Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Nando's (+ A Sneak Peek of Their Latest Flavour) @ Aeon Taman Maluri

When we're contemplating a chicken meal from a restaurant chain, Nando's is usually the first choice that comes to mind.

And it was in one of these visits last Saturday afternoon that we came to know about Nando's upcoming latest flavour....."Secret" Peri-Peri!  For now it's called secret peri-peri since it hasn't been officially introduced yet (so I don't what it'll be called when it's finally launched)...but more on that later.

We like Nando's lunch offers when we're looking for a light and truly affordable meal.  I like to go for the Chicken Hot Pot @ RM11.31 that features shredded chicken (stirred in your favourite peri-peri flavour) with vegetables and spicy rice.

Although the menu pic shows vegetables of cabbage, carrot with green, red and yellow capsicum, the actual dish only came with shredded cabbage and carrot.  The shredded chicken and vegetables have a bit of charring on them making them rather pleasant to eat.  A simple dish that should appeal to children too.

The other option is Chicken Trinchado @ RM11.31 (again, at a great price) which comes with grilled chicken tenders in their special peri-peri and garlic sauce served with Mediterranean rice.  The prices of these two meals are almost what you'd pay (if not cheaper) for some of the dishes from Aeon's food court.

The chopped up chicken tenders (you can choose the flavour too) is cooked in a tomato and onion relish that tastes tangy but the Mediteranean rice is bland (compared to the spicy rice).

The Grilled Chicken Tenders @ RM14.42 is yet another choice though this one is priced slightly higher than the other two.  The grilled juicy chicken tenders basted in peri-peri sauce of your choice are served with two regular sides...seen here with peri-peri chips and peri-peri wedges (I think you can guess who this one belongs to!).

I prefer to have mine with chargrilled vegetables and peri-peri chips.  Other sides include spicy rice, Mediterranean rice (no!), coleslaw (uh-uh), corn-on-the-cob (maybe), garlic bread (too dry), side salad or red skinned mashed potatoes.  When I'm feeling particularly lazy and want something that's easy to eat, this offers me respite from having to deal with chicken bones....kekeke! ;)

It was during one of these meals that we were asked if we wanted to claim the complimentary two "Secret" Peri-Peri Chicken Wings which happen to be available to members only from Nov 3 -13.

So, we were among those given the chance to be the first to try out this new "Secret" Peri-peri Chicken Wings.  Well, it tasted like some kind of BBQ sauce to me, the sweetness of which allowed the chicken to be better charred thus giving rise to a smokier and tastier chicken.

I think they may just have another winner on their hands! ^_~  I do like this new flavour and I think it'll be a hit with the children too since this one isn't spicy and also not zesty and tangy like all their other peri-peri, lemon & herb and mango & lime flavours.

Psstttt...this "Secret" Peri-Peri Chicken Wings is expected to be launched on Nov 14 and will be available for all to try.  Yes, you heard it here first (I've always wanted to say that)....or maybe not...hihihi!  Will you like this new flavour?  Find out on 14 Nov! ^.^

My Personal Opinion

These three very affordable meals are great options (for children too) when you're looking for a simple, fuss-free meal.

Are you tempted to find out what the new secret flavour tastes like?  Then mark your calendar and head to a Nando's near you starting 14 Nov! ;)

Nando's Taman Maluri
Lot G-20 Aeon Shopping Centre
Jalan Jejaka Taman Maluri
50766 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2856 0855


  1. The name of Nandos always excites me anytime. It is my top most favourite choice for a good chicken meal from franchise outlets. The way they marinated the meat with thick cut fries & flaming hot peri peri sauces make my day!

    I look forward to this Secret Peri-Peri Chicken Wings on 14th November!!

    1. Hope you enjoy your "date" with secret peri-peri! ^_~

  2. As a Nando's member, I received this invitation to try out their new flavour too but I have yet try it out though~

    1. I take it that you'd like to try this new sauce then :)

  3. Nando's one of my favorites! Those tenders sure look good and relatively healthier than other options since it's white meat kan?

    1. Chicken tenders = healthier option = easy to eat! ;)

  4. Even though I am not too thrilled with Nando's, still you have got me curious about the secret peri peri . If it is something like BBQ sauce, I think I will like it since I love BBQ sauce.

    1. Oh then you should try this new flavour. When they call it secret peri-peri, people get anything secret...hahaha! :D


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