Monday, 9 January 2017

Favourite 'Nice Eats' of 2016

I think I've had fewer good eats in 2016...and that's probably due to the fact that I revisited many old places (that I thoroughly enjoyed dining in) and visited fewer new places as a result of that.

And, like the year before, I'd like to recap a personal list of my favourite 'nice eats' of 2016 (and some may be repeats) I've had the privilege of eating last year with friends and family (which are within the price affordability range).  Of course, there are plenty more better eats out there to be explored but these were just a few I managed to sample and blog about last year.  I enjoy compiling (and writing) these lists and I hope you'll enjoy reading (and trying) them too.

Putien @ Subang Jaya

For seekers of subtle flavours, but not necessarily bland, savour the divine broth of the Claypot Fish Soup with utterly fresh and sweet tasting fish.  A 'must order' is the Drunken Cockles with juicy cockles in a fragrant wine marinade that won't get you tipsy! ^.^

Ekkamai @ Damansara Heights

Enjoy a cocktail or mocktail...or three with some Thai light bites in a Play-Thaim Platter that offers a glimpse of what the restaurant is capable of.

Follow that up with some old favourites to satisfy your sweet tooth like Mango Sticky RiceRed Ruby and Thai-Style Bubur Cha Cha that's bound to appeal to lovers of fragrant and oh-so-thick coconut milk.

WhupWhup @ Subang Jaya

Quirky names for both its food and coffee, fans of salmon will welcome the sexy Salmon Hayek Pasta or the cool Mohawk Salmon with its crispy skin and great sear on the outside but still pink, tender and moist on the inside.

Press Room Bistro @ Pavilion

Slow cooked for depth of flavour, the meltingly tender Beef Cheeks was both a surprise and a revelation.  Absolutely fork tender, no knife needed....not even teeth! ;D  For those who have always sidestepped this cut (like me until 2016), give this a'll be glad you did =)

Superthai @ Damansara Uptown

Super appethaizing cuisine is what they aim to deliver in their charred and juicy Grilled Pork Neck or the fresh and flaky, well balanced sweet and sour, with extra 'brownie points' awarded for already deboned Dancing Fish.  Or who can resist the simple but puffy and fluffy Crispy Thai Omelette?  Plus you get to eat everything with an amazing dip that'll knock your socks good! :) 

Steaks & Lobsters @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Start with their Loaded Potato Skins with homemade minced steak chili con carne...the tastiest version I've had the pleasure of eating thus far.

Fulfill your meat lust with with a gorgeous hunk of Wagyu Ribeye...a real showstopper that's beautifully marbled, stunningly succulent.....and simply perfect eaten on its own.  Heaven-sent for meat worshippers...and I worship it among my top steak haunts! ^o^

Burger & Sushi @ G Village, Desa Pandan

Sushi rolls and teppanyaki is high on the must-try list...though their steaks don't play second fiddle either.  Choose from their teppanyaki choices of either chicken, seafood, beef or cod though the Seafood Teppanyaki is a standout with good-sized prawns, fresh salmon, tender squid and succulent scallops.

Or go with any of their expertly assembled Sushi Rolls....and you should be in for a real treat.

Botanica + Co @ Bangsar South

Dine amidst lush greenery in a tropical garden...only this one is in the comfort and luxury of an air-conditioned space....and free of pesky mosquitoes! ;)  They have everything you want under one roof from lovely salads to mouth-watering laksa, hearty soups, crisp thin-crust pizzas and desserts to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Eatomo Food Co @ Taman Desa

Three words....fresh imported seafood!  Get your hands on undeniable fresh seafood like kuruma ebi, salmon sashimi and oysters...or get a bit of everything in a bowl of goodness, the Poke Bowl.

Don't like sashimi, no problem, get them fried or grilled...shrimps, oysters, unagi, salmon (sashimi-grade!), salmon want more?  They've got more! ^_*

Skillet At 163 @ Fraser Place, KL

Finally, for a bit of casual fine dining for those special moments, showcasing a tantalising menu and captivating flavours, start with a truly refreshing Crispy Whitebait & Avocado Salad and move on to the harmoniously balanced dish of Pan-Seared Norwegian Salmon.

And end with the not-to-be-missed, admittedly a little over-the-top, Texture of Chocolate for some drama and entertainment!  A visual feast for our eyes as well as our palates ^o^

And there you have personal list of favourite 'nice eats' of 2016 from the few places I had the privilege of eating and tasting last year.  You can check out my 2015 list too (though it's sad to see that some have since moved on...which only goes to show that the food business is extremely competitive...and you're only as good as the last meal you serve!).


  1. That's quite a list and I have only been to one - Superthai. I should target to visit a few of your shortlists this year :)

  2. What a wonderful list. Mango sticky rice - yes please!

  3. Please send those wagyu ribeyes over.

  4. yay, can't argue with these choices - if someone ate only at the restaurants on your list for one week, they'd have good meals everyday! :)

  5. What a nice post with a compilation of neat & delicious photos of the eateries. I have only eaten at Putien and Super Thai. Way to go for me! I will use your post as a guide when I wanna date my wife for good occasions.

    1. Ok, take her to one of these on your next, fast...hehe! ;D

  6. I'm a lazy blogger to compile summary like this :P Thumbs up for the good work!


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