuesday, 3 December 2019

It's time to call it a day.....

Today marks the sixth year anniversary of my blog.....and with that I've reached my journey's end.  Since announcing in a blog post about a year ago the start of the final leg of my blogging journey, it has taken a year to get to this point but I'm finally here.

The blog has slowed down considerably since the start of the year (from a high of four posts previously to a low of one post a week currently) as I had already decided earlier in the year to bring it to a close by year's end.  Some things have changed and I've been eating more at home, not eating out as much and going to the same places when I do, so it makes sense that it's the right time to stop.  I'm not sure if it'll be a complete stop but I do know it's the end of regular blogging.

But before I bid adieu..........

To the passionate and committed bloggers I've come to 'know' and respect, many thanks for your kind words and notes of encouragement on many of my blog posts.  You've given me more pats on my back than friends and family ever did (most of whom don't even follow my blog).  I'm privileged to have learned from my fellow bloggers and share my thoughts on food with you.  So, keep writing (you're doing a splendid job) and I'll keep reading (even if you don't see me commenting as often).

To my loyal readers, I'm grateful for your support and for following my blog all these years.  I am indeed humbled you found my posts worthy of your time.

Saying goodbye to a blog I've nurtured for the past 6 years is harder than I thought...but, hey, life goes on.....I relish the freedom of eating what I want to eat (and not what I want to blog about) at the same old same old places.  I relish the freedom of not having to take food photos or stop people from eating first (which sometimes makes me feel I'm intruding on their meal).  And I relish the freedom of not having a writing schedule to keep up with. ^o^

But before I call it quits, there are still a couple of round-up posts in my draft folder that I'll want to finish off (you can't get rid of me just yet...hehe!).  In between those, I'll be enjoying my coffee...and my retirement....hopefully (either that or I could be bored out of my wits with no project to keep me sane occupied).

I wonder if I can stay away from blogging altogether.  If I can't...and that blogging itch comes back, you may see some random (summary-kind-of) posts from me one day yet.

But for now, I feel jaded and tired...and need to disappear to recharge my batteries,
so this is farewell....but I'll probably be back someday, hopefully.
Just not now,
just not regularly,
just not sure when.
Till then.....all the best...enjoy life....and try not to miss me too much, eh? ^_~


  1. Oh! How can I not miss you too much? Your blog is one of my favorites which I never fail to read each time you publish. I have gotten to try food at restaurants which I wouldn't have known existed/or bothered to visit (like Raft, 2nd Floor and a few others) and I have also learnt some recipes and cooking tips from you (oi! where is the kau yoke mui choy hah...hah....). Yes, indeed I feel sad. Though we have never met, I feel like I am saying goodbye to an old friend. But I take comfort that you wonder if you could stay away from blogging altogether. Yes, those random posts, no matter how infrequent they may be, do keep them coming! So this may not be goodbye (I want to think of it as such).

    I understand that feeling of "jaded and tired" as I am feeling a bit of that myself. There are now less cooking and even less baking posts from me. But I will still keep on blogging as it keeps me sane and I haven't felt depressed (or lesser degree of depression) since I started. Well, my friend, I will keep your blog in my sidebar and look forwards to as and when you post. Even if it is just once a year hah..hah...

    Happy blogging retirement, Kris and I wish you all the best in whatever you do. So I had better wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I will see you when I see you, eh?

    1. Oh, you will miss me much? I'm glad you feel that way...hee...hee. I will miss you even more (especially the camaraderie we share) :'( You know what, I think of you as an old and dear friend too (by 'old', I mean long time friend since 2014, not 'old' as in "tua"). I guess it's because we have so much in common...not only in food but other similar thoughts too. I'm so glad to have found a 'friend' in you...always with words of encouragement at whatever I write. "You" are certainly one of the positives I take away from blogging.

      So, blogging keeps you 'sane' too. You should obviously continue if it makes you happy (I'll be coming round to read your posts, especially the ones on your furry pal). For me, I will have to look for a new challenge or another project to keep me 'sane'...haha! ;)

      Oh, don't you think that's a bit too early for year-end wishes? I'll make sure to come around then to wish you season's is short, stay happy always, my dear PH! ^.^

  2. Ayoh don't go!!!
    Continue laa, once a week, or every two weeks.

    Mine's been going on for even longer time and it's still rewarding.

    1. I'm very happy to hear that it's still rewarding for you. I know it takes a lot of commitment and perseverance to keep a blog going for more than 14 years...I take my hat off to you! ;) Here's to your next 14 years...and I'll still be reading. ^_~

  3. What a sad post to hear your farewell again. I will cry rivers of tears today!

    I can relate to those tired feelings which I have them from time to time. Life has its ups and downs like a roller coaster for me. It's actually signs of depressions of different stages which I would try to discard from my head. It's always mind over matters issues.

