Friday, 24 March 2017

Bentoya @ Sunway Velocity

This was my first trip to Sunway Velocity Mall since it opened in December last year even though it's very close to where I live.  First impression.....meh! >_<  There are some malls you'll like instantly...and there are those that you won't...and this mall was one of those (the latter, I mean).

The parking is really huge and confusing but, luckily, they provide this extra service of ferrying you to and from your car (for people who get lost or parked too far away from the entrances to the mall) in some kind of golf buggy! ;)

Although there are a lot of eating places here, a look at their directory will soon reveal that most are the same old, same old places you'd find in other shopping malls...and, worst still, you'd probably have eaten in at least half of them already.  Nothing stood out, none excited me...and that's not a very good start.

If you're looking for some premium eateries or new and exciting dining options, you'll be sorely disappointed as there aren't very many.  In  the end, we settled for Bentoya @ Sunway Velocity as our first eating stop here. The place is quite small, so expect small tables and cramped spaces.

From the name of the place, it's quite obvious what their signature offering here's called Bento...Ya! ;P

So our first order was the Curry Soft Shell Crab Bento @ RM26 that comes with a fried soft shell crab (of course), Japanese curry, edamame, kimuchi (Japanese kimchi) and an egg.

There's nothing to fault the crispy fried soft shell crab as it was a pretty huge one with a fair bit of roe too.  I absolutely adore soft shell crab.  Who wouldn't? ;)  It's a crab with no shells to get at...and you can devour the entire thing with ease! ^.^

I guess, besides the soft shell crab, I was attracted by the Japanese curry which I've never ordered at a Japanese restaurant before and I thought it was high time I tried.  The first thing that hit me was the flavour of curry powder (a bit like Indian curry but a lot milder) followed by the thickness of the curry like the texture of a roux or some kind of stew.  The cooked down potatoes and carrots probably added to the thickness of the curry and brought some sweetness with it too.  If you like curries to be slightly on the sweet side and not spicy at all, then you'd probably enjoy Japanese curries.  I didn't particularly like it but I didn't dislike it either. I wouldn't jump at ordering it again if I see it on the menu...once in a while is alright!  I guess nothing can beat my love for our local curry that's savoury, spicy and laden with coconut milk yumminess.

An egg (with a soft, almost runny yolk), edamame and kimuchi rounds up the bento.  I don't eat Korean kimchi (coz I dislike it immensely), so this Japanese version of kimchi is wasted on me (I'd rather have any other Japanese pickled vegetable).

#Side Story:
I actually don't eat bentos all that much coz I'm freaked out by the idea that the bento box may not be cleaned properly.  Especially so when confronted with some unsightly bento boxes that are tarnished or have seen better days.  I, myself, have tupperwares that are compartmentalised which I use to "tapau" chap fan where you get the benefit of separating your rice from all your dishes.  The problem was, when it came to washing, the nooks and crannies of the compartments are very difficult to clean.  Most times, I have to wash it at least three times (or more) just to get all the oil stains out...and I know restaurants won't bother when they're very busy.  That's why I have this phobia of eating out of bento boxes...haha! ;P  But this bento place is fairly new, so the boxes would at least be in better shape now than later.

We also had a Salmon Teppanyaki @ RM28 with stir-fried vegetables and sweet corn.  When it arrived though, it didn't look like the picture in the menu at all.  That one showed a whole piece (as in one piece!) of a fairly thick cut of salmon.  What we got instead were three thin slices of salmon.  Of course, in terms of value, we weren't shortchanged...three thin slices for one thick cut.  Only problem was, thin slices of salmon also meant they'd be overcooked and dry.

The price is inclusive of a serving of miso soup and rice.

Drinks of Pineapple Juice @ RM8 and Iced White Coffee @ RM10.

Besides bento boxes and teppanyaki, they serve ramen too...and there's a very spicy one called Hell Ramen (RM23).  But inflicting 'torture' on myself isn't my idea of fun or a good eat...hell no! :O  Be warned that the place is a bit stuffy, so eating a spicy (and hot) ramen may not be the wisest decision! ;)

My Personal Opinion

With over 40 varieties of bento at affordable prices (and many of them costing under RM30), I'm sure you'll be able to find one that suits you.  

Taste-wise, it wasn't half bad, just quite ordinary, so leave your high expectations at the door.  But it should still suffice if you're looking for a quick meal of bento with a bit of everything.

For me, I'll probably not be back for a long while as it wasn't enticing enough.  If I'm at this mall again, I'd want to try something else! ^_~

4-03 Sunway Velocity Mall
Lingkaran SV Sunway Velocity
55100 Kuala Lumpur


  1. Hell Ramen! Good Lord no! I guess it's named so that according to your like/dislike of spice you'll know clearly which direction to run ;-)

    1. Some locals probably won't be able to take the spiciness of this Hell Ramen either...and I think I'm one! ;)

    2. Hee hee! I've heard you can built up a tolerance to spice, but I haven't yet managed to get past moderate. ;-) PS... found a new cafe near us!

    3. I can't take too spicy either. Found a new cafe near us?...can't wait to read about it! :)

  2. Been to this mall for 3 times and tried the gai dan zai from Jeuk Sing Cafe for twice, simply irresistible, crispy on the outer and fluffy inner.
    PS: The bento box problem.... you are so thoughtful to think about it. Yes, I bring my own tupperware when tapao food and wash at least 3 times like you too to totally clean the oiliness >_<

    1. Hehe, looks like I'm not the only one who washes her tupperware at least 3 times. Hmmm, I must look out for these egg waffles then :)

  3. I must say that your Japanese food photos looked very delicious and appetizing in the bento boxes! You made me laugh to hear over your cleanliness freak of the bento boxoes.
    I still have not visited Sunway Velocity Mall and am waiting for friend's family to visit KL. We will explore the new malls like Sunway Velocity Mall, Gateway and ISETAN's special floor together.

    1. Hope you get to explore these new malls soon with your friends. Haha, as you can see I'm not the only one with this cleanliness freak on bento boxes! ;D

  4. Hey, I have the same concern as you on the bento boxes! Some of them are chipped and there was a time when I had one that had an off smell. Yuks! But generally I find bento quite attractive due to the variety in a box. But if the components are not right, then that would really spoil it. So it looks like Bentoya is all about bentos but from your experience, I would give it a miss.

    1. I'm so glad I'm not alone on this and that you too share the same concern as me when it comes to bento boxes. I'm also freaked out about claypots as I once had claypot yee mee and the claypot had an off smell too...eww! >_<

  5. apparently there's a section that might be worth investigating if you return there - i haven't personally checked out that section, but here's the info from their release: Food Street Food & Commune - FSF houses a lot of family start-ups (for example Sai Kee, opened by a group of retirees who pooled their money together). They are personally there to cook every dish ... it's home-cooked food at its best :)

    1. Thanks for the heads-up :) This Food Street you mentioned, I believe are cafes/restaurants located on the 4th floor. From what I see from their directory, most of them are the same old same old places you'd find at other malls (of which I've eaten more than half of them already). I did try two new places here and perhaps I should seek out Sai Kee next.


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