Friday, 12 September 2014

Revisit: The Loaf @ Pavilion

After being impressed by their fine pastries, I went to The Loaf @ Pavilion (again) for a late breakfast after a bout of shopping (read my earlier review here).

But, more specifically, I was there to try their Creamy Anpan (which I didn't get to do on my last visit) and I'm sure glad that I was the bomb!

But, first up, the Mushroom Omelette @ RM12 was a button mushroom filled omelette with two chicken sausages, two slices of toast and a salad with some julienned carrots and sliced olives.  The omelette was overdone and lost its fluffiness and the toast didn't come with any butter (which was rather strange).  I'm not sure if the wait staff mistakenly left it out but when I asked for some, they were kind enough to bring me some (at no extra charge).  It may not score 'big' on taste but at a (very reasonable) price of RM12, I would deem it acceptable.

Next was the Scrambled Eggs with Potato Rosti @ RM12.  This came with a few slices of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on top of a potato rosti with sour cream.  As much as I love potato rosti, this version was too lightly fried (although still crisp on the outside) but without the browning that I desired and the chef was a bit heavy-handed with the salt this time.  The scrambled eggs were again overcooked but the salmon had a good smoky flavour which I enjoyed.

After two western choices, I decided to go with something local with a choice of Tun's Curry Chicken @ RM14.80 which is The Loaf's signature chicken curry with toast.  The chicken pieces were cooked till very tender but I found the curry powder taste too prominent in the curry with no "santan" (coconut milk) flavour.

The two slices of toast (that accompanied the chicken curry) was 'Godzilla-sized' (like at least an inch thick) making this substantial dish more of a lunch than breakfast item.  This dish is listed as Tun's favourite but it certainly was not mine.

A drink (that was in its Back to Nature Boost Juices menu) which caught my attention was The Wild Thing @ RM12 because of its name.  Ok, people...there's nothing wild's just made up of fresh apple, watermelon and pineapple though the dominant flavour was watermelon.  Nothing like a supposedly healthy juice to help cleanse our body which is cool and refreshing at the same time.

This is the Mango Fruit Juice @ RM10 from the Fruit Juices Section (not the freshly squeezed juices) that tastes like those bottled ones from supermarkets although you can also have a choice of freshly squeezed juices starting from RM12.

Another drink for the Fruit Juices Section was the Lime Juice also @ RM10 but, sadly, I did not get the sour, crisp refreshing flavour.

As I exited The Loaf, I went looking for the Creamy Anpan as I had wanted to try this since my last visit.  [#Note: Anpan is a Japanese sweet roll commonly filled with red bean paste (although it can also be prepared with other fillings).]  The Loaf offers the Anpan in 3 flavours...original Fresh Cream, Espresso Coffee and Green Tea.  [#Note: Not sure why it's spelt as 'Ampan' by The Loaf as the actual spelling is 'Anpan'.]

This is the Creamy Anpan with Espresso Coffee @ RM3.50 which I "tapau" (takeaway) to try at home.  The utterly soft bun, topped with a roasted pecan, came with a 'light as air' fresh cream and a subtly sweetened house made red bean paste infused with an espresso coffee flavour.  It's bonkers just how good it is!

The flavours worked so well together...the slight bitterness of the coffee coupled with the sweetness of the red bean paste and fresh cream.  I was blown away with the unique taste (I initially thought that coffee and red bean paste would be a weird combo).  If you like coffee, you're sure gonna enjoy eating this espresso creamy ampan...I certainly did!  If you're not a coffee lover, then go for the original fresh cream version which is just as good.  [#Tip: Don't be alarmed with the abundant fresh cream in the bun, it is so light and airy, it feels like you're eating 'foam''s that good!]

My Personal Opinion

You can get quite a few of their All Day Breakfast menu items for under RM15 which is quite a bargain for a place like Pavilion although, taste wise, I was not impressed.

After sampling some of their breakfast menu, it's crystal clear that The Loaf (like its namesake) is all about its bread and pastries.  Their pastry is the crowning glory here!  If I happen to be in a 'Party of One', I tend to come here (for their pastries) after I'm done with what I have to do in Pavilion.

You can't come to The Loaf and not be 'wowed' by their super soft buns.  I will keep coming back for more of these superior pastries like the Espresso Anpan, Tuna Mayo Bun/Oyaki and Mini Vanilla Silk Chiffon Cupcake (which are among my absolute favourites).

The Loaf Bakery & Bistro
Lot 3.13.00 & 14.12.02
Levels 3 & 4 Pavilion KL
168 Jalan Bukit Bintwng
55100 Kuala Lumpur


  1. Ah, I have yet to visit Pavilion after reading your previous post about this Anpan. Will make a note to remember this for my next visit.

    1. This Anpan is really good with a cup of coffee...mmm!

    2. A cup of black coffee because I find this Creamy Ampan too rich and too sweet for my palate. Rather cloy.

    3. I do find some of their pastries cloying (especially some of the Oyaki). I, too, can't take things that are overly sweet but I found this one (with Espresso Coffee) to be very light and not too sweet, so I'm surprised you found it to be overly sweet and rich for your palate...maybe the Original Fresh Cream one is sweeter?


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