Friday, 13 January 2017

Two Chefs Lab @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras

I wasn't aware that my friend's housing area was home to a terrific neighbourhood Japanese restaurant (opened in the last quarter of 2016) until I stumbled upon it around the Christmas period.

The place I'm referring to is Two Chefs Lab @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras.  From the name and the initial impression of the decor, Japanese restaurant certainly doesn't come to mind.

Looking at the decor and ambience of the place, it exudes the vibe of a western brunch cafe but the words imprinted on the glass panel clearly gave a glimpse of what to expect.

We started with a chef recommended side dish for sharing....Hamaguri (Clams) Ninniku (Garlic) @ RM16 featuring grilled clams with a creamy garlic sauce.

Presented with 8 pcs of (conveniently opened) clams topped with a torched creamy sauce that tasted of a combination of garlic and mentai sauce.  The sauce was rich, creamy and slightly was oh-so-de-li-cious...and the sprinkling of garlic chips on top gave it even more garlic flavour and that crunchy factor.

Next up, from their sushi menu, we tried their TCL Signature Maki @ RM38 that came with 6 pcs of maki sushi with different toppings...all fresh with a subtle clean taste.

Spicy Salmon (+ chilli threads) & Scallop (+ avocado) Sushi

Ebi (Prawn) & Ikura (Salmon Roe) Sushi

Unagi & Crab Meat Sushi

We also had the Salmon Sushi Fiesta @ RM11.80.  This was just 3 pcs of salmon sushi, two lightly seared and one sashimi style with slightly different toppings.

For our main meal, we went with two donburi dishes (both chef recommended, highlighted by a red dot on the menu), the first being the Ebi Mentai Don @ RM25.  Other choices include Gyu (beef, RM36), Unagi (RM33), Kakuni (braised pork, RM19) and Tori Karaage (deep-fried chicken, RM15) Don.

Oops...the pan-fried tiger prawns were buried under so much mentai mayo, you can't even see them.  Wouldn't mind a bit more charring on the mentai though.  Strictly for mentai lovers who say there's no such thing as too much mentai....hehe! ;D

The other donburi of choice was the Wagyu Don @ RM72.  How can I say no to wagyu?  I couldn't, of course ;) You can add on foie gras at RM25 for a bit more decadence if you want (though I didn't).

I requested for the Australian wagyu beef to be done medium rare and it was expertly executed to such.  Just look at the super tender slice of medium rare beef.  The lightly seasoned beef may come off as a tad subtle in taste for those looking for a more robust flavour...but not me....I'm super happy with it! ^o^

The donburi came topped with a perfectly cooked runny egg yolk that oozes out to coat the rice grains lovingly that has been lightly drizzled with sauce.  Mix everything together for a spoonful of yum.  I'd eat 5 servings of this anytime (not in one sitting, of course) than eat the dreadful Kobe beef I had previously that cost me RM360! >:(

I can't help but revel in the amazing knife skills of the chef.  Look at how evenly, perfectly each piece of beef has been sliced that 'disturbing' the handiwork felt like an injustice....but eat it I must! ^_*

Right after we made our orders, we were served complimentary water taken up a notch with some orange infusion (nice touch!).  Service was attentive and the servers also regularly filled up our glasses and brought us a refill.

I had sushi.  I had don.  Now, I should have coffee.  So, I ordered a Flat White @ RM8.50 just because I could (kekeke!) a Japanese eatery! :O  That probably wasn't a very wise move....let's just leave the coffee in the hands of coffee specialists, shall we? ;D

My Personal Opinion

I'm so I wish I have such a nice and affordably priced Japanese eatery a stone's throw away from where I live.  That way I don't really need to travel for a good Japanese meal.

Everything I had I enjoyed thoroughly but the Wagyu Don and Grilled Garlic Clams are two dishes not-to-be-missed here.  Hmmm, now what shall I have the next time?  Psst....check out discounts available through Upocket (*wink wink*)!

Two Chefs Lab
23-G Jalan Temenggung 27/9
Seksyen 9 Bandar Mahkota Cheras
43200 Kajang
Tel: 03-9011 9910


  1. Wow! I must visit this Bandar Mahkota Cheras as it looks like a booming township now. Oh well, my earlier days were spent doing all the property copywriting for this developer during their launches.

    I am very attracted to Japanese finger food like this Hamaguri and Ninniku. The restaurant has a cozy ambiance and that's a typical Japanese trend now to marry the designs.

    1. Oh, you do copywriting... I see that translated into your well written blog posts too :) Hope you get to try this place some day.

  2. What a great name, and the dishes look just a little different to most Japanese. I'd like to try this one. :-)

    1. Oh, I'm glad to hear you say that you're attracted to this place. Hope you enjoy it :)

  3. The Wagyu beef looks splendid! Gosh, I want to try that but this place is all the way in Kajang :( The sushi and those clams look great too. Does your friend like Japanese food? If so, she is very fortunate to have Two Chefs Lab in her neighborhood.

    1. Yes, my friend likes Japanese food. That's why I'm so envious that she's got a good one in her neighbourhood...hehe! ;D No distance is too far when it comes to good food =)

  4. Mahkota Cheras... not so convenient for us leh... the jam zzzzz...

    1. Not so convenient for you maybe....but, for me, anywhere in Cheras is still A-OK! ;)

  5. the wagyu don is very tempting! and for a very decent prices too! :) i wonder who the 'two chefs' are :D

    1. I've only seen the face of one of the chefs (when I dined there)! ;) I have to agree that the prices are very decent in comparison to the quality and freshness of the food :)

  6. The grilled clam quite special, normally what we have is grilled oysters. The amount of mentai on Ebi Mentai Don definitely can make me happy! (but fat die lor ~>_<~)

  7. This looks tempting! At a really good price too, unfortunately Cheras is a bit far for me but one day!!

    1. Yes, not only the looks but the prices are very tempting too :)


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