Friday, 7 March 2014

Ichiban Ramen @ Jusco Maluri

Whenever I happen to do my grocery shopping in Jusco, I would often have lunch at Ichiban Ramen @ Jusco Taman Maluri.  I have eaten here many times because there just aren't many choices you can find here and also purely for the convenience.  They do have other branches in Pavilion, Sunway Pyramid, Balakong, Mahkota Cheras and a few beyond Klang Valley.

If you want an affordable Japanese lunch, what else other than teppanyaki!  The word teppanyaki is derived from teppan which means iron plate, and yaki which means grilled, broiled or pan-fried.
One of my favourite orders here is the Salmon Teppanyaki Set @ RM21.90 which is pan-fried salmon with mixed vegetables (bean sprouts, carrot and cabbage) in a Japanese soy sauce served on a sizzling hot plate.  It comes with a miso soup and watermelon slices.  This would make a satisfying and complete meal with fish, vegetables, soup and fruit.
When it is cooked nicely, you will have an enjoyable lunch at a rather affordable price, I must say.  But their cooking can be very inconsistent as sometimes you get it overcooked and burnt like this.....
In this instance, the sauce was over-reduced resulting in a 'burnt' taste.  However, don't expect them to replace the dish for you because it's not going to happen (even after I commented to them that it was burnt)!  Sometimes, I think many restaurants run the risk of 'not going the extra mile' for their customers just to make a quick buck.  It's not going to cost them 'an arm and a leg' to replace the the saying goes...a 'happy' customer may tell 10 people about your service but an 'unhappy' customer will probably tell 100!!
Another teppanyaki that I usually order is the Mixed Seafood Teppanyaki @ RM18.90.  For this, you get 3 medium-sized prawns and sliced squid, cooked in the same Japanese soy with caramelised onions, and served with the same vegetables.  This one does not come in a set, so you'll have to order a bowl of rice separately @ RM3. 
Again, if you are lucky, the prawns will be fresh and, at other times, they won't.
My son would always order the Unagi Don (grilled eel with rice) @ RM23.90 because he just loves unagi.
We would also order Ika Karaage (Deep Fried Squid) @ RM11.90 for sharing to complete our meal.  The Ika Karaage here is essentially marinated squid tentacles that are coated in seasoned flour and deep fried.  It's well seasoned and crunchy....who doesn't like crunchy, right?  The key is to deep fry it just right so that it's not chewy.
My Personal Opinion
I would say a Japanese meal here would be average, both in terms of taste and affordability.   You can get a meal for one for about RM30 - RM35 which is considered affordable (bearing in mind this is Japanese food).
Just wished they have better quality control over the freshness of their seafood and are more consistent in their cooking.  [Note:  Consistency in cooking is something every restaurant strives to do but not many succeed at it.]

Taste wise, it is ok when cooked right and the produce is fresh.  I keep finding myself back here for its affordability and convenience (but, be forewarned, eat at your own risk......and may 'luck' be on your side!)
Likes:  Their teppanyaki set is a complete and affordable meal.
Dislikes:  Their inconsistencies in 'cooking' and providing 'fresh' produce....and remember to stay away from their gyoza!
Ichiban Ramen
G15 & G16 Jusco Taman Maluri
Jalan Jejaka Taman Maluri
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9200 9499

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