Thursday, 9 March 2017

Eatomo Food Co @ Taman Desa

We loved the freshness of the food (and what seems to be reasonable prices but smaller portions) on our first visit 3 months ago and vowed to return to try more.

So, here we were again at Eatomo Food Co @ Taman Desa for an early dinner (arriving a little after 6pm) as we didn't want to have to wait for a table in case there was a crowd during prime dinner time.

To start, we ordered something we were eyeing the last time but didn't get to eat, the Fried Oyster Basket @ RM19.90 that yielded 5 pcs of freshly fried, panko-crusted, large oysters served with their housemade tartar sauce. Be careful when you bite into the piping hot fleshy oysters as you'd be confronted with a squirt of steaming hot juices from within the oyster.  If it tastes so good, you can burn my tongue anytime! ^_~

I was attracted to the word uni, so one of the mains we had was the Creamy Uni Udon @ RM32.90 for a quarter tray of uni (half tray for RM54.90 and whole tray for RM74.90) which came garnished with ikura and shisho.

The udon was sauteed with uni in a light and creamy uni seafood sauce which tasted slightly buttery with a kick of garlic that wasn't particularly enticing.  This was my least favourite dish here (this one you can safely skip) as it didn't taste all that good + the portion was really small.

As for the uni, it was practically non-existent...and I had to dig out what I could find to take this snapshot for you to see.  Then again, I wasn't expecting much as I know uni is very expensive.  If you think the above prices were expensive, let me burst your bubble as this was frozen uni.  No wonder it tasted a little on the fishy side! >_<  The server did show me a tray of fresh uni that retails for about RM120 a portion.  When I asked how much is one portion, his finger kinda hovered around a quarter of the tray.  Like that I might as well pay a little bit more for fresh uni served in its shell! ;)

Our other main was the Unagi Don @ RM23.90 which I thought was a reasonable price for the portion served. Any portion more generous than that would easily cost double the price.

I've not had (or seen) unagi so well grilled before that gave rise to that absolutely tasty smoky flavour.  It certainly garners a spot among the top of some of the best unagi I've eaten thus far (for its excellent flavour and texture).  Absolutely divine! ^o^  Highly recommended.

Of course consuming two mains will never be quite enough, so we had to supplement those with some other dishes and I noticed they have a new (or extended) BBQ Grill Menu this time round.  We wasted no time and ordered the Grilled Salmon Head @ RM15.90 that came perfectly grilled and seasoned.

Salmon head is not loved by many coz there's very little 'meat' and more bones to contend with but I'm not one of them.  I love to chew on the bones to get those little bits of crisp skin off the head and suck the bones for its grilled flavour...and this one was super fresh and nicely done.  It had so many crispy parts that I could almost devour the whole head.  Whatever meaty flesh you could get out of the head (and there was a fair bit of it) was tender and very good.

Just in case there wasn't enough meat from the salmon head, I went ahead to get another piece of Grilled Salmon Steak (small) @ RM24.90 (RM44.90 for large).  Take note that the grilled salmon here is of sashimi grade (as listed on the menu), so expect portion to be small for the price.

Because of the good quality sashimi grade salmon, the meat was totally juicy and luscious (nothing like some of the dried salmon I had encountered in the past).  The grilled salmon was executed to perfection...just look at the puffed up charring on the skin! ^o^  Order it.

There are loads more on offer on the grilled menu...from grilled live oysters to grilled salmon belly, monster squid, hamachi kama (collar), whole sanma, even grilled Italian provolone cheese ;)

Of course, we had to re-order the Salmon Sashimi Box @ RM19.90 (RM34.90 for an XL box) for its undeniably freshness and great value.  The last time I had it though, I wasn't overly happy with the slices we got but, this time, they were of a thicker cut with a bit more marbling that I preferred, so I'm happy :)

I was full by then but I just couldn't leave without trying at least one of their fresh oysters and went with the most expensive one they had on offer, the Tsarskaya (France) @ RM14.90/pc.  Other choices of oysters include Fine de Claire (France) @ RM9.90/pc and Pacific Oyster (USA) @ RM7.90/pc (these two I must try on my next visit).  These live oysters are airflown 2- 3 times a week from France and USA for optimum freshness.

Whoa, look at the size of that's almost as big as my hand (and my hand is pretty big)! ;)  Just a squeeze of lemon was all the super fresh oyster needed showcasing a juicy and firm flesh.  You can taste the natural brininess of the sea and, after sampling this oyster, others will now pale in comparison for me.  Hey, I can probably down ten of these....hehe...I've always wanted to say I can eat ten of something....and now I can! ^_^

And then there was this large "see hum" that I saw (which costs a whopping RM50! O_o) but I'm wondering what that tastes like and if it's worth to try.  Ok-lah, it's not a see hum but live akagai (surf clam or ark shell clam).

Check out a more recent review here.

My Personal Opinion

We loved it as much as we did the first time although prices (depending on what you order) may not seem that casual due to the smallish portions.  Great for small eaters who can probably get away with spending just under RM100 per person.  Expect to fork out more than RM100 per person in order to fully satisfy a bigger eater.

Since I'm fine with smaller portions, this place still delivers for us in terms of freshness and taste.  I'm absolutely certain I'll be returning for more! ^o^

Eatomo Food Co
11-1-1 Jalan 3/109F
Taman Danau Desa
Jalan Kelang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2303 1608


  1. Wah... a bit cheating lo... they have fresh uni, then why the f*** they use those frozen crap to cook your pasta... people who pay for expensive stuff like this would not worry about saving a few bucks to compromise on inferior crap...

    1. Oh, don't say that! I guess they had to use frozen uni for the udon coz of the price of the dish. For those who have eaten and knows the price of uni, they will not expect fresh uni for those kind of prices (for the uni udon) as fresh uni easily costs 4 times that amount for one portion. Actually, I wasn't expecting much, maybe just a tiny teaspoon to top off the udon but I guess they needed a bit more for the uni sauce, so frozen uni was used.

  2. yay for eateries that manage to maintain their consistency! eatomo just celebrated its six-month anniversary this week, i believe :) i like salmon head (or just about any fish head) ... the moist flesh near the jaw/cheek and the gelatinous bits near the eye are coveted treasure for me :D

    1. Ah, for people who knows how to eat fish, the flesh near the cheeks is the coveted part (I always dig for that too but not the gelatinous bits near the eyes...hehe)! ;D And yay, the food here is consistently good :)

  3. I saw uni on Rakuzen's menu and it was like RM200 for a tray. I am curious to try but at that price I have to save some money first hah..hah... I would say from what you had above, the salmon sashimi is an absolute beauty and the oyster is just as gorgeous. I love fresh oysters too you know :) I can down many many oysters in one sitting hee..hee...

    1. Hah, then you must come here...and order a dozen! ^_^ I was introduced to how good uni was when I had uni sushi. At that time, a fresh uni (in its shell) was retailing at RM150 for one! I wonder how big that RM200-a-tray is at Rakuzen?! ;)

  4. That unagi and salmon are a bit too charred for my liking >_<

    1. Haha....that kind of charring is the reason why I liked it so much! ;)

  5. Their prices are not not cheap but they looked really appetizing & good to me. Well, good things don't come cheap.

    When it comes to left overs of fried fish head, tails and fins, my inlaws would often throw them to my plate. They think I am a DBKL as I always chewed them clean. Hihihi

    1. I see you're also a person who knows how to eat fish. Those off parts are the best parts as I also devour every bit of them. ^_^


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