Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Secret Garden #6 - Watering Can

Oh dear, looks like I've neglected my colouring for a while as it has been 3 months since my last piece, Wishing Well.  Since I enjoyed the free-hand aspect of that non-symmetrical piece, I chose another similar non-symmetrical artwork to colour next.

Blank Canvas

Work in Progress #1

Work in Progress #2

Work in Progress #3

Since it's about a Watering Can, I thought I'd keep it simple and go with two primary colours....shades of blue (to depict water) and shades of green (for the leaves).

Work in Progress #4

Since the whole piece uses predominantly just two colours, I made sure I coloured the some of the insects and flowers in brighter colours to add a splash of colour to the piece to make it pop....just a little! ^.^

And my second non-symmetrical piece called Watering Can is completed!

Hmmm....this isn't my finest hour, erm, I mean finest piece! :'(  I think I've put my pencils down for far too long...and lost a bit of inspiration, perhaps? >_<

 Well, I better scurry along to my next piece then! *_~


  1. i really love it up to work in progress #3 ... after that, it's still lovely and far better than anything i could do, but i think it could have gone another way ... sorry i'm not of any constructive help, since i'm not too sure how to explain it! :D

    1. I think I know what you're trying to say. I was pleased until Work in Progress #3 too...and then I was 'stuck' and didn't know which way to go. You're right, I could have gone two, colour the flowers in the stream of water like any real flowers (colourful and bright) or colour them in a stream of blue (to depict water). In the end, I chose the path that was not the norm...the imaginative way I thought (which unfortunately turned out to be a bit dull)! :(

  2. Your creativity is so neat and colourful. It shows that you always feel safe and happy.

    I might probably shade all the rojak and mismatched colours because I am bold, daring and risk taker in character.

    1. It's good to be adventurous and daring. I can imagine a piece done by you in vibrant mismatched rojak colours which might turn out to be bold and successful :)

  3. Well, I will be honest with you, which I know you appreciate. This piece is not as stunning as your earlier works. And in all honesty may I also add, I think it is due to the drawing. So it is not all you :)

    1. You're needs a good blank canvas before one can get inspired...and this drawing wasn't as pretty as some of her other works. As soon as I finished, I knew it wasn't my best work...and yes, I appreciate your honesty (not all I eat, cook, write or colour will turn out to be always good). But it spurs me on to do better! ;)


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