Friday, 14 July 2017

Table 9 Cafe & Kitchen @ Bangar

It was a last minute meet up for a late lunch over the Hari Raya holidays.  My friend and I had no plans on where to eat so we thought we'd just go to one of our 'usual/already visited' cafes.

But just before we met up, I happened to check my blog and found two new posts from theyumlist and malaysianflavours on my blog's side bar with reviews on the same place on the same day.  So, off we went to Table 9 Cafe & Kitchen @ Bangsar, opened about a month ago.

The cafe serves mostly Western/Italian food with an Asian twist together with Korean-inspired desserts and coffees (probably the greatest nod to their Korean influence is in their choice of cutlery with the extra long-handled spoon).  The menu ranges from all-day breakfasts to small bites, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, risottos, bingsu and house specials to tempt your palate.

Since my friend brought along her kids, we started with a sure-fire kids-approved dish of big breakfast, Table 9's version called Table9 Breakfast @ RM25 with chicken sausage, beef bacon, eggs (scrambled or sunny side up), sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomato, hashed potatoes and toast with butter and jam.

Although their version of big breakfast is rather similar to most of them out there, the ingredients offered (I felt) were slightly more premium.  We especially enjoyed the creamy scrambled eggs and the fluffy hashed potatoes with sauteed bell peppers, green zucchini and tomato chunks.  We also welcomed the sauteed shimeji mushrooms instead of the usual fresh button mushrooms.

You can substitute the plain toast with french toast (we did) by paying an additional RM1 (or RM2 for the pancakes).  The french toast, thick and fluffy, was definitely the right move and worth the additional RM1.

Our next dish was a server's recommended dish of Table9 Picante Seafood Pasta @ RM28 when I asked which is their more popular pasta.  The server's recommendation was spot on (they have a risotto version of this dish as well).  The good-sized mussels and juicy prawns were immensely fresh and delicious but, more importantly, the texture of the pasta was cooked to absolute perfection.  Loved the addition of the soft broccoli and crunchy julienned carrots.

But it was the rich, creamy and spicy sauce, with lots of already-shelled clams, that took it to the next level. Although I've never been a fan of creamy sauces, it was nothing like the cloying type of creamy pastas I've had in the past which I think is due to the 'just right' level of spiciness that opened up our palates.

The thick sauce coated each strand of al-dente spaghetti lovingly and this is one creamy pasta dish you'll have no problem finishing on your own.  This is a dish that's best not shared! :D  It was so good...a must-try dish here if you enjoy a bit of heat in your food! ^o^

If this terrific pasta dish is an insight to the rest of their pastas, then we have a reason to celebrate.  Some of the other pasta dishes they have on their menu include aglio e olio, jalapenos pasta, alfredo, carbonara, funghi, frutti de mare, amatriciana, marinara and more.

We couldn't resist an order of Pancake @ RM9 since it was offered at a promo price that day (sorry, promo ended 30 June, normal price is RM18) which was served with maple syrup and a dollop of cocoa-sprinkled cream.

The two slices of pancake (cut into halves) were generously sized and came topped with a dusting of powdered sugar for added sweetness and some dried cranberries for a bit of that natural tartness.  These are thin pancakes with a soft texture and a nice crisp on the outside.

End on a sweet note with the popular Korean shaved ice dessert of Bingsu (other than a selection of homemade cakes at the counter).  They offer 8 flavours here from mango to blueberry, red bean mochi, green tea, oreo, tiramisu, tomato and espresso (for those who want coffee and dessert in one).  But, we aren't super fans of bingsu, so we skipped that.

Their imported coffee beans from Korea make for a decent cup of Hot Cappuccino @ RM9.

Or go with one of their healthy, natural and sugar-free pressed juices of P K Coco @ RM14 that's a mixture of pineapple, kale, coconut water and coriander.  I was a little bit on the edge when the drink arrived looking so healthy-green but luckily the predominant taste was pineapple (not kale!)...and it was deliciously invigorating.

And if you're one of those in need of a spot for photo taking, the painted mural at the side of the cafe may just be the spot you need.  There are even more painted murals on the neighbouring walls.

My Personal Opinion

The absolutely scrumptious seafood spaghetti is enticing enough to make me come back just for it (in fact, my friend returned just for that).  Of course, there are lots more to try and I hear the risottos and pizzas are good too.

Charming cafe, unique dishes, reasonable prices, warm service...are some of the other reasons you may want to make a trip here.  So, grab a table at Table 9 and feel right at home with some comfort food that's always fresh, always appetising! ^_~

Table 9 Cafe & Kitchen
21 Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2201 1055


  1. Wow~! The big breakfast is so complete and cheap for an upscale location like Bangsar. I have bookmarked this place for sure as all the food you guys ate looked yummy & nice. I like the way they sprinkled the herbs on top. Happy Weekend to you.

    1. Yes, prices are pretty fair in a place like Bangsar. Hope you get to try the food here one day (especially the seafood pasta)...and like it! ;)

  2. the pasta looks rich and the pancakes look fluffy - my favourite textures for both dishes! :D

    1. The flavours of the seafood pasta really got me by opened up my appetite like no other ^_*

  3. I hope you go back and enjoy the yummy seafood pasta to your heart's content. It does look very good. I am not a fan of risotto, would prefer pasta anytime.

    1. Same here....I'd take pasta over rissoto anytime but that's because rissotos usually have quite a bit of cheese in it to give it that creamy texture.

  4. The pasta definitely looks good however for a restaurant standard, I think they should have clean the plate before serving to customer =.="

    1. I believe this is what it looks like generally especially so when the cafe is super time to make the plate presentable :P Come to think of it (and based on my personal experience), there's no denying the fact that my plates usually don't look as pretty as those invited reviews (and I've come to accept that). For the invited reviews, they would take extra care to ensure an immaculate presentation as they know those photos will appear in food blogs as a form of 'advertisement' for them. But of course there are also those who strive to ensure that their standards are met with every plate leaving the kitchen looking identical and presentable (which I appreciate) but those are usually limited to higher end restaurants (some of them at least).

    2. You are partly right, for the invited review, presentation and sometimes portion is 'looked after" carefully. But as an invited blogger I always mention to the owner that the food presented to us must be looked at least 90% same when served to the customer as some readers will make comparison, seriously, yes, i know there are readers complained to the blog writer regarding this issue. For your case, I can accept sauce being spilled on plate but not that much lor, hehe :P

    3. Unless it's fine (or almost fine) dining, I'd expect the plating to be clean and spotless but I'm ok with the 'not-so-presentable' plating when it comes to cafe food (for all you know, it could also be the server who spilled the sauce when the plate left the kitchen)...haha! ;P


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