Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Revisit: Sun Fatt Kee @ Seapark PJ

I have blogged about this place twice, once for the Sisters' Curry Laksa (which is the more famous stall in this coffee shop) and the other for the lesser known stall selling Teochew Porridge.  I say 'lesser known stall' coz even the family seated next to us (who were having the more well-known curry laksa) kept looking over to our table to see what we were having.
We enjoyed the Teochew dishes here so much that we've been back to Restoran Sun Fatt Kee @ Seapark PJ numerous times in the past months...and the last two times we were here, we had rice instead of porridge.
Spread 1 - RM29 for 3 pax (with 7 dishes inclusive of rice)
Spread 2 - RM33 for 3 pax (with 8 dishes inclusive of rice)
As you can see, I tend to levitate towards the same few dishes each time I'm here coz they're our favourites.  So, here are the dishes we've had before that were highlighted in my previous post already.
Boiled Salted Vegetables...this is a 'must have' for that non-salty, ultra soft bite
Sweet & Sour Pork Chop....tender and sweet
Luncheon meat is already good....but Battered Luncheon Meat...doubly good ;)

Spicy 'La La' (Clams)...another 'must have' for its flavours of slightly salty (from the salted beans), slightly sweet, slightly spicy (from the dried chillies)....just awesome!

And here were the new dishes we tried, some of which were added on to our list of favourites as well! :D
Fried Cabbage with Dried Prawns...simple but nicely done

Fried "Lor Bak" (marinated minced pork roll)....decently made
The Assam Fish (ikan kembong or Indian mackerel) version here is different from the norm in that its sauce is not thick and robustly sour and spicy.  It was light and watery, almost soup like, but still tasty enough that you'd want to drink up every last drop of the sour and spicy broth.  The flesh of the ikan kembong was a bit firmer than I would have liked not due to the cooking but probably the quality of the fish itself that day.
The Curry Chicken was another well-received dish.  The chicken meat was so tender you don't even need to chew.  This was one case that even the breast meat was soft and acceptable.  I loved the soft potatoes in the thick curry broth too.
Another favourite of ours was this Stewed Pork & Eggs, so much so that my spouse grabbed one half of the stewed eggs before I could take the pic.  And since my mother-in-law wasn't with us this time, I could order the lean yet tender meat (and not the fatty parts that she likes).
My Personal Opinion
If you're looking for a variety of small plates with rice or porridge, this is one of those places.  And what's comes with a very decent price tag, around RM10 per person, for a meal that evokes memories of a tasty home-cooked meal just like our moms would make! ;-)
Definite 'must-haves' which you can't leave here without trying....the boiled salted vegetables (the best version I've come across so far) and the excellently done spicy la-la dish.
Restoran Sun Fatt Kee
2-28 Jalan 21/11B Seapark
46300 Petaling Jaya


  1. Your mom maybe, but not my mom. My mom won't make dishes like this since we're not Teochew. But I do love Teochew food. Usually I eat alone, so I'll just go for the stewed pork/egg and salted veggie. Yumss...

    1. My mom is not Teochew either but she (or any other moms, I reckon) can certainly make a dish that's not her heritage if she really wanted to. My mom has made this stewed pork and eggs dish before....just like she has made Hakka stewed pork too! ;)

  2. small plates ... just realised this could be considered the chinese version of tapas! :D i'd really like the chicken curry with potatoes and the stewed pork with eggs :D

    1. Chinese version of tapas?....haha! :D Have not really thought about it that way! ;)

  3. This is good, you can have quite a variety of dishes. I see you had 7 and 8 dishes on separate outings. I definitely must have the stewed pork and eggs, but I want the fatty parts!

    1. Oh, no worries, they have the fatty parts for you! ;D

  4. I have seen this stall when I ate the curry laksa but it did not attract me to try the dishes. Now that you have highlighted some of the dishes, I think I will go and try the curry chicken, assam fish, stewed pork and eggs. Spicy lala and boiled salted vege maybe. I would say this place is quite far from where you stay so it must be good for you to come here to eat a few times.

    1. It is far if I were to come here straight from my home but I'm usually here on Sunday mornings, right after morning mass, so I'm half way there already....that's why. Their dishes are rotated, so you may not find all the dishes you want at one time but the salted vege is a staple.

  5. I often do the same - tend to order the same dishes rather than branching out for something new. I have my favs, and they make me happy. :-)

    1. Yeah, I think many of us levitate towards something familiar that's already proven to be good rather than trying something new :)

  6. All the dishes u've mentioned above are my favourite too! High 5!


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