    I have enjoyed your writing and sharings on food very much. You have this wonderful talent to write and express beautifully in a unique way to open my eyes always.

    Take a break as long as you need or join my boat as a "lazy blogger". My blog has reached its 10th year with over 1 million page views which prompted me to carry on. I wish to slowly continue writing & share until my fingers could no longer move. Hahaha....

    Thank you again for all your great effort and time. See you next week! (Fingers & toes crossed)

    1. What?!....hear my farewell again? Ok, I'll make sure this is my final farewell post...hehehe! ;) Hey, don't do a Justin Timberlake (as in "cry me a river") on me-lah.

      I appreciate you for appreciating my always have the kindest words for my 'work'. I'm glad that my blog has touched you, TM, in some way...however small.

      Congrats to your blog for reaching 10 years (and over a million page views....though my million page views weren't what was motivating me to write but appreciative comments from my readers for my effort since they were done without any monetary rewards or freebies received. ^_*). Anyway, I'll be here for your next 10th anniversary.

      See me next week? I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you on's not going to happen..hahaha! :D I'm hopeful our paths will cross again one day (certainly not next don't keep your fingers & toes crossed until they're numb, ok?) Till then, enjoy life one day at a time! ^.^

  4. It's sad to know that you're going to end your blogging journey because your blog is one of the "honest" reviews that I'll refer whenever I'm looking for place for dining. Feeling jaded has been appeared numerous times in my 12 years of blogging life and what make me still continue blogging is I like to share my thoughts with readers like you which continuously support me in term of leave constructive (and sometimes funny) comments to me.
    Anyway, wish you all the best in whatever you do in the future and hopefully can see your post once in a while, so that we the readers know how's your life going :) *muaks

    1. Wow, you've been blogging for 12 years...that's twice as long as me, so I shouldn't be the one to complain about feeling jaded...hehe! ;) Kudos to you and your commitment in persevering through jaded times and continuing with your blog. Here's to your next 12 years! I promise I'll try to come round and leave you some comments, hopefully funny, when I can, ok? One of the biggest compliments you can give me is choosing to refer to my blog as a reference for dining options because of my blatantly honest reviews which means I've met my objective, so thank you :)

  5. a bittersweet anniversary! but certainly after all the work you've put in, you deserve a happy retirement. and since i'm sure you'll reappear every so often with charming cat photos at least, all of us will still have that to look forward to! (too bad i can't insert a cat-face emoji here) looking forward to joining you in the retirement home at some point in the not distant future, so save a seat for me at the table! :D

    1. Save a seat for you at the table? I'm sure fans of your blog will cry buckets of tears when they hear of your 'impending retirement'. T_T That goes for me too...your blog has been the most comprehensive one when it comes to new places to eat locally and your reviews are at the top of my list when I'm looking to try out such places.

      Then again, I can't say that this is a complete surprise for me since you had already first 'hinted' it in your comments on my last blog post announcing the start of the final leg of my blogging journey in the beginning of this year. I've noticed subtle differences in your blog since then, both in the type of blog posts and the style of writing, some of which I know isn't you (those of us who have been reading you for years will know these differences). I guess after writing for 10 long years, you deserve your happy retirement too. I believe you'll still be contributing to your blog, perhaps in a lesser capacity, in the years to come, so it won't be a total goodbye when the time comes, right? :'(

      As for me reappearing every now and then with cat saw right through me. I thought I'd at least give you all that just in case you miss Cookie! :D Thanks, Sean, for being a wonderful supporter all these years...and I wish you the very best in the next chapter of your life away from your food blog :)

  6. This is actually my first time reading your blog when I'm searching for a review of a restaurant in KLCC. I am impressed with your work and shocked at the same time when I read that you are not going to continue blogging. My sincere wishes for your future undertakings. I am not a blogger but I do post occasionally on a FB group called The Makan Club. Hope to see you there! Cheers!💕

    1. First of all, welcome to my blog (even if it's not at an opportune time...haha)...and thank you for your kind words as well as appreciation for my 'work'! ;) Well, you could still drop by sporadically to read my 'older works'...and, who knows, one day you might just bump into an update from me. ^_~ All the best to you too at The Makan Club :)

  7. I searched for a review for Restoran Mama Love and I was referred to your blog. I enjoyed reading your review very much and I looked for more of your other posts, and seeing your retirement announcement here. Even if it is my first time reading your blog, I do feel sad that you will stop writing. Anyway, I guess that after 6 years of wonderful writing for your keen readers, you do earn your right to do other things in your life. Thank you. I will bookmarked and read all your other posts. Happy always!

    1. Ah, another newcomer...welcome to my blog for the first time....even if you have arrived at a less opportune time. Thank you very much for your kind words and I'm glad that you like my writing...and have bookmarked my blog to read more of my posts. Anyway, do come back every now and then...and, who knows, you might see a random update from me. ^_~


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