Monday, 14 December 2015

It's the Best Time Ever.....

It's the Best Time, I'm not talking about Neil Patrick Harris' latest variety show.....I'm talking about December....the best time (ever) of the year!  The season to be jolly....the season of "ho ho ho"....and the season of giving and receiving!

And what better way to get into the mood and spirit of Christmas than to see the décor put up by shopping malls.  Last year, I shared with you five....this year, it'll be just two.....the two that I visited to shop for my Christmas presents (less visits = less spending....hee...hee..need to tighten belt!).

First up, my favourite mall of all time...Pavilion, the one-stop centre that serves me with everything that I need or want.  And when I heard that it's a tree decked in 175,000 sparkling Swarovski crystals....and I do love Swarovski anything, a visit is a must, of course.

Located in Pavilion KL's centre court, it's the tallest Christmas tree in Asia at 23-metres with an estimated value of RM3 million.  Enough talk.....let me just show you a few pics...befitting this year's theme of "Christmas Sparkles".

#1 - This magnificent structure greets you as you walk into Pavilion Centre Court

#2 - the Swarovski tree (up close)

#3 - the Swarovski crystals (up closer)
 #4 - I loved the giant-sized Swarovski blue & grey gift boxes even more

#5 - some of the other surrounding décor of sparkling trees & such

#6 - from the Bukit Bintang entrance (taken from inside, too lazy to walk out all the way to the front)

#7 - these ones (at the entrance inside the mall) look pretty ordinary

Although impressed by the Swarovski tree and mesmerised by the sparkle of the crystals, I found that the Christmas 'joy and spirit' wasn't as clearly represented and, more importantly, felt!  In short, it just didn't feel as christmas-y as last year (for me).

Last year's decoration was filled with everything we associate with Christmas....snowmen, reindeers, Santa Claus, etc.  They did recycle some of last year's décor which made its presence felt along the aisles and walkway around the mall.  This was just one I captured.....look familiar?

The Christmas decoration in Suria KLCC, on the other hand, took on a 'sweet' theme....
.....of candies and lollipops!

#1 - central décor of gingerbread & candy house at KLCC concourse

#2 - left décor of teapot and teacup with cupcakes & lollipops

#3 - right décor of cakes, candy canes & presents

#4 - one of the many lollipop trees

#5 - giant lollipops hanging from above throughout the mall

#6 - décor at the entrance of KLCC park

#7 - recycled tree (from last year) at the fountain area
(I guess malls are tightening their belts too by cutting back expenditure on decorations)

Year end festivities and holidays is the best time of the year....for some it's a time to wine, dine and dressed to the nines (...and party!), for others it may be a time for a quiet dinner at home or even a time to travel.....

....whatever it may be, it's gonna be the Best Time Ever!


  1. I see that you have been shopping and enjoying the sights of the Christmas decos. I must keep my eyes open when I next visit a mall and take note of the decorations. I tend to miss those hah..hah... I'll have to agree that the Swarovski tree does not give a Christmas feel, to me it comes across quite "cold" whereas the lollipop trees fared much better.

  2. Think I prefer the KLCC ones. Pavilion feels like high-end, luxurious version of Christmas, which is not Christmasey at all. Christmas is supposed to be warm and homey and fun, isn't it?

  3. wah, i've not visited both malls in recent weeks ... pavilion's centrepiece is certainly very striking and pretty stunning ... and i always favour snowmen in the decor, since we lack snow in kl, heh ... oh, this is a good reminder to try to find clips of NPH's show on youtube, since i've only seen promos for it so far but not the actual show :)

    1. Yeah, NPH is quite the all-round entertainer...he can sing, he can dance and he's funny too! ;)

  4. Thanks for all the photos. I went to Pavilion recently but not KLCC.

  5. Pavilion sure does seasonal decorations well.

    1. They always come up with unique décor :)

  6. I heard Pavi was mad packed isn't it?

    1. Yeah it was...last Saturday because of that fake snow event. I got caught in a 2-hr jam getting to and leaving from Pavi.

  7. I was at Pavillion last Sunday and planned to wait for the snowing which available at 8pm but it was raining that evening :(

    1. Omg...this snow event thingy caused massive jams in and around Pavilion!


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