Thursday, 3 July 2014

'No Name' Eatery ("King Chai Mai Fun") @ Pandan Indah

If you're looking for a simple breakfast, then this place selling "king chai mai fun" (very affordable meehoon) and other cheap eats is the place to be.

This place, which has no name, is not quite a stall but also not quite a coffee shop.  I guess I'll refer to this small place as 'No Name' Eatery @ Pandan Indah (which is next to Skynet Courier Services).  The owners say they don't need a name for their shop as they cater mainly to their regular customers (who already know who they are and where to find them).   

This shop has a very limited menu of 7 items only on a daily basis...and that's it!

First up, the Fried Meehoon/Mee (small) @ RM2.20 (or RM2.40 if you 'take-away') is one of the tastiest "king chai mai fun" (very affordable meehoon) I've eaten.  It may be one of the simplest dishes to eat, as it's just meehoon and bean sprouts (and nothing else), but cooking it is not that simple (actually takes quite a bit of skill to fry it well).

This Nasi Lemak @ RM1.50 is just a plain nasi lemak with a small piece of hard-boiled egg and some peanuts only (and nothing else) but what makes this simply irresistible is the incredible "ikan bilis sambal" (chilli paste with anchovies) that comes along with it.  [#Note: I stand corrected from my earlier comments that the Chinese simply can't make a good nasi lemak sambal coz this one did, they're the exception.]

But, be forewarned, this is one fiery sambal but it's so addictive that you'll want to eat more than one packet (for those who can take the spiciness).  So, make sure you have a drink on hand to quench down the spiciness.

For me, I always have a glass of Iced Nescafe @ RM2.50 to 'put out the fire' in my mouth!

The Steamed Glutinous Rice @ RM2.80 has bits of chopped "lap mei" (Chinese waxed meats) and dried prawns in it with some peanuts and spring onions as garnish.  The glutinous rice grains are steamed till soft and you can eat this with "teem cheong" (some kind of black sweet sauce) or (like me) with a bit of sambal.

Their "Wu Tao Gou" (Taro or Yam Cake) @ RM1.40/pc, for me, is the least tasty item on their menu.

The Steamed "Chee Cheong Fun" Roll (Rice Noodle Roll) @ RM1.40/pc is a cross between a chee cheong fun roll and a "popiah" (spring roll).  It's your usual popiah filling (of shredded Chinese turnip and carrot) wrapped in a chee cheong fun skin.  Sprinkle some fried shallots, chopped spring onions and eat it with a dash of soya sauce...lovely!

The Fried Popiah @ RM1.40/pc has the same filling as the chee cheong fun roll except this version is deep fried instead.

As the popiah skin is quite thick, the skin, after frying, though somewhat crispy (but not for long), is a bit hard.  The steamed version is much better.

The Porridge (small) @ RM1.70 is another favourite of mine as it tastes 'home cooked'...just like the ones our moms use to make for us.  If you like your porridge more watery (like me), this will be 'right up your alley' (if only they learn not to be so 'heavy-handed' with the white pepper, it would have been 'loads' better).  You'll find strands of shredded chicken, crab sticks and fried vermicelli, bits of dried "hoe see" (dried oyster) and scallop and soft peanuts in this porridge.

My Personal Opinion

To kiss....err, I mean 'keep it short and simple' (just like their menu).....everything here is cheap and good to eat!

My favourites are the Nasi Lemak, Fried Meehoon and Porridge...and least favourites --- the Fried Popiah and Wu Tao Gou.

'No Name' Eatery
11AG Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23D
Pandan Indah
55100 Kuala Lumpur


  1. I would like to try the chee cheong fun roll. If only I live close by.

  2. Yeah, there's a lot of plain chee cheong fun and chee cheong fun dim sum available everywhere, but not many with popiah filling, I'm afraid.


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