Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Revisit: Flingstones @ Subang Jaya

After a memorable first visit with my friends some months back, I recently found out that they've added a few new dishes onto their menu and I knew straightaway I had to return to try.  And I did last week with my family this time.

Knowing that the food was all good on my first visit, I knew my second experience would be no different. After all, Flingstones @ Subang Jaya holds a special place in my heart as the post I did on them is still trending among the top ten most viewed posts of all time in my blog.

Walking into Flingstones on a sunny Sunday morning, we were greeted with friendly smiles and the aroma of wondrous coffee.  Looking at the new additions to the menu, I went straight for the Babi (Porky) Fried Rice @ RM18 cooked with not-one-but-three types of porky goodness..."chee yau char" (crispy pork lard bits), pork bacon and "lap cheong" (Chinese dried sausages) what could be better than that! =)

The fried rice was fragrant with "wok hei" (breath of the wok), expertly fried with bits of chu yao char, lap cheong, eggs and onions.  The most important thing for a successful plate of fried rice (for me) is the rice...and the one here is perfectly cooked to well separated grains (nothing of the soft and mushy kind).  And then, happy days...when it's topped with two long slices of absolutely crisp streaky bacon.  And, and, and then, even happier days....when it's served with a whole (quartered) good quality century egg with a creamy and luscious yolk.  Ok.....I'm extremely contented....I'm happy as a clam! ;D

Next new dish I tried was the Porky Fat Rice XL @ RM20 which is their version of nasi lemak with their signature minced pork sambal and mama's rempah pork belly.

It was served with condiments of hard-boiled egg, ikan bilis & kacang (fried anchovies and nuts), cucumber and kangkung (water convolvulus) served on top of a piece of banana leaf.  Their minced pork sambal was flavourful, slightly spicy with a hint of sour and I liked it.  It was great eaten with everything that tasted fresh on the tray.

Their mama's recipe of rempah (spiced) pork belly was full of aromatic spices.  It's very much similar to "rempah ayam" (spiced chicken) recipe from Malay stalls except this one is done with pork.  The pork belly was totally fragrant and tender...and the meat wasn't too dry.

The final new dish we got to sample was the "Kapowww" Spaghetti @ RM18 which was actually a wok fried spicy spaghetti with "kung po" chicken.  Again, this was a success as the "kung po" chicken cubes coated in the sweet and sticky sauce were pleasantly tender and savoury.

"Kung po" chicken is a savoury stir-fry dish with chicken, peanuts, vegetables (usually onions and spring onions) and dried chillies in a spicy and sweet sauce.  Not to worry, though....the kapowww isn't quite as kapow or fiery as one thinks, the heat level is acceptably mild once it's mixed through the spaghetti.

I think these were the only 3 new dishes introduced as the rest looked familiar with a big breakfast, pork ribs and the usual pasta dishes rounding up their menu.  One of my favourites from the last visit was the "Chee Yau Char" Angel Hair Pasta @ RM18 wok fried with crispy pork lard, pork bacon bits, juicy cherry tomatoes and finely shredded cucumber, topped with rocket and finished with a grating of cheese.  It was still as good as I remembered.

With the Star Wars frenzy and the force still strong, Flingstones has introduced a 'dark side' to their coffee from 17 December 2015 while stocks last!  You have a choice of Darth Vader Coffee Cubes with Milk or Stormtrooper Milk Cubes with Black Coffee or Hot Chocolate.  My obvious choice....Darth Vader Coffee @ RM15, of course!

The cute Darth Vader coffee cubes....up close ;)

As the milk is not served hot, take note that it takes a while for the coffee cubes to melt.  Plus, I wasn't stirring it constantly to make it melt faster.

The floating Darth Vader :D

So, my experience of drinking it was (in the beginning) it had more milk than coffee taste (since the cubes have yet to melt) and (towards the end) the coffee was more bitter once it started to melt with the decreased milk that was drunk already >.<

This was the Hazelnut Latte (Cold) @ RM13 (which I had before and absolutely loved) and so ordered it for my mother-in-law who usually isn't very fond of this type of coffees as she finds it too strong for her.  She, however, found this one totally to her liking...she liked it so much she finished it all :)

And our meal ended with the same cake that I had here the last time, One Night with Cendolman @ RM12.....still as delectable as ever!

My Personal Opinion

My friends who came on the first visit with me have been back numerous times...and brought more friends.  Although I'd like to be back here more frequently too, it isn't always possible (because a food blog needs posts on new places + I'd like to visit and write about new places too).

But now that I've fallen in love with the Babi Fried Rice (and my family loves the food here as well), that's all going to change as it'll be extremely difficult to resist coming back here on a more frequent basis!

Flingstones Cafe
24 Jalan SS15/8
Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-5879 9468

As 2015 draws to a close.....
.....& Happy Holidays to all...and I'll see you in 2016!


  1. Holy Mutha Sh*t!!! That Babi Fried Rice is just the... I can't find the right words for it! Pure Foodgasm!!! Arhhhh!!!!

    By the way, how can you call Darth Vader cute?? You will make him very angry with that description! :D

    1. Cute what...if you see him in that lego movie (or in Simpsons)! :D

      Now, even a char kway teow with chee yau char can't top this fried rice! ;)

  2. OK, the Babi Fried Rice is calling out to me! LOL! Gosh, now I absolutely must go to Flingstones for that and also the Porky Fat Rice XL! hah..hah..the coffee cubes are actually in the shape of Darth Vader's face :D

    1.'s impolite to not answer when you're called, right? So, heed the call and make your way down to Flingstones! ;D

  3. These dishes suit RG and Phong Hong to a T but not my cuppa of tea. But I will go try the cendolman cake one day. I guess you go there after church since it is very far from your home.

    1. Yes, I did go there after morning service. Eating that cendolman was like having a taste of cendol in cake form (hope it's not too sweet for you)! ;)

  4. i'm quite looking forward to trying the fried rice someday ... i love century egg, so i'd definitely devour it with glee :)

    1. For some reason, century egg tastes foul to a lot of people....but certainly not to us! :D

  5. I'd like to try some of that Babi Fried Rice too. Wishing you a fab year full of many delicious food adventures ahead.

    1. Thanks....I'm sure it'll be another great year of travel and food adventures for The Yum List too! :)

  6. Happy New Year to you and your family! May all of you have a great 2016.

    1. Thanks, Mun.....same to you and your family! :)

  7. I had the zhu yao zhar pasta on my last visit and I like it very much!

    1. That's why I had it again on my second visit! =)


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