Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Favourite 'Cheap Eats' of 2016

After my 2016 favourite 'nice eats' list, here comes another.  This year I didn't eat at many new coffee shops partially due to the fact that I tend to patronise the same stalls/shops.  Of the few new ones that I did try, (sadly) not many were worthy, so it wasn't very difficult to come up with some my favourite 'cheap eats' of 2016.

I was introduced to this place for its breakfast options not knowing that it was actually their lunch dishes that turned out to be the better choice.  Must try dishes include the chicken rendang, curry chicken, pork curry, sambal eggs, stewed pork with eggs and sambal okra.

But the best of the lot has to be the immensely fragrant Stuffed Ikan Cencaru.  It's worth every bit of effort to get through the bones to get at the well charred meat and chilli paste stuffing! ^o^

This stall was a gem of a find for the old lady makes a really excellent Penang Otak-Otak that's different from the norm, not the thin and tiny grilled ones we're accustomed to but a big parcel of fish (in a steamed version) that you can sink your teeth into.  

She also makes a very good Glutinous Rice and the best Yam Cake I've had.  Eat that with her kick-ass chilli dip that's unlike any I've tasted before...don't say I didn't tell ya! ;)

Get your wantan noodles, flying through the air for a bit of entertainment, served with Char Siew, Siew Yoke or even Poached Chicken.

The stand-out is definitely their nicely textured house-made noodles and melt-in-your-mouth char siew.  Finish with some freshly fried, piping hot Fried Dumplings.

Golden Sun @ Kuchai Lama

Dine in comfort with fast and efficient service, but not hectic like some coffee shop-style dim sum places, with down-to-earth prices.  Variety is endless but the Steamed Char Siew Buns, Steamed Glutinous Rice, Stir-Fried Radish Cake and Fried Yam Puffs deserve special mention. 

BBQ Soon Hing @ SS2 PJ

It's the best of both worlds here...noodles or rice with any roasted meat and dim sum under the same roof.  Roasted meats (like siew yoke, char siew, roast duck or even roasted sausages) are their primary pride which you can have with either wantan mee or rice.

Their secondary offering is their dim sum selection.  Though limited in variety, there's still enough to satisfy any dim sum cravings.

Suukee Coffee @ SS2 PJ

A good mee rebus is not easy to find, more so if it's in a Chinese coffee shop.  Try the two best things here...the Teluk Intan Mee Rebus, with an exquisite potato-based gravy and totally crispy fritters, and the Hainan Bread with kaya and an artery-clogging thick cut stick of frozen butter that's sinfully delicious! ^_*

K Intan @ Sec 17 PJ

Their scrumptious Hand-made Noodles, made fresh daily without preservatives, together with their plump and juicy Soup Dumplings, is what sets them apart from other wantan mee stalls, not their char siew or siew yoke though they're still decent.

Kukus Stim Habis! @ TTDI

Come very "lapar" (hungry) to devour the Set Kukus Master Dulang on your own or share between two not-so-greedy people.  Served with their fluffy triple steamed basmathi rice, crispy and fragrant whole chicken leg and a set of four different types of sambal that's enough to make you drool.

It's all about the Bacon by Five & Two Foods

Maybe not quite a cheap eat based on the portion size but how ingenious is it to make Bacon Jam and Candied Bacon Stix.  Munching will never be the same again once you get your hands on these! ^.^

my Toast & Roast @ SS2 PJ

Prime pleasure is undoubtedly the glorious, well caramelised, smoky and half-lean-half-fat Char Siew.  But, just in case you're feeling a wee bit guilty, then eat it in smaller portions with Hakka Noodles, Wantan Mee or Rice.

And that pretty much sums up my favourite 'cheap eats' of 2016.  Here's to finding more good cheap eats in anticipation of a not-so-good year ahead and the need to tighten our belts! :'(


  1. Your new food list is so veli appetizing and veli attractive! I love that mixed rice shop's dishes by looking at the photos. I went crazy looking at that glutinous rice, yam cake and dim sum too. This year I made resolution to be healthy and that means watch my diet too. I think I will postpone my resolution to 2018 and visit the shops in your list. heee heee heeee

    1. Oh dear, let me not be the one to make you postpone your new year resolution...haha! :D Eat in moderation :)

  2. Oh yeah, we do need cheap eats! And that reminds me I haven't tried Kukus Stim Habis yet. As for the bacon jam/candied bacon, not cheap but I am willing to spend on those. I tried and I loved it so much. I also tried the curried lamb and I thought it was outstanding.

    1. So, you've tried three of their products. I'm very happy to have introduced these to you since you loved it so much. Sounds like you'd be re-ordering then? ;)

  3. Ooo I like that you mentioned Golden Sun .. I haven't tried them but I was thinking of ordering my yee sang and poon choi this year from them ... maybe it's a sign that I should ;)

    1. I've not tried their lunch/dinner dishes...only the dim sum. This is an old "chew pai", so I think the food should be alright.

  4. This would be a fun hop around the city - starting early and going on a 'cheap eats' adventure. ;-)

    1. I think after 4 - 5 stops, you probably won't be able to eat anymore...hehe! ;D

  5. Will keep this list and I think it's useful during end of month when the budget is tight, hehe :P


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