Friday, 7 July 2017

Ramen Bari-Uma @ Pavilion Elite

We ended up in Pavilion as a result of a detour.  That's because we got to our intended dinner place around 7pm only to be told that the kitchen has decided to close early because of the impending Hari Raya the next day...what a bummer! :'(

We didn't have a place in mind to eat until we stumbled upon Ramen Bari-Uma @ Pavilion Elite.  Well, why's been a while since I've last had ramen.

Opened just a little over two months (in May 2017), this latest addition joins their other outlets in Jaya Shopping Centre, Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA and MyTown Shopping Centre.

So, our first order of the day was their signature ramen of Chasu-Uma @ RM34.90, a rich pork flavoured shoyu soup with thick-cut flamed chashu, obviously.  There were also some bamboo shoots for added crunch.  The tonkotsu broth that's super thick and intensely flavoured is supposed to be the hallmark of the Hiroshima style of ramen.  This was the first time I encountered a darker looking (more brownish) broth compared to other tonkotsu broth I've had before....and liked it immensely...this was a dang good bowl of ramen! ^o^

Besides the deliciously fresh thin house-made noodles, together with a kick-ass savoury shoyu-flavoured tonkotsu broth (that has been boiled for hours on end), what was even better was Bari-Uma's thick-cut flamed chashu.  The caramelised outer layer gave it that lovely smoky flavour and the meat was meltingly tender.  I've only had braised chashu with ramen before this (like the one from Ippudo)...but this grilled chashu was even better.  

Your other ramen choices with tonkotsu broth would be whether you want to have it with a soy marinated soft-boiled egg (Ajitama-Uma), seaweed (Nori-Uma), or both egg and seaweed (Noritama-Uma) or just one thick piece of chashu (Bari-Uma).  One look at the four thick slices of chashu on the menu and we became greedy already...more chashu, please...hehe, we did get an extra piece of chasu! ^.^

Besides a pork-based broth, Bari-Uma also offers a chicken-based stock for those who prefer it.  For me, the bowl with the most soul is a tonkotsu ramen, so much so that I've never considered a chicken broth.

In case there are non-ramen fans, they've included rice in their menu in the form of a hot stone rice bowl which you can have with chashu or salmon.  This was our Ishiyaki-Chaofan Salmon @ RM17.90 which is actually some kind of fried rice with finely chopped carrots, spring onions and egg.

Break up the salmon and stir it into the rice together with the dollop of (I believe is) Japanese mayo and it's good to go.  There are condiments of chilli pepper, black pepper and garlic powder on the table if you wish to shore up the flavours of your bowl even more.  I liked that the rice stayed hot throughout because of the hot stone bowl which created a bit of a crust at the bottom.

You can opt for the yakitori combo of assorted grilled meat (pork and chicken) or the yakitori-tori-combo (of just skewered chicken) to accompany your meal of ramen or rice.

We went for the Yakitori Combo @ RM15.90 offering 5 sticks of chicken and pork with one stick eat of chicken breast, chicken thigh, chicken with leek, pork belly and pork belly with leek.  These can also be ordered a la carte at RM6.90 (for 2 pcs each).  Although yakitori isn't their speciality, they were still pleasant enough as a side snack to your main ramen meal.

We added on the Pan-Fried Gyoza @ RM11.90 (for 5 pcs).  It came looking a bit different from what I'm used to.  It was presented with a very thin layer of batter at the top (or should I say at the bottom) which was crispy to the bite.

You have to flip it over to reveal the gyoza underneath.  This way of cooking and presentation puts the charring more on the thin batter than the bottom of the dumpling.  It was served with a soy and vinegar dipping (much like the dipping for Chinese fried dumplings or "wor tip").  They also have a spicy, teriyaki and mayo gyoza for more variety.

Green Tea (Hot or Cold) @ RM3 (refillable)

My Personal Opinion

If you're looking for a broth that's intense, rich, thick and creamy with a deep flavour, you might just find it in this Hiroshima style ramen by Bari-Uma.  This may be my latest favourite ramen yet.

A fatty, salty, umami tasting ramen broth with all its complexities, this one has it all.....and that's what makes it a great bowl of ramen.

Bari uma (it seems) means super tasty...and the ramen certainly delivered in that respect.  It's the ultimate hot meal-in-a-bowl....go on, slurp all you want! ^_^

Ramen Bari-Uma
Lot 7.101.01 Level 7
Pavilion Elite Kuala Lumpur
166 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2110 0801


  1. You had such a delicious meal and the prices are very reasonable at such elite location. I am drooling at the rich flavoured ramen, yakitori and gyoza now. It is high time for me to visit Pavilion again.

    I had to paused and recall for some minutes about the ramen I had in Hiroshima itself and need to look back the old photos. I could only remember that I ate their famous Okonomiyaki everyday.

    1. I understand that the Hiroshima style okonomiyaki is very different from the style of okonomiyaki most commonly found in Japan (aka the kansai or Osaka style) which is the style I know and eaten here :)

      Well, you can try this ramen place to help you 'remember' the Hiroshima style ramen! ;)

  2. Well, well, I must make my way there for the ramen and the smoky chasu! The pan fried gyoza is rather unique with the layer of batter. I remember you mentioned not being a ramen fan until you tasted the one at Ippudo. And since this is your latest favorite, I know it will be mine too!

    1. Wah, you give me too much credit. So, I believe the PJ outlet will get a visit from you (and your brother) soon. I'll be waiting to hear what you think ;-)

  3. waaaah, look at those hefty slices of cha-shu ... the next time i have cha-shu cravings, i guess i know where to go! :D

    1. This version of chashu may be great...but when I'm having a chashu craving, this isn't the first thing that comes to mind. I want my dark roasted char siew from the roasted meats stall! ;D

  4. There are quite a few new places to explore over there. It seems the restaurants in the new section on the top floor though do not get much walk-by traffic. I'm not sure how well they are going to survive.

    1. Yeah, I'm afraid for them two. I've been to the 7th & 8th floors and they do look a bit deserted. We peeped into some of the cafes and saw only a few tables (some with only one table) occupied before we came here.

  5. I read quite a few reviews said that the soup was too oily but you seem like enjoyed the thick, intensely flavoured soup, good to you!

    1. Yes, I loved the thick, intensely flavoured soup because, for some reason, it tasted almost like an earthy mushroom soup to me. ^_^


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