Tuesday, 29 December 2015

La Cucur @ Suria KLCC

La Cucur @ Suria KLCC is one of those places I'd stop-over for breakfast before starting on my shopping in KLCC because of its convenient location on the concourse level just above the car park.

Its popularity has seen this small eatery (though it used to occupy a bigger space before) sticking around for more than 15 years.

They're, first and foremost, well-known for their local kuih-muih (with more than 40 types available) from kuih talam to serimuka, kuih lapis to kuih tako, kuih sago to ubi nenas, kuih bahulu to kuih bakar, kuih ketayap to kuih puteri ayu, cucur udang to jemput pisang and lots, lots more!

This place is self-service, so grab yourself a pair of tongs and a plate and just choose what kuih you want before proceeding to the cashier's counter.  You also order (and pay for) your drinks and hot food at the counter.

You can grab some breakfast staples like roti jala and roti boom with kari ayam, pulut kuning with ayam rendang or the (pre-packed) nasi lemak bungkus from the counter too.

They also offer nasi lemak with various lauk and condiments, a perennial favourite of many for breakfast.  There are also different types of noodles on rotation basis...Soto Ayam (available every day), Laksa Johor (on Tuesdays & Fridays), Laksa Utara (Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays, Mee Kari (on Mondays & Thursdays) and Mee Rebus (on Wednesdays & Saturdays).

I managed to try the Laksa Johor @ RM12 which had a curry broth that was both savoury (with a fair dose of santan) and tangy which was refreshing to eat.  But some would find this bowl of noodles expensive since the ingredients are just vegetables (like what we'd get in our assam laksa), namely julienned onion, cucumber and bean sprouts, topped with a dollop of fresh sambal and a sprinkling (I think) of daun kesum (laksa leaves or Vietnamese coriander).

I thought laksa Johor resembles more of a thick assam laksa with a pale looking broth (from ikan kembong or fresh sardines) but this version looked (and tasted) more like a curry laksa.  Even though it may not seem like an authentic Laksa Johor, it tasted alright nevertheless.  I liked the nicely blanched spaghetti noodles with a squeeze of the "limau kasturi" (calamansi lime) over the curry broth.

The Soto Ayam @ RM12 is a type of Malaysian chicken noodle soup with shredded chicken, begedil (potato patty), taugeh (bean sprouts), fried shallots and topped with a sprinkling of spring onions and daun sup (parsley).  It's served with a fiery sauce of bird's eye chillies blended with soy on the side....put as much or as little as you like as it's quite potent.  You can have this with either meehoon or "nasi himpit" (compressed rice cakes).  I did like the begedil but I've had better soto ayam before.

The Mee (or Meehoon) Kari (or Curry Mee) @ RM12 came with fish cakes, tofu puffs, "choy sum" (Chinese flowering cabbage), red and green chillies, taugeh and fried onions.  I was surprised to find the broth a pale yellow instead of the red-coloured curries I'm more accustomed to (and you'll also find laksa leaves in there instead of curry leaves).  I have to say that the Laksa Johor here looked more like a curry mee than the Mee Kari! >.<

The Nasi Lemak Bungkus @ RM2.30 is your simple, every day pre-packed nasi lemak (as its name).

Filled with kacang (nuts), fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies), a slice of omelette and that ever important sambal.  I never get bored of eating this type of nasi lemak bungkus and this one was decent in its own right too.

I've always enjoyed kuih sago coz I love anything with sago in it.  The Kuih Sago @ RM1.10/pc here wasn't too sweet and the rose flavour was evidently pronounced.

The Kuih Ubi Nenas (tapioca + pineapple) @ RM1.70 (for 3 pcs) is one I don't come across very often (as it's usually just kuih ubi kayu).  This, I loved, with its tangy and sweet flavours and, with just one bite, the flavours of the pineapple came out front and centre.

I could see that the tubs of Bubur Cha Cha @ RM5 had lots of sago in it and I knew I just had to get one to eat at home later.  But, it turned out to be a big disappointment, to say the least, as it wasn't just overly was insanely sweet!  In the end, I just fished out the soft yam and sweet potato cubes (and whatever sago I could)...and ate those and discarded the rest.

The Iced Teh Tarik @ RM3.90 was alright but...
.....the Iced Local Black Coffee @ RM3.90 was not

My Personal Opinion

It's obvious that this place is pretty popular seeing that they've lasted more than 15 years in KLCC and there's always a crowd during peak times.  Their noodles (averaging RM12 a bowl) with small portions and scant ingredients aren't really good value for that price but then this is KLCC we're talking about.

Their more than 40 types of traditional kuih is great, value-wise, as they're double the size of those offered by Nyonya Colors but, taste-wise, not as good as the latter.  I prefer the kuih from Nyonya Colors as I find them to be less sweet and more fragrant.

Give the noodles a miss and have a packet of nasi lemak and some kuih (the right ones) with a steaming hot cup of teh tarik....and you can still come away fairly satisfied with a fast and simple local breakfast here! ;)

La Cucur
Lot C33 Concourse Level
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2161 4810


  1. I can see that you love your kuih muih, so many to choose from! Talking about insanely sweet, one Chinese New Year long ago, the red bean dessert at the hotel was exactly that. So all of us abandoned the read bean soup.

    1. When it comes to kuih and desserts, I find that the Malay-type eateries do theirs really sweet...maybe that's how they like them. :(

  2. I bought kuih from here before, but never thought of sitting down for their main courses. It just didn't feel right to have something like nasi lemak bungkus in a place like KLCC. :|

    1. Just think of it as eating a nasi lemak bungkus in posh surroundings....haha! :D Actually, it's the convenience for me as a quick bite before I start shopping!!

  3. this place is a real survivor, ya ... i recall buying tidbits occasionally from here, more than a decade ago, back when i was visiting klcc more often ... i can imagine the nasi lemak bungkus might have cost just over a ringgit then ;)

    1. That's what happens with rising costs of living! T_T

  4. price can be a bit higher here but it's KLCC, I love their nasi kunyit!

    1. Oh, I've seen their nasi kunyit but have not tried it before. Though prices may be higher but their kuih is easily double the size of the ones from Nyonya Colors.

  5. I've walked past here many times but never stopped as I have no idea what to order. Thanks for sorting through the list for me. ;-)

    1. You're's just a small list (I've tried more but that was a long time ago). Best to stick to their nyonya kuih here but be cautioned that many of them are overly sweet.

  6. A long time ago I bought some kuihs from this le cucur klcc but have never sat down to eat there. I am surprised to see you like nyonya colors better than this one. Since you review kuih I am curious to know what you would say about aroma nyonya's kuihs. You can buy aroma nyonya's kuih at O&S . I found out that the kuih stall in O&S sells aroma nyonya's kuih. The name aroma nyonya is embossed on the translucent plastic packaging of the kuihs.

    1. Between Nyonyo Colors and La Cucur, I definitely prefer the former though I've also had some better ones from street stalls. You prefer La Cucur's?

      Yes, you've mentioned to me about Aroma at O&S before but I've yet to try it. Just like you found out about Aroma Kueh at O&S, likewise I found out that the kuih I blogged about at Hock Seng Two is actually Taiping Lim Nyonya Kueh (another famous brand).

    2. It has been too long. I can't remember what La Cucur's kueh tastes like to compare.

  7. I'll stand in front of that display cabinet for a good few minutes with indecisive mind which kuih to choose >_<


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