Friday, 8 August 2014

Map's @ Bandar Sunway

Last Saturday, I was at my husband's cousin's daughter's 1st birthday celebration held at Map's @ Bandar Sunway, a newly opened breakfast and brunch café.  Opened for just 2 weeks (since 18 July 2014), it's going to have a massive appeal in the near future.
If you find the pic of the café with its shutters half drawn, there's a pretty good explanation for it, it's because they're not opened for dinner service (the café closes at 6 pm) and that this was a private function they had catered for.

Map's is the latest chic brunch spot where you can get-together with your friends over a good conversation, a good hearty breakfast (from 8.30 am) and (what else) a good coffee.

I liked Map's picturesque interior down to the tiny details which made the ambience cosy and inviting.  On one side of the wall, you'll find this greyish charming drawing of kitchen creative!

In another corner, there's this beautifully crafted, hand painted artwork, which resembles a cherry blossom tree, that's truly scenic and cheerful at the same time.  The high tables and coloured stools added a burst of colour to this quaint little corner.

Towards the back of the cafe, I found this charming little poem - the confession of an sure rings true for all coffee addicts out there!

Throughout the cafe walls, you'd find little touches of the cafe's owners personality (and sense of humour) adorned on the walls with tastefully done DIY decorations.

As this was a 'catered' private function, there was a mix of pre-prepared food and food that we can order from the menu.  The pre-prepared food comprised of small bites of Map's homemade bacon and mushroom bruschetta and pork balls.
This was the homemade bruschetta with bacon crisps + mozzarella cheese + tomatoes + basil.  [#Tip: Bruschetta is just an Italian term for a piece of grilled bread, rubbed with garlic, drizzled with olive oil, and often topped with tomatoes and herbs (or any other toppings) and served as an appetiser.]
And this was the homemade bruschetta with mushrooms + blue cheese + mozzarella cheese + Italian herbs.

Both the bruschetta toppings were ok except that the bread was kind of hard as it was exposed to air (since it was served 'buffet' style).  So, it would be unfair to judge the flawed bread as it has been compromised due to its long exposure on the buffet table.

Map's offers this Homemade Bruschetta @ RM13 on their menu.

The final small bite was their homemade pork meatballs with a slow cooked brown herbed gravy.  One bite of Map's meatballs and you'll be hooked!  The meatballs were succulent, juicy and extremely flavourful from the added chopped herbs (probably thyme and parsley, I think).  I liked the brown gravy that accompanied the pork meatballs.  [#Note: Eating this reminded me of Ikea's signature Swedish meatballs (except no pork meat was involved, horse meat, maybe?...yikes!]  Map's version was better...loads better (but without Lingonberry jam)!

You can find Map's Pork Balls @ RM15 on their menu served with roasted potatoes and salad.  Can't wait to try this in a complete dish on its own!

Our first order from the menu was the Eggs Benny @ RM19 which is Map's version of eggs benedict that comprised of 2 poached eggs, bacon strips and ham accompanied by sautéed mushrooms, a side of sweet corn with bacon bits and some greens.  This was served on 2 slices of their house-baked bread (which looked like ciabatta to me) although it usually comes with a homemade brioche bun (as stated in their menu).  It is then topped with a creamy and tasty Hollandaise sauce.

I absolutely loved this dish as the eggs were cooked to perfection (even when done in a mould) with the yolks just runny enough.  And we all know that to poach an egg perfectly is not an easy task to execute, especially when the kitchen is super busy, but Map's did it flawlessly (at least mine was).  The oozy goodness of the yolks, the burst of sweetness from the corn, coupled with the saltiness of the bacon, all worked together to create a winning mouthful!

Next up was the Porky Pancake @ RM15 which comes with double pancakes, strips of bacon, roasted potatoes, topped with an egg sunny side up, and served with some not-too-sweet honey.  The pancakes were fluffy and the sunny side up egg was done perfectly (with a wobbly runny yolk).  But it was the immensely savoury rustic roasted potatoes that 'wowed' me on the plate....mmm, comfort food at its best!  The combination of flavours, from the savouriness of the bacon and roasted potatoes to the sweetness of the honey and pancakes, was truly outstanding.
Another dish that I tried was the t3 Omelette @ RM13 which is just 3 eggs cooked with sliced bacon, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.  The eggs were (again) cooked just right (with a very slight runny middle) and served with their house bread and salad.  At the price of just RM13, this was a 'so-worth-it' dish.
The final dish that I managed to try was the Creamy Carbonara @ RM16.  The fettuccine was cooked with some sliced bacon (of course), mushrooms, parmesan cheese and topped with a poached egg (which, when broken, oozed further creaminess to the pasta).  If you like carbonara (to start with) and you like it creamy, then this dish will be to your liking (though I'm not a fan of carbonara personally).

Our drinks for the evening included:

Hot Latte @ RM9 (nice coffee with simple latte art)
Iced Cappuccino @ RM10 (I likey)
Iced Chocolate @ RM11 (with much needed chocolate swirls)
After all the sumptuous food, let's get back to the 'main agenda'...the celebration of a little one's 1st birthday...and, of course, cute cupcakes must be involved.
And let's not forget the 'cutest' birthday cake for the 'sweetest' birthday girl!
Last but not least
Cakes and Cupcakes
Candles and Balloons
Joy and Laughter
Family and Friends
Gifts and Surprises
Time for Celebration
to the sweetest little one-year old I know!
H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y,   S W E E T   B E L L E

My Personal Opinion

This place is especially endearing to pork enthusiasts as it will definitely satisfy their pork cravings.  Although the menu here is simple and straightforward (with not many choices, around 10), it doesn't really matter coz even if you do only a few dishes but you do them right, it's the taste and consistency that everyone will keep coming back to.

Map's serves good food (and equally good coffee), at reasonable prices, with a friendly crew, in an aesthetic yet stylishly fashionable interior and atmosphere that I totally dig.

The perfectly done poached eggs, the succulent meatballs, the flavourful rustic potatoes, the yummy bacon (and much like the lyrics in Julie Andrews' song).....these are a few of my favourite things!!

I am definitely returning to Map' my 'pursuit of happyness' (or rather 'porky' deliciousness) as I'm hungry for more....oink, oink!  This is one brunch place that ticks all the right boxes!

Map's Café
9 Jalan PJS 11/2
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 010-219 3882


  1. I will file this for my spouse who loves eating porky porky but no dairy products please.

    1. Yes, this is a nice place with good've got to try their pork meatballs (that's what I'm coming back for).


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