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Uncle Meng (Char Siew) @ Taman Shamelin

If you love "char siew" (barbequed pork), you'll love this place to bits---Restoran Uncle Meng @ Taman ShamelinI had eaten at this place many times now, just that I was not aware that I had eaten this same char siew more than 10 years before.

Back then, a colleague of mine brought me to this place and I would still remember vividly the mouth-watering taste of the char siew.  Only thing was, after I ate there, I couldn't remember the name of the place or where it was.  It was not until I did some research recently and came across a photo of the place in a food blogger's website that I instantly recognised as the place I had my char siew before.  It was known as Meng Kee then and it was located in Tengkat Tong Shin (now relocated to Jalan Alor).  I also realised that Meng Kee and Uncle Meng are related (they are brothers and a third brother has another shop in Shah Alam).  I am glad that I have been reunited with my favourite char siew stall.....(sing along) reunited and it feels so good!

To cut my 'long lost friend reunion' story short, let's get to the char siew.

This is a single serving of Char Siew Rice which costs RM5.50 and their chilli dip (garlicky and full of zesty lime flavour) is one of my favourites todate.

If you want more char siew (and you certainly would), ask for a plate of Char Siew for 2 persons @ RM18.00 (inclusive of 2 rice).  The char siew here is charred and caramelised, with a slightly sweet taste (may be a bit too sweet for some), if you ask for "pun fei sau' (half fat, half lean) which is the best way to eat char siew.  The perfect fat-to-lean ratio makes it tender with a 'melt-in-your-mouth' sensation and it's easy to see why it's on the top of my list for char siew (until I sample better ones).

They, of course, have the other usual meats of chicken and "siew yoke" (roast pork) but these are just secondary to the main draw which is the char siew.  [#Tip: The char siew makes its appearance only after 11am and sometimes it's gone by 1pm.]

Although the char siew rice is what everyone is after when they come here, there is another 'hidden gem' in this coffee shop....and it is the stall selling western food.

This is the Fried Spaghetti with Luncheon Meat @ RM6 (without egg).  The cooked spaghetti is dry-fried with some seasoning (that looks like chicken powder) and tossed with some dried herbs (parsley).  It is then topped with a sauce of your choice (tomato, mushroom or black pepper) and the mushroom sauce is the winner here!  But the best thing on the plate, surprisingly, is not the spaghetti but the luncheon are we to know that a simple piece of canned luncheon meat can taste so good!

Here's a closer look at the luncheon meat!  They deep fry it briefly to achieve a slightly crisp, fragrant exterior.  When you bite into the luncheon meat, it is slightly crispy, slightly salty, very aromatic and fragrant, unlike the 'cheapskate' and not-so-good tasting ones that you find at many "chap farn" (mixed rice) stalls.

The Fried Spaghetti with Luncheon Meat & Egg @ RM7, in black pepper sauce, is hot and peppery, everything a black pepper sauce should be, though I prefer the mushroom sauce.

You can also order a Western Breakfast with toast, egg, ham, burger meat and sausage @ RM5.80...and, if you can't resist (like me), you can add on 2 pcs of luncheon meat @ RM1.50 extra.  [#Note: When I say 2 pcs, it's actually 2 "1/4" pcs, meaning RM0.75 for a 1/4 pc...pretty pricey but you won't mind because it is so good and, if not for the price, I will add more....more!]  Incidentally, the piece of burger meat is not bad either.

The wantan mee with "wat kai" (smooth white chicken) @ RM5.50 is quite ok too.  If you like the thinner version of wantan mee, you can get them here because they are thinner than the normal ones you get at other wantan mee stalls.  However, because they are thinner, overcooking it is very easy.

When they cook it just right (though they tend to overcook it at times), it is quite good when eaten with the "wat kai", which is smooth and tasty, but their "wan tan" is far from good though.  After all, their char siew, siew yoke and chicken comes from the same Uncle Meng's stall (so you are assured of the standard already).

My Personal Opinion

This is a good "makan" place for breakfast and lunch for the working crowd in Taman Shamelin.  The food is good (especially the 3 mentioned above) and the price is reasonable.  There are also many other stalls in this coffee shop selling mixed rice, fried rice, fried kuey teow, curry laksa, pan mee, etc. if you want more variety (some are ok).

The 'must-order' here is, of course, the excellent 'char siew' and the Fried Spaghetti with Luncheon Meat (which the kids will adore as well).

What I liked:  Excellent 'char siew' and good luncheon meat!

What I disliked:  Finding a table (and parking) may be difficult during their peak hours of breakfast and lunch.

Restoran Uncle Meng
Corner of Lorong 6A/91
Jalan 6/91 Taman Shamelin, Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur

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