Thursday, 19 May 2016

Revisit: Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ Suria KLCC

We were here because I wanted to get two specific books from my favourite bookstore (Kinokuniya) only to find out that they were not in stock and that I had to pre-order them.  So, I did....and I have to wait for it to arrive in about 3 weeks (bummer!). 

Since we were here, we chose to eat at our favourite Japanese restaurant in KLCC which is Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ Suria KLCC......where else! ;)

We've had the opportunity to try both their a la carte dishes and set meals...and both turned out terrific....but the set meals give you a bit more value, of course.  So, we started with the Yuzu Gozen @ RM59 that comes with grilled Wagyu beef, assorted sashimi, sushi and tempura served with appetiser, chawanmushi, pickles, salad, fruits and teapot soup.

We asked for the Wagyu beef to be cooked medium rare as it was executed as such...phew (see side story below)!  It may look a bit on the rare side but fret not as it comes with a mini stove underneath, so you can still leave it to cook a little longer if you like.

Anyway, by the time you eat some of the other items and get back to your beef, it'd be slightly more cooked if you prefer it that way.  The beef was super tender and great dipped in the sauce that was cooked with some onions.

We've always loved good tempura....and this was no different.  There was a piece each of tempura prawn, eggplant, okra and sweet potato.

This was the assorted sushi....with one noticeable difference from the pic in the menu.  Our final piece of sushi was tobiko (flying fish roe) instead of ikura (salmon roe) sushi :P

Assorted sashimi (tuna, salmon & butterfish)

Side dishes of chawanmushi, salad, pickles (+ tempura & soy dips) & fruits

Finally, there was the teapot soup...otherwise known as "dobin mushi" (I've always wondered what teapot soup was).  So, "dobin" (teapot) "mushi" (steamed) is a soup steamed in a small teapot.  This pot of soup was made predominantly with very fine strands of enoki mushrooms and finely sliced green onions (I can't remember but I think there were some chicken pieces and gingko nut).

The teacup, masking as the cover of the teapot, acts as your drinking vessel.  If you find that the ingredients don't come out through the spout easily, just use your chopsticks to take them out (unless, of course, you only want the soup).  I liked this clear soup a lot (much more than miso soup)...and even more so drinking from the dainty little cup! ;D

Since I've always adored Japanese beef, I went with Wagyu Saikoro Don @ RM52 which is rice topped with dice cut Japanese beef.  There's also a Garlic Rice & Saikoro Steak Set @ RM52 with all the requisite sides if you want a better value meal.

But I decided on the Wagyu Saikoro Don in the hope that I'll get more beef compared to the set...and I probably did.  Just look at all that glorious beef cubes filling up the entire was a bowl of love!  The beef was perfectly cooked to medium rare and was really, really tender and delicious.

Served with complimentary miso soup and pickles.

We also ordered the Unagi Kabayaki @ RM52 and a bowl of rice @ RM3.50 even though there was Unadon on the menu at RM48.  Again, it was because we were greedy hoped for more unagi! ;)

The unagi was more than decent in taste and quality (the sauce may be slightly on the sweet side for my palate but probably perfect for others).  It was still gorgeous and I'm happy, in fact, I'm delirious! :D  

One of the servers brought me a bottle of this after my unagi was served.  I didn't know what it was at that time (as I had never been given this when I had unagi in the past).  I sprinkled some on my unagi and found that it had a lemony tang to it.  On googling, I found out that it's sansho, a kind of Japanese pepper (or spice) with citrus flavours and traditionally used in Japanese cuisine as a condiment for unagi (well, now I know).  I liked it with the unagi probably because it managed to cut through some of the sweetness of the unagi sauce.

Our drinks:

Lemon Green Tea with Honey @ RM11
Genmai Cha (Cold) @ RM5

#Side Story
I asked the server (who was attending to us) if Iced Green Tea was available if I wanted it (it was clearly stated in the menu as Hot Green Tea).  She replied, "No".  Luckily, a more senior server's keen eye noticed me asking her and came and asked if she could help.  I told her that I'd like to have Iced Green Tea if possible (which I thought why wouldn't it be possible as it's just hot green tea with and she said, "Of course, ma'am".  

It was then that I noticed that the server had a 'Trainee' name tag on.  I think the senior server was a little 'dissatisfied' too that the trainee wasn't aware of this simple thing.  Losing her trust, she asked the trainee to repeat the orders to her and that's when I heard two words that are taboo to me (when it comes to beef)..."medium well"!  I quickly repeated to the senior server that I wanted my beef done "medium rare". And that's precisely the reason why some restaurants task the order taking in the capable hands of the more senior staff (to minimise errors such as these).

My Personal Opinion

What can I say.....yet another very satisfying meal!  Do give the Japanese beef and unagi a try when you're here and, hopefully, you'll be pleased with the flavours as much as I did.

So coming back again!  Woohoo!! ;D

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
Lot 412 Level 4 Ramlee Mall
Suria KLCC
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2161 4176


  1. Yeah, yeah, I can tell that you were very happy with your meal and why Yuzu deserved a revisit or several revisits hee..hee.. I like the look of the Wagyu Saikoro Don, chunks of tender beef in rice and that's what I want to go for. The senior server did a good job of supervising the junior one. Or else you would have ended up with hot tea and tough beef.

    1. Hot tea...I can handle! Tough beef.....NO!!! ;D

  2. Guess it was the trainee... on training, hence the senior keeping a close eye on her and managed to quickly catch her mistake.

    I agree, the beef looks absolutely glorious, both from the set meal and the don. Pity I don't... you know the rest...

    1. I don't think I'll be as strong willed as you to stay away from beef...especially so after you've eaten it elsewhere! ;)

  3. I would love to have your run down on KLCC - "eat what where" style - zoomed in on this one location. I always have such a hard time finding something to love over that way.

    1. To do a run down on KLCC, I need to have eaten almost everything here...and I haven't.

  4. When you go and collect your books, you will get another chance to eat at Yuzu again. I wonder whether Yuzu at Gardens mall is at the same standard as this Yuzu in KLCC. I will keep the Wagyu Saikoro Don in mind if I ever eat in Yuzu.

    1. Well, you can try the one in Gardens to see if the food meets your standards :)

    2. Too expensive to try. Will only go to the one in Gardens if someone has confirmed that the standard is just as good as the one in KLCC. This year my food budget has gone down drastically so need to be sure before eating expensive food, cannot go try try.

    3. Since you need to be very sure before eating expensive food (because of your budget), then I'd suggest you read the more experienced and reputable food blogs.

  5. There is another outlet at Mid Valley if not mistaken. RM50+ can have Wagyu beef, not bad eh~

    1. Yes, there's one in Gardens. So, the wagyu beef is similarly priced like KLCC. You've tried the one in Gardens?


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