Friday, 20 April 2018

Go Noodle House @ Sunway Velocity

Go Noodle House is well-known for its noodles in superior soup with all kinds of meat and seafood as toppings like bursting meat balls, fish slices, pork belly slices, prawns, clams and frog to name a few.

Well, that's what I always have too in my previous visits when I eat at Go Noodles House @ Sunway Velocity. My favourite is their bursting meat balls and frog.

And for those who don't like soup-based noodles (like my family), they only have one other choice and that's the Trio Special Dark Sauce Pan Mee @ RM10.50 which I've had a taste already previously and wasn't overly thrilled with it.

But someone told me to give their soup based pan mee a go.  So, one day, I did just that and ordered the Pan Mee in Homemade Spicy Soup @ RM11.30, with a choice of thin noodles (as the other choice in superior soup, I'm thinking, would be the same soup base I've eaten before).  The bowl of noodles had minced pork, fried ikan bilis, black fungus, amaranth greens ("yin choy"), fried shallots and a piece of fish paste (huh, what's a piece of fish paste doing in a bowl of pan mee?).

For some reason, the pan mee here comes with a choice of adding vinegar to the noodles.  I noticed that my order chit was printed *no vinegar* when I didn't say I didn't want vinegar.  So, I got hold of one of the servers to change my order and she said she will bring me the vinegar instead.  That's how the entire bottle of vinegar ended up on my table...and I squirted some into my bowl! ;)

The homemade spicy soup, not only was it not spicy at all, it didn't have the taste of the usual pan mee broth to me.  And for those who might have associated this spicy soup with malat pan mee, I'm afraid it's far from it.  This one actually tasted like their superior soup with a slight hint of heat to me...nothing quite like the savoury, anchovy-rich soup base of a pan mee that I know.

The thin pan mee noodles were also cooked a tad too soft for my liking.  Either that or, because the soup here is served really piping hot, the pan mee noodles became even softer as I kept eating.

I wanted to try their other snack, the Nine Dragon Balls @ RM9.90, so I ordered one for take-away. Previously, when we 'tapao' the snacks, they were packed in a paper bowl but (this time) they came packed in a brown paper bag.  The nine mixed balls consisted of pork, squid and fish balls (three each).

Other than the pork balls, it's difficult to distinguish the squid from the fish balls by appearance but once you taste them, you can make out the squid from the fish ball.  The snack is ordinary, tastes like any commercialised meat balls, nothing that will make it stand out and be noticed.  Perhaps, it's something the children might be more excited about.

For me, I think I'll stick with their Trio Platter snack of crispy "fu chuk" (fried beancurd sheets), fried pork roll (almost similar to "lor bak") and gold coin (that tastes like "bak kwa") which is more satisfying.

My Personal Opinion

Even to this day, there's still a queue each time I pass by the outlet but, luckily, the wait for seats won't take too long as the noodles are served super fast.

I think their noodles in superior soup is still their most successful and sought-after dish (especially if you're one who likes a light soup)...and that is what I'll stick with here from now on. ^_~

Go Noodles House
Lot B-29C & B-29D Level 1
Sunway Velocity
Lingkaran SV
55100 Kuala Lumpur


  1. Frog?? I have eaten there many times and never realised they serve frogs in the menu. My lau-hua eyes! LOL I must try soon.

    Thanks for giving me this idea to tapao their balls and bring inside the cinema to eat while watching a good movie tomorrow!!! Yums!

    1. Make sure the ticket vendors don't smell the meatballs or you'll get 'caught' taking in food not bought from the cinema...hehe! ;D

  2. ooo, i didn't realise they have frog here - i'm a fan, since i like the smooth tenderness and clean taste of frog meat (even though it's bony)! :) i feel like because of go noodle house's success, a few copycats have sprung up with very similar concepts - but i guess go noodle house is still the strongest benchmark! :)

    1. Yeah, there have been a few copycats but none have had the success that Go Noodles House have. Hey, don't eat the body parts which are bony, stick with the drumstick (my favourite part). I especially like frog cooked with dried chillies and eaten with porridge (which is quite difficult to find).

  3. I don't think I've actually stepped foot inside Sunway Velocity. I'm not too sure where it is.

    1. If there's an attraction there, I'm sure by hook or by crook you'll find your way there...but it looks like the food in Sunway Velocity is not good enough to attract you yet.

  4. I'm sorry you did not have a wow experience with the pan mee. Oh, they give vinegar? I don't see vinegar at the Starling outlet. Lately I find the soup not as good as before. It tasted diluted. Could be quality control issues :(

    1. There's actually no vinegar on the table but I so happened to get a bottle because the server made a mistake and omitted vinegar from my pan mee when I didn't specify that I didn't want vinegar, so she brought me the whole bottle instead. No worries about my experience with the pan mee as I'm always game to try something new anyway :)

  5. My verdict after reading your post:- stick to my superior soup mixian and trio platter snack, haha!


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