Monday, 2 April 2018

Sakae Sushi @ MyTown Shopping Centre

This place is well-known for affordable sushi but blame it on my tongue which got spoilt elevated from some of the better Japanese food I've had the privilege of eating, I've not been back for a number of years, my last visit to Sakae Sushi was more than two years ago.

Since I had a RM20 voucher to burn, I might as well make a trip to Sakae Sushi @ MyTown Shopping Centre to use it up.  I think it was well past 8pm when we got there and the sushi belt was practically bare.  That would mean we had to order the sushi we want, so we decided to just go with bentos and set meals.

I went with the Sakae Teishoku @ RM27.99 that featured a variety of different Japanese offerings such as breaded chicken cutlet with Japanese curry and grilled scallops with mentaiko mayo, served with chawanmushi, miso soup and rice.

They use thigh meat for the breaded chicken cutlet, so the meat wasn't too dry with a nice, crispy coating. The serving was quite generous with six wonderful slices of which I managed to finish only half (I packed the rest keeping with my resolution of eating smaller portions this year)! ^_~

The Japanese curry is good for 'wetting' your rice with some sauce though I've never been a fan of mild Japanese curry (what can I say, I love my local curry to death!).

Loved the well-torched mentaiko mayo-laced grilled scallops.....lusciously creamy, salty goodness! ^o^

The chawanmushi came much later (that's why it was missing from the first photo of the set meal).  They ran out and had to make a new batch.  Anyway, the wait was worth it as it came screamingly hot...just the way I like it.  I actually quite like the texture of Sakae Sushi's chawanmushi with chicken meat, imitation shark fin, crab stick, shimeji mushrooms, edamame and gingko nut.

Soup and rice complete the set meal.  For under RM30, you won't go away hungry with this value-worthy meal + the taste isn't too shabby either.  There are a couple more Teishoku set meals with prices under RM35 that are bound to please.

Even more value-for-money were the Bento Boxes, some of which you can get for under RM25, with choices of Aki Bento (saba & gyoza), Tomi Bento (beef & tofu), Natsu Bento (fried chicken, scallop & takoyaki) and Fuyu Bento (sashimi & sushi).

This is the Haru Bento @ RM29.99, one of two bentos that's priced above RM25, the other being the Mizu Bento (with eel and tempura).

This set comes with a good-sized piece of salmon teriyaki with crispy skin (maybe a little on the dry side), pleasantly tasty chicken teriyaki and Japanese omelette served with white rice and assorted fruits.  The set is filling and just nice for one though the previous (cheaper) set gives more value for money.

And if that wasn't affordable enough, you can even get Ojyu one-dish rice boxes for under RM15.  That's music to a lot of people's ears with eating out getting more and more expensive these days.

This Chicken Teriyaki Jyu @ RM12.99 of sauteed chicken with onions and teriyaki sauce was tasty enough. Only thing though, I felt that their version of teriyaki chicken seemed to be coated with a bit of batter and pre-fried beforehand.

Certainly no complaints for the generous amounts of chicken chunks we got for the price.  Just that sometimes you get chicken and onions that aren't so well caramelised due to inconsistencies in cooking.

Of course they offer various sushi too since they're a conveyor-belt sushi joint after all.

My Personal Opinion

You know what?  I've forgotten what the food tastes like after so long.  I think I might be coming here more often now.  The prices are truly affordable and the taste isn't half, why not? ^_*

Sakae Sushi
Lot B1-010 MyTown Shopping Centre
Jalan Cochrane
Taman Maluri
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2720 1723


  1. My Japanese clients were horrified with eyes rolled up & mouths frothing when I told them I loved to eat at these outlets because it is quite cheap and delicious enough to please me. I even signed up as a member a few years ago because I fell in love with their cute calendar which had some discount vouchers on the monthly pages. I think they don't have these calendars anymore, so I also disappeared la. Sometimes they need to do aggressive promos like your RM20 voucher to lure me!! Ha ha!

    Everything you ate looked very good and well presented. I love their Japanese curry and my wife loves their chawanmushi. Way better than the Sushi-K outlets which my Jap clients said is a Big No-No and shame to them. It was hilarious to see how they got offended by Sushi-K's food quality. ha-Ha.

    These days many shoppers are buying from the shelves at Aeon's as their quality has improved so much at par with Japan's Aeon standard. Really good and cheaper lah.

    1. Maybe the Aeon in your affluent area is better quality but the ones in Aeon near me aren't so unfortunately but still edible if I want a fuss-free meal.

      Hey, great minds think alike...I used to be a member too to get their calendars and discount vouchers but that (like you said) was many years ago.

  2. i have a soft spot for sakae sushi, since it used to be a once-a-month lunch place for me in klcc ... though that was more than a decade ago. back then, quality was pretty good, and i was especially addicted to their sushi of rice wrapped around with salmon sashimi, topped with mayo :D

    1. Now that your taste buds have been 'elevated', these sushi will not be satisfying enough for you...hihihi! ;)

  3. After all these years, I have yet to step into a Sake Sushi. Haiz... The food looks pretty decent and I admit that I quite like helping myself to sushi from the conveyor belt.

    1. As with most conveyor belt sushi, get ready for not well-made sushi where the rice tends to fall apart easily...kekeke! >_<

  4. I haven't explored My Town very much (a single visit). It's not really that far from home but not on the way to any place I regularly go so just don't visit. I swore I'd never visit IKEA there again after the initial visit - toooo many people.

    1. I love the creative ideas of Ikea furniture. I used to visit the one in Mutiara Damansara very often when I was refurnishing my house some years back before the one in Cheras opened here (this one I've been only twice, I think) ^_*

  5. I's been quite some times too since my last visit to Sakae Sushi. If my memory serve me right, their chawanmushi and that baked mentai scallop are pretty good for my standard.

    1. Yes, couldn't agree more...those two were the items I enjoyed the most here :)


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