Monday, 8 May 2017

Spring Garden @ Suria KLCC

The cuisine of choice is almost always Chinese when we want to accommodate a table of ten for a family dinner and it was no different this time.

The venue was Spring Garden Restaurant @ Suria KLCC (part of the Tai Thong Group of Restaurants).  I've only eaten at this one (once or twice) and the one in Cheras (a few times) prior to this.

By the time my family arrived (we were the last ones there), my sister-in-law had already made the orders, so I may not know the actual names of the dishes as all I have are the brief descriptions listed on the receipt.

The first dish to arrive was the Seafood Treasure Plate (S) @ RM188 (RM288 for large).  This one I know as it's a special listed on their table stand menu.  You can opt to add on abalone, scallops, fish balls or more tiger prawns, green mussels and mushrooms.

We didn't choose to add on more stuff as the plate (or more like mini wok) was already full of seafood treasures with a whole roasted fish, tiger prawns, mussels, shiitake and enoki mushrooms, tofu, pineapples, Chinese cabbage, soybean sprouts, tomatoes and a vegetable that tastes like "tong oh" (edible chrysanthemum leaves).  My brother-in-law says it's celery leaves.  Well, whatever leaves they were, I disliked it immensely as it tasted 'stinky' to me and wished they weren't in the pot! :(

The roasted fish was sweet and flaky and the clear broth tasted good too although, towards the end, the broth intensified in flavour to taste a bit more on the salty side as it continued to simmer throughout our meal.  The rest of the seafood tasted fresh and I liked the addition of pineapples in the broth that brought some sweetness.

The Beef Tenderloin Cubes @ RM96 (we asked for 2 portions) @ RM96 (I was told) was recommended by the restaurant.  Cooked with shimeji mushrooms and onions in a sticky sweet sauce (almost Marmite-like), the beef chunks were tender and moreish.

The next dish was a vegetable dish of Lily Bulb with Honey Peas (again, this is the price for 2 portions) @ RM60 which had lily bulb petals, celery, honey or sugar snap peas, carrots, shiitake and eryngii mushrooms. Lily bulb (a kind of root vegetable) can be easily mistaken for white onions as they look rather similar if you ask me.  This healthy dish with crunchy vegetables had nice clean flavours.

We finished with a Seasonal Vegetable of "Ching Long Choy" (portion x 2) @ RM58.  This "Ching Long Choy" (green dragon chives) is best simply stir-fried with garlic.  It retains a nice crunchy texture, but yet soft, if it's not overcooked.  It's fast becoming one of my favourite vegetables.

With Titbits x 4 @ RM22 and Jasmine Tea per pax @ RM4.50, the total bill came to slightly above RM500 for our table of 9 though I think the amount of food seems to be more suited for a table of 5.  Well, it's good to eat modestly sometimes, right?  Though some may beg to differ or need supper after that! :D

My Personal Opinion

I have to admit that the food was more than decent as all four dishes we had were well executed.  But prices may be on the high side and it'll be even pricier if we take the portion size into consideration.  We ordered two portions for each of our dishes but the portion size actually seems more like one portion (when compared to other places)...hehe! ;D

So, if you're a small-eater or someone who loves petite portions, then the food here could be just right for you. For me, it's one of those 'once in a long while' places to visit :)

Spring Garden Restaurant
Lot 413 & 414 4th Floor
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2166 9881


  1. I really have not explored many restaurants in KLCC. Thanks for the look inside.

  2. For a big eater like me..hmmm...this is where I should not go hee..hee... This restaurant would a be special occasion restaurant for me since the food is good and prices are on the higher end.

    1. A good place to control your portions? Or order more! ;D

  3. another stalwart at klcc! it used to always be crowded during dinner whenever i walked past. i'm tempted by the seafood pot too ... and i don't think i'd mind the stinky leaves, heh :D

  4. Wow! I love that Seafood treasures plate. The price is quite reasonable too, if we compare with the CNY Poon Choy buckets which easily costs RM3988 or 488! I used to worship the Tai Thong Group's label for quality food & services. I threw my KL wedding in one of their outlets which gave me good memories.

    1. No wonder you have a special 'connection' with Tai Thong ;) A poon choy of that price can easily feed 10 people, this one probably feeds only 4.

  5. The presence of pineapple in the soup quite surprise me, very rare for Chinese style soup~

    1. It surprised me too. Perhaps I should include pineapples in my homemade soups too! ^_~


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