Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Morning After @ M Roof Ipoh

Our room at M Roof Hotel & Residences came with complimentary breakfast, either at OldTown Grand on the left or The Morning After on the right (if you're walking into the lobby of the hotel).

We decided to hit The Morning After @ M Roof, Ipoh first.  When we walked in, I could immediately see that the place was rather deserted with only one table occupied (and we weren't that early, I think it was around 8.30am) though a few more tables filled up soon after.

I also noticed quite a few people walking in and checking out the menu...before leaving to walk to the other end (or the other alternative), OldTown Grand.  Hmmm.....never mind, I thought, we'd try this one first.

Looking at the menu, I can understand why...there were very limited options for the breakfast sets....only three! O_o  And you know Malaysians, they love variety....and they love quantity...and that's why most would prefer the buffet-style breakfast offered by the other cafe.

Actually, there were only two choices since Muesli with Milk & Fresh Fruits wouldn't be a very popular choice for breakfast for many (it certainly wasn't mine). ^_*  So, I opted for Egg Benedict with Turkey Ham served with hollandaise sauce on top of an English muffin (more like half a muffin) with baby spinach and cherry tomatoes.

I think the menu said Egg Benedict coz there was only one egg.  There was no faulting the cooking of the eggs benedict...erm, I mean egg benedict (like singular) that was cooked right.  Couldn't fault the taste either as the hollandaise sauce was nicely done and the ingredients used were fresh.  But the portion was just too small.  Ideal if you're on a diet or looking to have something light...I wasn't.

The other choice was the Scrambled Egg with Turkey Ham resting on half an English muffin topped with arugula.  I'm not even sure if you can cook scrambled eggs with just one egg coz that was what it felt like as the portion was (again) so tiny.

Both breakfast sets come with a choice of Americano, Latte or English Breakfast Tea.  We chose an Iced Latte....

.....and a Hot Latte.  I don't particularly fancy 'western-style' black coffee aka Americano.  When it comes to black coffee, there's nothing quite like our "kopi-o-kaw" (thick local coffee)....kekeke! ;D

In my haste to add on something more substantial to our complimentary breakfast, I didn't notice the title section of the food I was ordering and just zoomed into the details.  I ordered The Morning After Special @ RM33 as it had all the essential breakfast items I sought.

So, you could imagine my surprise when this arrived.  What!  A pizza?  For breakfast?  O_o  Then's when I looked at the menu again and realised I ordered something under the pizza section.  Oops!

Now who would have thought that the words I saw....chicken sausages, crispy beef bacon, scrambled eggs, diced potatoes, caramelised onions and cherry tomatoes...wouldn't be the description of a breakfast platter but a pizza instead! :P

Anyway, the pizza was pretty big (a 9-inch one I think, cut into 8 slices) with a nice, crisp thin crust.  Taste wise, it was can it not be with such generously-laden ingredients.  I have no idea what cheese they used but it looked a little weird, like noodles, not the usual gooey-stringy mozzarella cheese, maybe it wasn't melted enough.  In the end, we couldn't finish the pizza and had to ask for a take-away.

There's also The Beer Factory Express next to The Morning After, the former for some late night beer drinking (I suppose) and the latter for the morning after (sorry, couldn't resist the pun) to get rid of the hangover? ^_~

My Personal Opinion

Though the food was alright, the portions were just too little.  And the reason for that I suspect is because M Roof doesn't have their own F&B outlets and so have no control over what they serve.  I say this because we weren't allowed to charge our extra order to our room (like we did in MH Hotel) but was asked to settle the bill directly with the cafe.

The breakfast voucher actually cost RM17 (if we were to buy extras from the hotel).  So, I can understand the reason for the small portions (if no subsidy is provided by the hotel to the cafe).  Ultimately, the F&B outlet needs to be profitable...and RM17 for a western breakfast with coffee...well, you do the math!  If the hotel does pay some kind of a subsidy, perhaps they need to increase the subsidy so that we can get better food or bigger portions! ;P

I believe if I ordered a la carte and pay 'proper' prices, the food should please.  After all, their menu which includes brunch dishes, handcrafted pizzas, delectable pastas, signature sammies, savoury selections, gourmet burgers, snacks and soups looks promising enough.

The Morning After
A-G-3 Pusat Perniagaan Taman Ipoh
Jalan Dato' Lau Pak Khuan
31400 Ipoh
Tel: 012-565 2021


  1. This is something new and interesting to me that you get a meal voucher to choose your dining outlet just beside your hotel which is convenient. I would say this hotel is quite thoughtful. Many others would leave the guests to starve and figure out their breakfasts.

    The pizza looked like a happy big one with generous and colourful ingredients. I like it crispy crust and thin too. Real black Kopi-O is my preferred choice too! High 5!

    1. kopi-o kaw kaw....hihihi! ;) Eh, I thought most hotel rooms come packaged with breakfast these days? At least those that I've booked :)

  2. i didn't realise the morning after had branched out to ipoh ... i wonder which other states they're in besides selangor and wp and perak. i remember visiting them when they opened in 2014 in bandar sri damansara ... it feels like a very long time ago, and i would not have guessed they'd eventually become a franchise-type chain :)

    1. I didn't even know they have outlets here.

  3. Yeah, the portions are so small. I would have gone hungry but that breakfast pizza is more like my serving size (to share with another person lah). I am guessing the OldTown Grand had much better offerings.

    1. Well, the post on OldTown Grand is coming up next. They had more offerings...but not necessarily better. :(

  4. I was wondering how those cafes are doing in Ipoh. There seemed to be such a flurry of openings.

  5. I've seen a few cafes serve similar breakfast pizza and I actually like it, most probably I like big breakfast :P

    1. I don't think this was meant as a breakfast pizza (to begin with) even though it had breakfast ingredients in it.


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