Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Cookie has been a naughty boy!

My Cookie can be quite the Cookie Monster (and I don't mean the famous cute blue one)...I mean literally....when he's up to no good!

Don't be fooled by his innocent "I'm so lovable" face....he's been a very naughty boy!

This was what my living room's shelves used to look like (with decor items on both shelves)! is not part of the shelf's decor items >.<

But this is what it usually looked like as I've had to move some of the decor items around each time he gets up there.

And he sits there like the place belongs to him >.<

Cookie:  What's up?  I'm just chillin' and relaxing....and bothering nobody.

Cookie:  Hey, this is my space!

Cookie:  What?  Did I do something wrong?

This is what it looks like...permanently now.....the shelves are bare (forget about putting up any decor stuff)!  Only the remotes storage box and room thermometer are left.

Coz, one fine day, this happened! O_o

Guess who? >:(

And this was the perpetrator...returning to the scene of the crime!

It took me hours to sweep and vacuum all the broken glass just to make sure no remnants of shattered glass were left behind :'(

Here, let me show you another of his "deeds".....

Before.....pretty, isn't it?


Which prompted me to do this.....anybody?

Ok, just can I....there's a reason why they're "made to be" so tug at our heartstrings! ;)

I guess I have to suck it up.....and do this!! :D


  1. That's what happens when you do not feature him more often in the blog! Hahahaha! XD

    1. So he made a fuss to make sure he has a starring role? ;D

  2. LOL! What a cute and entertaining post. Cookie is king of the shelf now. So where did all your decorative items go?

  3. heheh, cookie doesn't look guilty or remorseful at all! :D

    1. Those two words are not in his vocabulary! :D

  4. With Cookie up there on the shelves, no house geckos will dare hang around. keep calm and love cats is the right way to go!!!!

    1. Come to think of it, I've had less lizards in my house since having Cookie.


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