Sunday, 12 January 2014

Fish & Co @ Pavilion

While walking towards our usual haunt for fried seafood, we noticed numerous advertising boards that was promoting (then) a new fish & chips restaurant...Fish & Co @ Pavilion and, so, we decided to give it a try one day and were pleasantly surprised.  They have two other outlets, one in One Utama Shopping Centre and the other in Paradigm Mall.
You can choose to dine inside (where it is air-conditioned) or choose to sit at the alfresco part of the restaurant.
I was greeted with a rather cute-looking wooden 'fish-bone' design placemat that would act as a 'coaster' for the food that will be served in hot metal pans.
We ordered a starter of Crispy Whitebait @ RM9.95.  The whitebait was well seasoned with herbs and deep fried to crunchy good (our favourite starter)!  [#Tip: The whitebait here are much larger in size compared to the ones at Manhattan Fish Market (MFM).]
Another starter that we tried was the Grilled Calamari @ RM10.95.  These were squid rings that were grilled to slightly blackened, thus imparting a' charred' flavour to it, while still maintaining its tender texture (although, at times, more tender than others, as it is very easy to overcook calamari...a tad longer and it loses some of its tenderness).  It was served with their signature lemon butter sauce and a sprinkling of fresh parsley.
For a special promo price of RM7.95, you can get a soup of the day and a drink.
Next was the Best Fish & Chips in Town @ RM14.95 (though I won't vouch for that).  It was crispy and flaky, what can I say....who doesn't like fish &'s satisfying comfort food that everyone loves, especially kids!

The Artic Fish & Chips @ RM17.95 were 2 large pieces of Atlantic Pollock fish fillets that were battered and fried and served with chips and mayo.  This fish was again crispy and complaints here!
The Seafood Platter for 1 @ RM28.95 (or Platter for 2, which comes with added mussels, if you have a bigger party) was delectable and turned out to be our favourite dish of the day.  It is an all-time favourite platter of grilled prawns, calamari and white fish, served with paella rice and chips.  The grilled calamari was cooked perfectly with the flesh still soft (not chewy), while some parts that were grilled more exuded a hint of charred taste which made it even more flavoursome.  On the other hand, the grilled prawns were a bit bland as it needed more seasoning and charring to give it the extra oomph!! 
Comparing this dish to MFM's Small Flame, I definitely preferred this one as, overall, the seafood was fresher and tastier although I liked MFM's Flaming Prawns more.
When I saw the Baked Salmon with Citrus Crust @ RM26.95 on the menu, I just knew I had to order it because I love salmon and anything citrusy....and it didn't disappoint!  The salmon was cooked just right and the citrus herb crust was baked till crunchy and it tasted refreshing and slightly sweet.  The salmon was served with their homemade mushroom sauce together with some boiled potatoes, carrots and shitake mushrooms and paella rice. 
This dish is a healthier option than the fried variety but yet tastes good.  I enjoyed the boiled veggies and also Fish & Co's paella rice, which was more aromatic and flavourful, compared to MFM's garlic herb rice.  I liked the mushroom sauce as it had slices of fresh button mushrooms in it but the portion was rather measly for the 2 slices of salmon.  If you find the sauce insufficient (like me), you can always ask for more from their staff!
[#Tip: The portions at Fish & Co are rather generous and, if you are a small eater, you won't be able to finish a starter and main on your own, so it would be advisable to share.]
For drinks, I ordered the Pink Passion @ RM7.95 which is a fusion of pineapple, cranberry, orange and honey.  It was very refreshing indeed with its slightly sour, slightly sweet taste...a perfect end to the meal!
My Personal Opinion
I definitely preferred Fish & Co's fish and seafood more compared to the other fish & chips place....erm, You-Know-Who (MFM) as the produce is fresher and the taste is better. 
I guess the tagline on their paper napkin says it all...."one bite 'n' you're hooked"...and....I was, at least hooked enough for a revisit!
What I liked:  The Crispy Whitebait, Baked Salmon with Citrus Crust and Seafood Platter.  It may not be the best fish & chips in town but it's good enough, in my books, when you crave for some old-fashioned, classic fish & chips.
What I disliked:  They need to improve on the seasoning and charring of their grilled prawns to make it 'kickass'!!
Fish & Co
Lot C4.02.00 Level 4
Pavilion KL
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2141 1350

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