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RD Restoran (Malay Rice) @ Pandan Indah

This Malay restaurant serves tasty and cheap "lauk" (basically all types of dishes that you can choose to eat with your rice).  When they first started many years ago, they operated from a food truck, parked across the road, a stone's throw away from their current restaurant.  The only option then was to "bungkus" (pack) your food or sit at the very limited tables they set up.

Since then, their business has grown (by leaps and bounds) and now they have their very own restaurant although they still operate a stall (at the same location where their food truck used to be) selling nasi lemak/mee goreng/kuih in the mornings.  So, whenever I'm into having some Malay "nasi campur" (mixed rice), this would be my go-to place, RD Restoran @ Pandan Indah.

One of my favourite dishes from this Malay rice shop is their "ikan keli masak cili api" (fried catfish with bird's eye chillies).  You won't find this type of fish in Chinese "chap farn" (mixed rice) stalls probably because the Chinese don't like their fishy smell or know how to cook this fish.  It seems, to get rid of the fishy smell, you wash it with either limes, kaffir lime leaves or tamarind water.
The ikan keli (bottom right of pic) is a very cheap fish and only the Malays can cook this well.  They would normally deep fry the fish first and then smother it with a grinded paste of bird's eye chillies.  The other way is to make "ikan keli masak lemak" where the fish is deep fried and then cooked in a coconut milk and chilli paste concoction.

I really like to eat this fish as I find the flesh sweet (which is surprising) since it's such a cheap fish.  The "rendang daging" (beef rendang) is not too bad either (bottom left of pic). 

I also like "begedil" (top centre of pic) very much which is basically mashed potatoes with minced meat (chicken or beef), fried onions and chopped coriander.  This is then formed into patties, dipped in beaten egg and then fried. 

My plate of rice with ikan keli masak cili api, begedil and a vegetable (cabbage cooked in coconut milk with tau fu), inclusive of a glass of iced "teh-o limau" (lime tea), costs only RM7....and that's one really cheap lunch!

Another favourite of mine is their "ayam goreng" (top right of pic).  The chicken pieces that have been marinated in spices are fragrant and aromatic when fried till crispy.  There's also chicken done two other ways (bottom of pic) in "kicap" (black soya sauce) and the other in "lemak" style.

This plate of rice with a fried chicken drumstick, omelette and vegetables (bean sprouts, shredded carrot and fried with tau fu) costs RM6.50 only.

Another plate of rice with sambal "sotong" (squid), fried "ikan bilis" (anchovies) with potatoes and some vegetables (a mixture of cabbage, bean sprouts, long beans, kangkung, fried tau fu in some kind of a "kacang" or peanut sauce that tastes similar to satay sauce...absolutely delicious) and it's about RM8 (inclusive of a drink).

My Personal Opinion

For a simple, no nonsense "nasi campur" (mixed rice) Malay-style, you can try this place.  The restaurant is clean, the food is simple and tasty and the prices are really cheap.
I don't know what it is about Malay curries and sambal but it 'opens' up your appetite and you just want to eat more! 

RD Restoran
3 Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23E
Pandan Indah
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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