Thursday, 13 September 2018

Frozen by Ken @ Bangsar

After our more than satisfying meal at Skive but not so satisfying dessert of ice cream that left us wanting more, we decided to adjourn somewhere else for....what else...more ice cream! ;)  Since Frozen by Ken @ Bangsar was located within a short walking distance from Skive, that turned out to be where we were headed next.

Opened barely a month when we visited, Frozen by Ken specialises in Australian-inspired ice cream themed desserts and cakes (a result of the owners stint with Christy Tania of Masterchef Australia fame, an acclaimed pastry chef and dessert queen) together with a couple of snacks (like sandwiches, croissants & pancakes) for light bites.

First thing when you're in a dessert shop is to head to the counter to feast your eyes on (or more like ogle at) the array of beautifully crafted cakes made with ice cream and sorbet...and the ones here (about 8 options) on any given day are certainly very pretty....but they don't come cheap.

The one on the left is The King, befitting with its little crown, featuring a combo of Musang King durian and coconut sorbet.  With its spikes and lightly torched skin, it truly mimics the looks of a real durian to the's a dessert that's too cute to eat! ^_~  This was the only one we were attracted to but since we've already had some durian desserts earlier, it wasn't an option.  The King is followed by the Tropical Cheesecake and Chocolate Grandeur.

Featured here (on the left) is the Raffaelo (hazelnut milk chocolate ice cream & coconut sorbet with hazelnut crunch & dessicated coconut sprinkling) followed by Mosqow (pandan kaya ice cream & coconut sorbet).  Most of these dainty desserts are priced between RM18 - RM22! O_o

Since we were too full to have any dessert (+ the prices were also a deterrent), we decided to go for their ice cream instead.  On any given day, there are about 18 - 20 ice cream and sorbet flavours to tempt you.

The names/types of ice creams and sorbets available are listed on their menu.

Since we were so full from our previous makan place, we had limited space for ice cream and decided to get just a Tasting Platter @ RM19.90 that allowed us to taste 4 mini scoops of ice cream flavours.  Sorry for the reddish-looking photos as we were sitting directly under some pink neon lights that say "life is uncertain, eat dessert first"...and we couldn't agree more. ^.^

The flavours we selected were PBJ aka Peanut Butter & Jelly (peanut butter ice cream with swirls of raspberry sauce and peanut buttercup)Soursop Lime SorbetTropical Cheesecake (cheesecake ice cream, mango passion sorbet, pineapple compote & orange crumble) and Old-Fashioned (vanilla ice cream, biscuit cuiller soaked in whiskey & orange caramel sauce).

All four flavours we tried in this quaint little dessert shop, Frozen by Ken, were generally pleasant.  I'm sure Elsa.....and Barbie would agree....hihihi! ;)

And like any sweet temptation, it goes best with a good cup of this Hot Cappuccino @ RM11 :)

If you want to take 'them' home, you can too.  Takeaway tubs are available in convenient glass jars (with sweet-looking rose gold aluminium covers) for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Best paired with a good, strong, fragrant coffee (at home)...perhaps one of Organo Gold's instant coffees (black, white, latte, mocha, King of choose, you decide) for that perfect aroma and taste! ^o^  I'm all for instant coffees when I'm at home too...fuss-free, easy to put together and, most importantly, ready in a jiffy.  After all, who can dispute the perfect marriage of two delicious essentials like coffee and ice cream.

My Personal Opinion

The ice cream flavours here are likable (certainly more likable than at our previous dinner venue) and what's even better, you can try many flavours in one go via their tasting platters.  It's a possible option if you're looking for something to cool you down on hot days (though they weren't short of customers at night either).

I read a review by The Nat Channel which vouched that the inspired desserts here are even better than those from Xiao by Crustz, Foo Foo Fine Dessert, Mad Hatter, Tiny Temptress and Shugatori (wow, that's a pretty bold statement, I have to say).

Since I didn't try any of their desserts or any of the dessert places mentioned earlier (other than Foo Foo Fine Dessert which I thought was really good when I was there last), I've no comments about the desserts other than the ice cream.

Frozen by Ken
6 Jalan Telawi 4
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2856 8289


  1. The desserts are quite pricey but very cute and original. Like you, I would opt for the sorbet which has few flavours. Good servings!

    1. Nowadays, it's quite normal for beautifully crafted desserts to be priced like this. Plated desserts at restaurants already cost RM25 and above! >.<

  2. Ouch.... those dainty desserts with premium price, always not in my consideration list >_< Way too overpriced!

    1. I think it's ok to give ourselves a nice treat once in a while :)

  3. Oh wow. I must convince my brother to take me here. I think we can have a light lunch and then adjourn for desserts. Or maybe desserts for lunch? hah..hah...

    1. I don't think I can eat dessert as a lunch substitute...haha! :D

  4. actually, if life is uncertain, we should eat our char kuey teow and curry laksa first! :D

    1. Hmmm, that's one way to look at it. For me, it'd be curry laksa and prawn mee first...kekeke! ;)

  5. Have seen this place came up on some instagram profiles I followed. A friend swore by it!

    1. Such cute and pretty-looking desserts are instagram-worthy :)


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