Wednesday, 14 March 2018

#ewew makes Rainbow Fruit Salad with Honey Lemon Dressing

Chinese New Year is a time for overeating, snacking...and, ultimately, weight gain? ;)  I know, I know, we're supposed to practise moderation...but who can when tempted with so many of our guilty pleasures.

One way to redeem ourselves after too much unhealthy food would be to eat porridge.  The other would be to eat salads.  But just not any salad.  I particularly love fruit salads.  So, here's my take on a Rainbow Fruit Salad with Honey Lemon Dressing.  Actually, it's just a simple fruit salad made more "atas" (luxurious) by simply adding 'classier' fruits...and a classier name.  Hihihi! ^_~

I've made many, many fruit salads before but always with different fruit combinations.  That's why this is a super flexible dish as you can use any fruits that you like or fruits you have on hand (leftovers).

This time, I decided to make a decadent one with strawberries after learning from phonghongbakes that Korean strawberries is the way to go.

I got these Korean strawberries (RM14.90) from Aeon supermarket (they were the only ones I saw on the shelves).  Taste testing one (at home), it wasn't very sweet...but, at least, it wasn't tart.  So, I'm happy with it (I guess different brands of Korean strawberries have different quality).

While I was getting the strawberries, I couldn't resist the blueberries (RM9.50) next to it.  I love berries of any kind but don't buy them as often as I would like coz they're really expensive.

A taste test revealed that the blueberries were sweet and juicy but there were some that were slightly tart too.  Just these two fruits alone (I still need other fruits!) and I'm poorer by RM25 already.  Haiz, it sure is costly to eat healthy! :P

Time to prep and assemble my fruit salad....starting with the strawberries (remove the green stems and cut them in half).  The blueberries need no prep.  As for the rock melon, honeydewpapaya and watermelon, cut them into cubes.

Put all the prepped fruits into a bigger bowl.  For visual presentation purposes, choose different coloured fruits, obviously, for a pop of colour.  It'll look like summer in a bowl! ^_*

Prepare the dressing.  I chose a simple honey lemon dressing of one part honey to one part lemon juice.  You can also use yogurt, cocktail sauce, mayonnaise, orange juice, anything you like.

Toss the fruits with the dressing (I think it needed a splash of green) :P

And that's my simple Rainbow Fruit Salad with Honey Lemon Dressing :)

You can make a batch and keep it refrigerated.....for healthy snacking any time of the day.

You can even eat this as a meal replacement.  I do that with a protein added...and (for me) a healthy choice of a protein would be two hard-boiled eggs.

Just remember to season the eggs with some salt and black pepper.  Incredibly good. ^.^

The key to making a delicious fruit salad is pretty simple too.  Just choose a combination of fruits that gives you different flavours and textures for best results...from juicy-sweet (like mangoes, strawberries, papaya, honeydew, rock melon, purple grapes, red & white dragon fruit) to extra juicy (watermelon, pears, red & green grapes), slightly tart (kiwifruit, pineapples, oranges, green apples) and crunchy (like red apples, guavas)...or even creamy (like avocados).

I absolutely love, love, love a juicy, refreshing and not too sweet fruit salad....with a selection of fruits that I fancy, of course (but then again I like pretty much any fruit...but not apples)! ;P


  1. When I looked at your fruit salad and then read that you use honey lemon dressing, my mouth started watering! I have not made fruit salad before and would like to make one. it is a much better snack to have in front of the TV rather than a tub of cookies hah..hah.. Oh yeah, the last two batches of Korean strawberries I bought were also not that sweet :( I must take note of the brand as I see two or three different ones.

    1. As long as they're fresh and juicy, I don't really mind if they aren't that sweet. I may have to look elsewhere for more brand options since Aeon only has one. For salads, I find it easier (and much tastier, of course) to consume fruits than greens! ;)

  2. blueberries are definitely a good way to feel less guilty, when you look up all the health benefits they give! :) i bought a tub of oat bran powder last week - i tried having it for lunch two days in a row, but it tastes pretty bad, and it isn't cheap either - i'd prefer blueberries for sure!

    1. Oh dear, oat is already difficult to consume, let alone in powder form...yucks! Maybe you should try overnight oats (the ones that phong hong makes by adding fresh fruits like blueberries) to ease yourself into eating oats :) If one wants to eat healthy, I think fresh fruits and salads are already a step into that direction without having to resort to oats, don't you think? ^_~

  3. Yes to Korean strawberries and don't never ever buy Australia one, they are huge but very SOUR!

    1. Ok, so noted...thanks for the heads up....stay away from Australian ones...hihi! ^_*

  4. I love to eat fruity salads which we made by ourselves. You just shared a brilliant way to add boiled eggs! Yummy!

    I have this to share that all strawberries in overseas are very big,juicy and delicious. They are cheap too in South Korea, China, OZ, Japan and USA. I watched a TV documentary and was surprised that the Korean farmers could freeze the strawberries for up to one year before export them due to many reasons. Anyways, we get sour and harder ones because their farmers had to pluck them just before ripe, in order to be packed and shipped overseas. The best time I could enjoy them very cheaply was during our visits there. So fresh, huge like palm size, ripe and sweet like sugar! I believe you have tasted them there!

    1. What?! Palm-sized strawberries? those I haven't seen (nor ate) before! O_o Hope you enjoy the addition of boiled eggs in your fruit salad....I did! ^o^


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